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It's been a while for our six favourite ponies and each of them has found their own special somepony to settle down with. But as always with them, something is always happening.

A series of little ficlets that have different themes, some funny, some romantic but mostly they're extremely odd.

The following pairings are present:
Rainbow Dash/Big Macintosh
Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich
Twilight/Flash Sentry
In Second Chapter and beyond:
Sweetie Belle/Button Mash

UPDATE: Added AU because the show decided to give Mac a canon marefriend. *Shrugs* Fair enough, not gonna stop me shipping what I wanna ship though.

Chapters (7)

Applebloom has a big time crush on Spike, but with Rarity and all his involvement in Mane Six , she just has not been noticed! This little filly is determined to get Spike's attention , no matter what!

Chapters (1)