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Crossover with Yugioh (Only the cards are in this fic, none of the Yugioh Characters)

Discord, over the last few years, introduced the game of Duel Monsters to the Pony populace and it became a huge hit. It introduced new businesses, got ponies to play and make new friends and let off some steam once and a while...

...and, of course, it introduced a new threat to Equestria as well!

Other Characters: Button Mash, Featherweight, Rumble, Silver Spoon, Big Mac, Discord, Snips, Snails and Cheerilee.

Light Shippings:

Chapters (4)

Pinkie managed to arrange a formal dance in the Ponyville Park for Heart's Warming.

However, her idea is dependant on the need for a dance partner, so she goes about telling everypony to try to find a date before hand. Needless to say, this causes a bit of a stir as, with just about three days notice, everyone needs to find said dates as fast as they can. Hijinks ensues.

(Originally a one-shot, but now will be split into multiple chapters since it got a lot longer than I thought :derpytongue2:)

Pairings: MacDash, SoarinJack, FlashLight, FlutterCord, Rarilane, CheesePie, LyraBon, DocterDerpy, FeatherLoo, ButtonBelle, SpikeBloom and RumBabs

UPDATE: Added AU because the show decided to give Mac a canon marefriend. *Shrugs* Fair enough, not gonna stop me shipping what I wanna ship though.

Chapters (5)

Button Mash is the greatest hero in all of Equestria. With limitless courage and enormous strength, he emerged victorious against the final boss and the greatest threat Equestria has ever seen: a Draconequus by the name of Monotony.

Discord is more than happy to retell the story, at a sleepover he's having with some friends. If you don't like his, ahem, unique narrating, a regular version will be posted alongside it.

Contains amounts of ButtonBelle, but it's not the main focus. Don't come here if you're looking for a pure ButtonBelle fic.

The story in its entirety takes place before Crusaders of the Lost Mark. The story told by Discord (the main story) takes place between seasons 2 and 3.

Chapters (3)

Sequel:The New Stallion's Adventure in Canterlot
When Sweetie Belle finds out her sister, Rarity is dating the new mysterious stallion in town? She gets curious. When she finds out Spike has no problem with this new stallion? She thinks it's odd. When she finds out Rarity has fallen madly in love with this stallion and Spike still has no problems with it? She gets worried.

Now Sweetie Belle is determined to find out who this stallion is. And does Spike really have no problem with this new stallion? Unfortunately, problems arise when she can't get help from her friends who are busy out of town. So instead she is forced to get help from...... Button Mash.

Cover Art by: Jade Crossroads

Please if you going to favorite, also upvote, please.

Chapters (8)

Button is Autistic, only his friends know, but what happens if somepony else finds out. What if that pony is a bigger bully then how Dimond was, and he really screws up Button's Life.

Warning: Has themes of Self harm, bullying, and depression (Need a cover Image)

Chapters (0)

8th grade has just rolled in for Button Mash and already it has been like every school year, almost everyone thinks he is a huge nerdy weirdo and he still doesn't have a cutie mark, not like he cares or anything. Luckily for him he does have friends in the Cutie Mark Crusaders, whom he trusts enough to tell them anything...well, almost anything. He has a secret that he has kept successfully hidden from the outside world for years. For better or for worse he is forced to make his secret come to light when his best friend Sweetie Belle convinces him to sign up for a Ponyville talent show.

Chapters (3)

It has been a few months since Dinky Doo Hooves joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders, with Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Applebloom still not having their cutie marks. They are still Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's top ponies to tease about not having their cutie marks, yet. But that soon going to change when the four little fillies have a special case of love-bug from one of Cupid's arrows.

As things are going to be chaotic when the fillies realize that they have crushes on the three colts by the name of Pipsqueak, Rumble, and the total pony gamer, Button Mash. How will this go down with only four fillies and three young colts with very very different personalities? But that only means one little filly of the group is going to be heartbroken. But who will be the heartbroken filly of the Cmc?

Will it be Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Applebloom, or the new Cmc member, Dinky? Will the Cmc break apart due to their cases of love? Or will their Friendships just break apart into tiny pieces, over three little colts?

How will this turn out with the Cmc fillies doing whatever it takes to win over the three colts of their dreams?

Chapters (2)

Button Mash is extremely sad that he has to move to Ponyville leaving behind his friends in Manehattan but what he doesn't know is how moving to Ponyville will change his life and shape his destiny as well as the life of the young Ponyville resident, Sweetie Belle.

Chapters (5)

First part: When Button Mash invites Sweetie Belle over to his place for gaming, who knows what will happen?
Parts after: The growing relationship of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash after that fateful house visit.
Time to pick up my pen.

Chapters (5)

Love finds a way, no matter if you travel the world or you sit at home on your computer all day and night. This is still true for Button Mash, who, despite protest against it, has a crush on a little mare named Sweetie Belle; and Sweetie Belle likes him back.

But sometimes, young love can't handle the changes that come with time. It's at those times that one must fall back on their friends.

Credit to JanAnimations for Button Mash/his mom/Minecraft adventures
Credit to askprincessmolestia for ideas about Gamer Luna

Though the Gamer Luna is just for the idea, Celestia's still the same, and Derpy won't be present. If I end up having any "risque" scenes I don't find "fitting", I'll probably make a separate fic, because at the moment I don't know if I will or not.

Chapters (3)