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This story is a sequel to New beginnings: High School

After Graduating college in Fillydelphia Button has opened his own game company EPA (Electronic Pony Arts), Prokun had skipped college but visited his fiancé Dinky and Friend Sweetie Belle in Baltimare University when he does have a tour. Crimson Sun had Twilight turn him into a Pegasus so he can live with Snowdrop in Cloudsdale and also live next to Scootaloo and Rumble. Art made by Moonlight Ki

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to New beginnings: Elementary

Set 6 years after Elementary Button and the gang go to Ponyville High School with Prokun's new dad as the new principle of the school. Button has to deal with a straining relationship with Sweetie Belle, Prokun on the other hand has to deal with his family changing and a haunting past coming back to haunt him.

Warning:Some Language, Feels, and some parts of adorableness.

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Button has just arrived from Manehatten to live with is mom in his new house in Ponyville because his Dad got a new job as a Game Designer for Neightendo in Canterlot all he has from his last life is his friend Prokun and his former crush Babs Seed not expecting to make any friends in Ponyville he shuts him self off from the world until he meets Sweetiebelle and the Cutie Mark Crusaders Applebloom, Scootaloo, Rumble, Dinky Whooves, and Snowdrop and everything starts to change for the better for him as he falls in love with Sweetiebelle

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