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It's been a while for our six favourite ponies and each of them has found their own special somepony to settle down with. But as always with them, something is always happening.

A series of little ficlets that have different themes, some funny, some romantic but mostly they're extremely odd.

The following pairings are present:
Rainbow Dash/Big Macintosh
Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich
Twilight/Flash Sentry
In Second Chapter and beyond:
Sweetie Belle/Button Mash

UPDATE: Added AU because the show decided to give Mac a canon marefriend. *Shrugs* Fair enough, not gonna stop me shipping what I wanna ship though.

Chapters (7)

One by one the cutiemark crusaders get there marks, except for Scootaloo. First Babs, then Sweetie Belle and finally Applebloom. Feeling left alone she meets a blank flank pegasus, the two new friends set out on their journey to find out who they are really meant to be. Maybe just maybe there is hope after all! Join Scoots on her journey to find her cutiemark and possibly some cute colts along the way.

Chapters (4)

It's hard being a filly. Always underestimated by everyone, that awful absence of a cutie mark, and living in an impossibly tiny world. In case you haven't caught on, it's the definition of booringgggg.
But the worst thing is that I know my wings don't--and won't--ever get me anywhere. Not like Rainbow Dash. Only on my dreams. No one understands me. Except, maybe, one pony, the only other Pegasus pony without a cutie mark in class...
Everypony is always telling me I should make friends. In my calm, objective opinion, I think that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Like I've told everypony, I'm better at school than with ponies.
Unless they're good friends. Or if they're the right kind of friends.
Scootaloo. Why can't I stop looking at her?
Why can't she fly?
Maybe i can help.

Chapters (3)