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Hearths Warming Day is almost upon the village of Ponyville and no two ponies are more excited then Sweetie Belle and Button Mash. For the energetic gamer, it's a chance to get as many new games as he wants, but for Sweetie Belle she's excited because she'll be living a dream. After a year of saving their money, she and her sister are going to the Manehatten Hearths Warming Show where all the best actors, musicians, and performers play for one night only.

However, when disaster strikes leaving Sweetie Belle's dreams shatterd, Button resolves to help his best friend.

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This story is a sequel to The Gift of the Mash

Button Mash had been planning this out for years, ever since that one Heaths Warming Eve where Sweetie Belle kissed him. He was going to ask her out on a date. He's got the perfect idea, taking her out to the Canterlot Winter Ball after Hearths Warming Eve. Only problem is that he doesn't have tickets, but he knows somepony who does. Somepony he's going to regret working for.

Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle is getting prepared for her date with the one boy she's had a crush on for a long time. However, her entire world is rocked when she learns of a secret she was never meant to learn and questions everything in life.

Will this Hearths Warming Eve end up being a season of memories or a season of sorrows?

Edited by CommanderX5 , JumbledThought and Corpulent Brony.

Art work done by RoyalRainbow

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