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"Ride on shooting star./With the voice of my heart, like a shotgun,/I kept on singing.” –The Pillows, ‘Ride On Shooting Star’

After the TARDIS crashed in the Everfree Forest, a newly regenerated Time Lord finds himself as a pony. With the help of a grey pegasus mare, the Doctor begins his adventures in the world of Equestria.

This story is linked with three other fan-fics, which are under the title of "The Doctor And Derpy Adventures" in my other stories. "The Doctor And Derpy Adventures" take place between chapter three and four.

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"All she wants is to make sure others are happy before she makes herself happy. But all she is doing is hurting herself..." Derpy is sinking deep in depression and only the Doctor can save her. Will Derpy leave her friends forever, or will the Doctor save her?

I was listening to the song The A Team and this story popped in my head. So I wrote it and thought is was worthy enough to post! So, Enjoy I guess! (PS. I am sorry the description stinks. I am not good at making summary thingys so... Just give it a chance please!)

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