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This story is a sequel to First Date

After Sweetie Belle and Button Mash became a couple, Diamond Tiara has been giving them a harder time than usual. Finally, when Sweetie finally confronts her on the matter, Diamond takes it as a challenge and makes a dare with her: if Sweetie Belle manages to win the upcoming talent show, Diamond will leave them alone. But, if Diamond wins, she gets Button to herself!

Will Button and the Crusaders get Sweetie to perform?

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Button is very brave. He's saved Princess Zelda from Ganondorf, fought against zombie hordes and he's even managed to beat the dreaded Creepers! Alright, that last one wasn't real. Or the other ones.

But, despite his achievements, he has only one princess he wants(and thankfully, she's not in another castle): Sweetie Belle. Of course, when he asks her to Sugarcube Corner for milkshakes, he encounters a horde of enemies! Well, not a horde, just Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but their enemies nonetheless.

Will Button be able to stand up to the enemy and protect his princess? And will he really learn the true meaning to being a hero?

This is to celebrate 350+ followers. The vote for this story's creation took place in this blog. I hope you enjoyed~!

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This story is a sequel to Hidden Voices

After winning the Talent Competition, Sweetie has become more confident in her singing and has even begun to muster up the courage to audition for a part in the upcoming school play. Of course, it turns out that she isn't the only filly in the class to be interested in show tunes and Bridleway classics.

Now stuck competing against each other, Sweetie and Diamond will face off to gain a part in a play. But, what will come of the fight between the two fillies when their friends begin to doubt them?

ButtonBelle is a couple in this fic, though it is not the main focus of it.

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