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When life gives you lemons, extract the citric acid from the lemon juice and sell it as teeth whitener. Might as well make a quick quid when you're gonna die anytime soon.

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Button Mash has finally convinced his mother to let him stay home alone while his family goes out for a few days, assuring his mother that nothing will go wrong.

Needless to say, something does go wrong. After burning the kitchen in a fire, Button Mash gets the brilliant idea on how to make sure his mother doesn't kill him. He's going to fake his death!

With no other choice, (Mostly thanks to blackmail) Button's friends must help him fool the town into thinking he's dead but he'll have to figure out a way out of this mess or his mother will bury him six feet for real.

Thanks to my Pre-Readers: DbzorDie and Zaphod

Thanks to my Editors: Obselescence and Seether00

Thanks to Kill Joy for the cover art

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