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Its Spikes birthday week! And by a delightfull twist of events he spends it with Applebloom. Hilarity ensues as they both try to is figure out exactly WHAT Applebloom is feeling towards Spike. With a little help from their friends, they'l survive the week and maybe even learn what love is! But someone may be out to stop that from happening, can they defeat this mysterious foe as well?

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Miss Cheerilee has informed her class of the brand new scheme that Princess Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna had come up with called Somepony New Day. In which, one pony has to spend the whole day with a pony they usually wouldn't. Not many ponies liked the sound of the idea, but hey. They get the day off school.

My Player Two- A ButtonBelle Story and what they did with their day

Flight Practice- A Rumbaloo Story and what they did with their day

A Friend in Need- This is a Spikebloom Friendship chapter and what they did with their day
(Character Selection will change once more chapters are out)

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An impromptu meeting between Applebloom and Spike causes a change in the way that they see and feel about each other, their young love being spurred on by their friends and family.

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It's been three years since the incident, three years since Spike fled town, and three years of letters. Upon his return, just what does he have to say?

A dialogue only story between Spike and Apple Bloom.

Thank you to Ocean Stardust and Foals Errand for prereading!

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Applebloom is the only one among the Cutie Mark Crusaders without a significant other. Sweetie Belle has Button Mash, Scootaloo has Rumble and Dinky has Pipsqueak. And she is sick of it.

She hated being the odd one out and wants to find someone for herself. So what better way to understand romance than a book from the local library? From the local dragon librarian?

One-Shot. Spikebloom shipping with hints of ButtonBelle, Rumbleloo and Dinsqueak (I have no idea what their shipping name is)

Cover art by togekisspika35

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Fourteen year old Spike has asked Applebloom on a date. The day? Hearth's Warming Eve of course!

I'm not really proud of this one, I just wanted to thank the Bronies for one year of pony fun, so I did nothing but a simple one-shot of my favorite ship. Whether you guys liked it or not, it's my little gift to you all. Happy early Hearth's Warming Eve!

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