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When life gives you lemons, extract the citric acid from the lemon juice and sell it as teeth whitener. Might as well make a quick quid when you're gonna die anytime soon.

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Button and Spike stumble across a certain somepony, the mare catching their hearts. Who will win in this battle for love?

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Just a story I thought of, about how DJ PON3 and MC W1SH fell in love. With a casual meeting, to a blossoming relationship, this story of true love is one that will sound like music to your earsThis is my second story, please comment on what I should do better and what I did well, so I can improve in my last chapter.

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A fanfiction about Button Mash and Sweetie Belle, about their love, their friendship and their happiness and how it began to bloom with a single moment. This is my first fanfic so construcive criticism would be great! I'll put in some Rumble x Scootaloo and Spike x Applebloom. (Sorry Applebloom x Pipsqueak shippers). I'll try to upload chapters once every month or maybe more.:scootangel: yay!

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