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If it wasn't obvious enough, you should definitely read the first story, My Player Number Two and then the sequel A Wedding to Remember this is the third story, and I highly advise you to read the first two first. (My Player Number Two is the first story.)

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash have been married for four years now. They're now preparing to become parents for their first foal. But with Sweetie Belle's new emotions, and Button Mash's paranoia, can the two do it? Fortunately, they have help from their friends and family. Filled with emotional heartbreak, and happiness, read along as these two prepare for an experience that they will never forget. WARNING: May contain sexual content, and blood, though highly unlikely. Read for yourself. I'll leave it on Teen anyway.

Chapters (28)

Button Mash is about to propose to Sweetie Belle, witness how they met, their first date, and more as they start their new lives together. Learn about the lives of their friends and families along the way, and how it leads up to one of their biggest moments; getting married.

Please be aware that this was posted before Season 5 Episode 18, and I'm not willing to make changes.

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This story is a sequel to My player number 2

You should read the Prequel before this one; My Player Number Two , and this is the prequel to Player Number Three

Follow the stories of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash as they share their stories from meeting each other's families, to their experience at the Gala while they prepare for and have a wedding no one will ever forget. With Babs, Rarity and her friends, the Wonderbolts, and even the princesses, as they all prepare for this one event, they're going to need a bigger castle.

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