• Published 30th Nov 2015
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Duels of Dark Descent - FelixTheBrony

Duel Monsters has been introduced to Equestria via Discord. But an evil sets about using it for their own gain. MLP/YuGiOh Crossover.

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Sleepover Black-Out (Scootaloo vs Rainbow)

Sleepover Black-Out

Scootaloo was sitting on Rainbow’s back, her little wings buzzing in excitement. The two of them were having a sleepover since the latter was going to spend the next week in Fillydelphia for some team building exercise for the Wonderbolts.

She had brought everything she may need. Her toothbrush, her pyjamas, (which may, or may not resemble the pony she was sitting on) a hoof-ball to throw around and her duel-plank and deck.

Okay, the latter two items were more for her than Rainbow. She was quite attached to things since, well, Discord made them especially for her. It was a present when Discord found her alone, lamenting on the fact that she still couldn’t fly.

Scootaloo sat on a small hill, overlooking the playground, watching as Featherweight and Rumble played air tag, zipping along left and right trying to catch the other.

‘It was just another one of those days,’ they would say in less and less concern each time. ‘Just Scootaloo worrying about flying like a silly filly.’

And they’d be right. She was still worried. She was thirteen years old and yet she could barely get off of the ground! Heck, she was quite short for her age and her wings still looked minuscule by her sides.

She shook her head and looked up higher, keeping an ear out for the school bell, not noticing a certain, misshapen creature slide in besides her with a sketch book. “You look like you could use some cheering up!”

She yelped and spun around to face the Dracoeques himself, Discord. He was in their school today to teach them about…well his own dethroning from dictatorship. Which he agreed to, so long as he could hang around afterwards. To help inspire him with his art, apparently, but most would say he wanted to see everyone trade cards and have fun with the game he created…

…nothing to inflate his ego at all!

She quickly rubbed a hoof against her eyes, just in case she was tearing up, and glared up at him defiantly. Sure, he was reformed, but he was still Discord. “I’m fine, thanks.”

He rose an inquisitive eyebrow, then looked up at the sky. “There aren’t any clouds.”

“What?” She asked, confused. What did that even mean?

“Well you couldn’t be looking at the clouds if there aren’t any,” He explained, stroking his goatee. “Then you must just be looking to the sky.”

“Or maybe you’re seeing things,” She shot back, turning away from him, only to face a second one of him, wearing a smug grin.

“I know what this is about!” He explained, pointing up at the sky. “You don’t like the colour blue, do you? And I agree, we see blue skies all the time. But the one time I make it green with orange polka dots, suddenly I’ve ‘gone too far’, some ponies, you know?”

She blinked, before glaring at him again. “This has nothing to do with the sky’s colour!”

“That’s what they all say!” He challenged, grinning.

“And were they lying?”

“No, but I know you are!” Discord smirked, poking her in the chest. But then paused. “Well, about being fine. Not the sky thing.”

“Just leave me alone, Discord, everyone else does!”

“And since when do I do something because ‘everyone else does’?” He asked, folding his arms, causing Scootaloo to pause and think about it. “Look, just tell old Uncle Discord what’s wrong. Boy troubles?”

Scootaloo shook her head, giving him the stink eye. “You think I’d be thinking this hard about some colt?”

“…Girl troubles?” Scootaloo recoiled a bit, causing Discord to smile, supportively. “Hey, I don’t judge. I tried to marry Prench toast before, but she left me for the syrup. I swear, you give someone four weeks of your life and this is what you get.”

“No, it’s not that either!” She growled, blushing in embarrassment. “Look if you’re here to humiliate me, can you kindly go and do something to yourself which starts with a ‘b’ and rhymes with ‘tuck’?”

“Why does everyone I talk to say that?” He mumbled to himself, before he put a talon on her shoulder. “C’mon, we’re friends aren’t we?”

“I don’t think we’ve ever had an extended conversation before.”

“Technicalities,” Discord waved off. He then clicked his lion paw and was now sat in an arm chair, wearing a pair of comically oversized glasses, making his eyes appear as if they were popping out of his head. “So c’mon, I just want to help!”

Scootaloo sighed, knowing that if she waited for the bell, Discord would just tell Cheerilee about this and she’d have to deal with the teacher prying into her thoughts anyway. “Fine, but you better keep this to yourself or so help me, you’ll be wishing to be turned to stone again!”

Discord waved his talon in a dismissive motion. “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard them all before. Now this problem?”

She shook her head and just decided to let it out. “I’m worried that…I’m never going to fly. Like, ever. Now go ahead and tell me that I’ll get there in time! That I’ll just grow my wings out, get taller and be flying like a champ in no time!” She suddenly yelled, not loud enough for her class to hear, but enough for Discord to poke a talon into his ear.

“Yikes, you got quite the set of lungs on you,” He muttered, before raising an eyebrow. “And why would I say that?”

“…What?” Scootaloo asked, kind of shocked.

“Well, for all I know, you could have stunted growth. Some Pegasi, if they have Earth Ponies in their blood lines, can inherit heavier bones. For all I know, you could never fly!” Discord went on, unaware of how bad he was making the filly in front of him feel. “And even if that’s not the case, some Pegasi just aren’t strong flyers. My dear friend, Fluttershy can’t sustain strong flight for very long, so settles for the weaker, dainty flaps. They work fine, of course, but it’s not going to make Wonderbolt material any time soon. Some ponies just don’t have what it takes…uh I’m making things worse, aren’t I?”

Finally finished with his rant, he noticed that Scootaloo’s eyes were now brimming with tears, knowing her father was an Earth Pony! And she did feel a connection to the ground below her. She had thought that that was gravity! But was it because…

…she was more Earth Pony than Pegasus?

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!” Discord yelped, now noticing her tears hit the ground below her. He, thinking quickly, wrapped his bear paw around her in as comforting a hug he could muster. “Um…There, there. Was it something I said?”

“W-what do you think?” Scootaloo hissed, but fell onto his surprisingly soft shoulder anyway.

“I think I should learn how to keep my mouth shut,” He grinned, rocking her back and forth, noticing a flower sprout out of the ground her tear had hit. “Hey look, you made a flower!” He said, pointing it out.

“…I…I AM AN EARTH PONY!” She wailed, burying her face into his chest now, causing him to curse his stupid mouth again.

“Um…Well, uh…At least you’re a good Earth Pony?” He offered, feebly. Fortunately she didn’t hear him and just kept crying. It was certainly a good thing that nopony else was around, it’d certainly look weird, that was for sure.

Discord looked over at the designs in his notebook and sighed, knowing that he was really going to have to pull out all the stops to cheer up the fragile filly in his arms. So, with a click of his talon, the note book transformed and shot into his hand.

“Hey,” Discord said, pulling her back once she calmed down a bit, and dried her tears with a handkerchief that he produced. “As I said, I can’t possibly promise that you’ll fly. And I certainly can’t tell you that you’ll be the best of them all.”

“Are you going somewhere with this?” Scootaloo asked, still giving him the stink eye.

He smiled, genuinely this time, and handed over the transformed sketchbook, which now resembled a pile of Duel Monster cards. “But I can promise you this. That you’ll be a star in your own right. We may not talk, but I know that you’re a little like me. You like to stand out, you like to be different. The crowd goes one way, but you say ‘screw that, this way looks cooler!’”

Scootaloo blinked as she took the cards. She didn’t think being compared with Discord would make her sound…cool.

That’s when she looked at the front card of the deck. It was a dragon monster that appeared to be made out of some sort of plasma that twinkled like stars. It was unlike any card she had seen around the playground.

“Those are some of the new cards I was designing, but as for mass production. Well, I won’t tell if you don’t,” He winked, producing a Duel Plank and clicking his talon to manipulate it, which would affect them all, and motioned her to insert them.

She did so and the device accepted them, her name flashing on the life point meter. “A little individuality. A little bit of you, a star shining in your own way. Not just brighter, certainly not dimmer and, most importantly…” He grinned, attaching the Duel Plank around her neck.

“The way you want to shine.”

Scootaloo looked down at the device around her neck, then back up to Discord, before trapping him in a massive hug, shedding a few more tears, small flowers sprouting from below them in their wake. “Um…Did I say something wrong again?”

“No…” She said, smiling brightly. “You said exactly what I needed to hear.”

She smiled fondly at the memory. She had made very little alterations to the deck, if any at all, and true to his word, Discord didn’t release a single duplicate of the cards he gave her.

“Bit for your thoughts?” Rainbow asked from below her, causing her to look down at her idol.

“Just excited for our sleepover! It’s going to rock!” She answered, which Rainbow accepted, grinning.

“You better believe it will! Junk food, video games and, with Tank round Fluttershy’s, nothing else to worry about!”

“Okay, well this is something to worry about,” Rainbow sighed, all the lights were out around her home, as well as every electronic.

She, luckily, had a phone that wasn’t connected to the house’s power, but had been informed about a sudden power-cut in her area. They were, hopefully, going to get it back on soon, but it may be a while.

“So…You want to go out and throw the ball around?” Scootaloo asked, holding said hoofball out with her wing.

“Nah, shouldn’t leave the house until the power’s back on. I don’t know what I left on and I don’t feel like having a huge electric bill!” Rainbow answered, flopping down on the cloud couch next to her little sister.

“…Well, guess we’re sitting in the dark then,” Scootaloo sighed, putting the ball back into her saddlebags.

That’s when Rainbow noticed the Duel Plank poking out of them. “Say, you have your cards?” She asked, causing Scootaloo to nod.

“Yeah, I never go anywhere without them. Why?” Scootaloo asked as the older pony rushed out of the room and returned with her own Duel Plank, grinning.

“Well, I heard that you had some pretty awesome cards. So, rather than just asking to look through them, I figure we could have a game!” She mentioned, placing the plank down a good distance away from the filly. “Besides, I’ve never had the chance to play before, so this could be interesting.”

Scootaloo blinked, before she smiled, taking her cards out. “Sure! I never get tired of this game!” She then rushed to the other side of the room and placed her own Plank down.

Once both their life point metres reached eight-thousand, they both declared: “Let’s duel!”

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 5 Deck: 35)
(Rainbow Dash lp.8000 Hand: 5 Deck: 35)

“I’ll start this off!” Scoots declared, slapping a card down. “And I’ll start with good old, Photon Crusher!”

As she said this, a green armoured warrior, wielding a large dual-ended mace like weapon appeared. (Photon Crusher lv.4 ATK: 2000 DEF: 0)

Rainbow blinked and stepped back a bit. “Okay, that’s a lot of attack points!”

Scootaloo grinned and explained. “Well, that’s because when he attacks he switches to defence mode and, well, his defence points are kinda on the low side. Anyway, I’ll end with a face-down card.”

Rainbow shook out of her thoughts and maintained her composure. “Alright then, my turn!”

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 3 Deck: 35)
(Rainbow Dash lp.8000 Hand: 6 Deck: 34)

“Now I’ll start with my Crystal Tree, continuous spell card,” Rainbow announced as a tree made of crystal sprouted up behind her.

Scootaloo rose an eyebrow. “Okay, so what does it do?”

“You’ll see. But first, I summon Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger!” She grinned as a white tiger with black stripes and a large spike protruding from the top of his head appeared. (Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lv.4 ATK: 1600 DEF: 1000)

“And when he attacks, he gains four hundred points. So go and hit Photon Crusher!”

“Huh?” Scootaloo questioned as the tiger pounced on Crusher (Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lv.4 ATK: 1600-2000 DEF: 1000) as said warrior smashed it’s side with his mace, causing the beast to swipe its claws across his chest, both monsters exploding. “Okay, so that destroyed both of our monsters and left you wide open.”

Rainbow grinned as the smoke cleared, revealing a large yellow topaz on her field, much to Scootaloo’s confusion. “Guess I should explain, see when a Crystal Beast is destroyed, it stays in the spell and trap card zones as a precious jewel instead of the graveyard.”

“Oh!” The orange filly replied, looking over the gem-stone. “That’s pretty cool.”

“Yeah, and what’s cooler is that every time that happens, my Crystal Tree bears a crystal fruit!” She explained as the tree behind her grew a green gemstone. “And now by sacrificing the tree, I can place a Crystal Beast from my deck, into my spell and trap card zones for each fruit it had and I choose, Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle!”

Suddenly, the tree behind her vanished and, in its place, a large green Emerald appeared. “Now I’ll activate Crystal Beacon, which lets me special summon a Crystal Beast from my deck if I have two or more Crystal Beasts in my spell and trap card zones, like Ruby Carbuncle!”

As she said this, a small purple cat like monster with a large, red sphere on the end of it’s tail appeared and crouched down in front of her. (Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle lv.3 ATK: 300 DEF: 300) “And when she’s special summoned, she special summons all of the Crystal Beasts in my spell and trap card zones!”

“She what?!” Scootaloo answered in shock as red light burst out from Ruby’s tail, causing the large gemstones to burst open and Topaz Tiger reappeared with a large, greenish blue tortoise with large green emeralds across it’s shell. (Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lv.4 ATK: 1600 DEF: 1000) (Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle lv.3 ATK: 600 DEF: 2000)

“I think I’ll end up there, so your move Squirt,” Rainbow finished, Scootaloo looking at her in admiration

She just got three monsters in one turn! That’s so cool! She thought as she drew her card.

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 4 Deck: 34)
(Rainbow Dash lp.8000 Hand: 3 Deck: 33)

“Well since you have a monster and I don’t, I can special summon my Photon Thrasher!” She explained as a blue, armoured warrior with an ethereal glow and a large sword held in one hand appeared. (Photon Thrasher lv.4 ATK: 2100 DEF: 0)

“Okay, seriously, I knocked out one really strong monster and you just replaced him in a second,” Rainbow complained, to which Scootaloo shrugged.

“To be fair, he can only be special summon and doesn’t have any defence points, but he’s going to strike Topaz and, hopefully, keep him at bay this time!” She declared as Thrasher rushed passed Topaz Tiger, slicing him in half in the process.

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 2 Deck: 34)
(Rainbow Dash lp.8000-7500 Hand: 3 Deck: 33)

“And I’ll end my turn with one monster in defence mode!” She finished, allowing Rainbow to draw with the yellow jewel appearing once more.

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 2 Deck: 34)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500 Hand: 4 Deck: 32)

“I summon Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus!” Rainbow announced as a large, white pony with huge wings and horn galloped onto the field. (Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus lv.4 ATK: 1800 DEF: 1200)

Scootaloo titled her head to the side in confusion. “Isn’t he an Alicorn?” She asked, motioning to the horn. Rainbow chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess Discord didn’t think it all the way through,” She replied, before a large, orange gemstone appeared. “But that doesn’t matter, what does is that, when he’s summoned, he brings a Crystal Beast out of my deck with him, into the spell and trap card zones. And I choose Amber Mammoth!”

Now I could attack her defence monster, Rainbow thought to herself, before glancing at the card in Scootaloo’s spell and trap card zones. But I don’t trust that card.

“I’ll play a card face-down and end my go,” Rainbow finished as a brown back card was placed down.

Huh? This bluff card sure is working, Scootaloo thought, looking at the face-down Photon Veil, drawing her card.

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 3 Deck: 33)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500 Hand: 2 Deck: 31)

“I flip summon my Photon Sabre Tiger!” Scootaloo declared, as her face-down monster revealed itself to be a tiger made up of pure, blue energy. (Photon Sabre Tiger lv.3 ATK: 2000-1200 DEF: 300)

“Okay, not that I’m complaining, but why did his points go down?” Rainbow asked, causing Scootaloo to smirk as a card was spat out of her deck.

“Well, if I don’t have another Sabre Tiger, he loses eight-hundred points,” She answered, before she slapped down the card. “However, if he’s normal or flipped summoned, I can add another one to my hand, so I can now normal summon my second one!” She finished as a second tiger appeared, their energies entwining with the other’s. 2x(Photon Sabre Tiger lv.3 ATK: 1200-2000 DEF: 300)

“Now first, I’ll have Thrasher take out your Turtle!” She declared as Thrasher charged forward and sliced Emerald in half, a large Emerald taking it’s place.

“Then I’ll have Sabre Tiger take out Ruby!” The large beast pounce and crushed the little cat under it’s paw, causing Ruby’s tail to flail, uselessly, before it fell limp and it shattered, hitting the graveyard, much to Scootaloo’s surprise.

Sensing this, Rainbow grimaced. “I can choose whether or not my Crystal Beasts hit the grave, and I can’t afford to clog my spell and trap card zones.”

Scootaloo accepted this and pointed at Sapphire. “Okay, then I’ll have my last Sabre Tiger take down your Pegasus!”

“Not so fast, Squirt!” Rainbow announced, her face-down flipping up. “Cause I’m playing Beast Soul Swap! Now I can return Sapphire to my hand, and play him again! This time in defence mode!” Sapphire flickered, now he was crouched down, covering his head with his wings. “And with him, I’m bringing Cobalt Eagle!” And behind the Pegasus, appeared a dark blue gemstone.

“…Okay, attack Pegasus!” Scootaloo declared, shaking the strangeness of the move away as Sapphire’s neck was crushed in the jaws of Sabre Tiger. “And I’ll end there!”

(Scootaloo lp.8000 Hand: 3 Deck: 32)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500 Hand: 3 Deck: 29)

Rainbow grinned as she her next card. “Sorry Squirt, but I think it’s time I turned this duel around!”

“What do you mean?” Scootaloo asked as Rainbow slapped a card down.

“I mean it’s time for the most powerful spell card in my deck to be played! Go Crystal Abundance!” She declared as the four crystals around her started to shake and shatter in blinding light. “Now if there are four Crystal Beasts in my spell and trap card zones, I can send them to the grave and send every other card on the field there with them!”

Before Scootaloo had the time to react, her face-down and monsters were all engulfed in a bright light, before shooting into her graveyard. “Oh no!”

“It gets worse, Scoots, when that happens, I can special summon a Crystal Beast from my graveyard for every card of yours that went away. So welcome out, Sapphire Pegasus, Topaz Tiger, Amber Mammoth and Emerald Turtle!”

Scootaloo looked up in wonder as three familiar monsters and one, large grey elephant like monster with an orange Amber in it’s forehead appeared before her. (Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus lv.4 ATK: 1800 DEF: 1200) (Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth lv.4 ATK: 1700 DEF: 1600) (Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger lv.4 ATK: 1600 DEF: 1000) (Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle lv.3 ATK: 600 DEF: 2000)

“And when I summon Sapphire, I can get my Amethyst Cat and put it in my spell and trap card zones!” Rainbow continued as a large, purple gemstone appeared before them.

“You know, it's a good thing Spike isn't here. He'd probably be trying to eat the illusions!” Scootaloo joked, causing the two to laugh a little.

“Good one Squirt, but that's not gonna get you outta this one. Everyone, crystal charge!” The four monsters gave off a loud battle cry as they charge, Sapphire shooting a blast of light blue energy out of his horn, Topaz swiping at her with his claws, Emerald retracting into his shell and shooting out green, energy blades and Amber charging forward and head-butting her.

(Scootaloo lp.8000-6200-4600-4000-2300 Hand: 3 Deck: 32)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)

“I’ll now activate Emerald’s ability. See, now I can switch the battle mode of one of the monster I attacked with, so he’ll switch himself to defence mode, and I’ll end my turn.” She said as Emerald, once again, ducked into his shell.

Scootaloo picked herself up, shaking off the devastating attack, and drew her card.

(Scootaloo lp.2300 Hand: 4 Deck: 31)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)

“Oh yeah!” Scootaloo cheered when she saw her card. Rainbow, quite understandably, was confused.

“Mind sharing, Squirt?” She asked, amused. Scootaloo just grinned, slapping a card down.

“Course I don’t, cause I’m gonna introduce you to my ace monster!” She continued. “But before that, I activate Photon Sanctuary! This card summons two Photon Tokens in defence mode. Only down-side is that I can only summon Light Attribute monsters for the turn.
Though my whole deck has nothing but so, eh.”

As she explained this, two orbs of starlight bust onto her field. 2x(Photon Tokens lv.4 ATK: 2000 DEF: 0)

Rainbow blinked, before letting out an annoyed breath. “Of course, even your tokens have really high attack points!”

Scootaloo shrugged. “Well, yeah, but they can’t attack and they’re summoned in defence so they don’t really last long. Because they’re only here as tributes!” She said as both Photon Tokens shot into the sky. “See, I can special summon my ace monster if I tribute two monsters with two thousand or more attack points!”

The two orbs burst into a flash of light that illuminated the room before a dragon, at least four times as tall as Scootaloo appeared, his whole body composed of starlight except the dark purple body armour and bright red chest guard, tail tip and wing tips.

“Meet my ace monster, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!” The orange filly announced as the dragon behind her roared with pride. (Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon lv.8 ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500)

Rainbow stared up at the fearsome monster, stepping back a little to marvel at the great dragon, before she shook out of it and put on a brave face. “Bring it on!”

“Careful what you wish for, Dash! Galaxy-Eyes, hit Sapphire Pegasus with galaxy photon stream!” Just as she finished saying this, Galaxy-Eyes threw his head back, gathering a light blue energy in it's maw, before firing it and vaporizing the horse, leaving the light blue jewel in it's wake.

(Scootaloo lp.2300 Hand: 2 Deck: 31)
(Rainbow Dash lp.7500-6300 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)

“I'll end there, your move Rainbow!” Scootaloo finished, her dragon landing behind her, curling around the filly, protectively.

Jeez, Discord sure did put in a lot of effort for these cards! That one actually looks like it's trying to shield her! Rainbow thought, impressed, as she drew her card.

(Scootaloo lp.2300 Hand: 2 Deck: 31)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 3 Deck: 27)

“Okay Squirt, the first thing I'm gonna do is switch my guys to defence mode,” Rainbow grumbled, hating the fact that she was already back on the defensive. She then looked over her hand, trying to find something she can do.

Scootaloo rose her eyebrow as she noticed Rainbow quickly reading over the cards in her hand. “Uh...You okay there, sis?”

“Yeah, yeah! I'm fine...Aha!” Rainbow announced, slapping a card down. “I activate Crystal Promise! Now I can special summon my Amethyst Cat from my spell and trap card zones!”

Suddenly, a pink cat with a golden chest guard with a violet crystal in the centre. (Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat lv.3 ATK: 1200 DEF: 400)

“Okay? So what can she do against my dragon?” Scootaloo asked, confused by Rainbow's choice. Rainbow just grinned as the cat jumped high into the air.

“Nothing, but she can cut her damage in half and bypass your monsters, right into your life points!” She grinned as the pink cat jumped off of Galaxy-Eyes's head and sliced into Scootaloo’s side.

(Scootaloo lp.2300-1700 Hand: 2 Deck: 31)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 2 Deck: 27)

“Oh well, at least you left your monster in attack mode for Galaxy-Eyes to take out,” Scootaloo grumbled, before she saw Rainbow's grin.

“Not so fast there Squirt, Emerald can switch the battle mode of any of my Crystal Beasts that attacked, remember? So I can switch Amethyst to defence mode!” She announced as Amethyst Cat crouched down. “I'll end there!”

(Scootaloo lp.1700 Hand: 3 Deck: 30)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 2 Deck: 27)

“Alright, I don't want to get hit in the face again so Galaxy-Eyes, take care of that kitty!” Scootaloo commanded as tha dragon blasted the pink cat...

...only for Amber Mammoth to stand in it's way.

As Amber was reduced to his orange gemstone, Rainbow explained. “Amber Mammoth can redirect an attack against one of my Crystal Beasts to him.”

“Oh great!” Scootaloo groaned, before setting a card and motioning for Rainbow to make a move.

(Scootaloo lp.1700 Hand: 2 Deck: 30)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 3 Deck: 26)

“Okay, nothing interesting there, so I'm just going to switch Amethyst to attack mode and hit your life points!” Rainbow declared as Amethyst, once again, struck out. This time swiping at Scoot's chest.

(Scootaloo lp.1700-1100 Hand: 2 Deck: 30)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 3 Deck: 26)

“And I'll have Emerald switch her to defence again, your go Squirt,” Rainbow finished as the cat crouched again. Scootaloo scowled at the feline.

“That cat is really starting to get on my nerves!” She announce as she picked up her card.

(Scootaloo lp.1100 Hand: 3 Deck: 29)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 3 Deck: 26)

"So I'll first summon up my Galaxy Wizard!” She declared as a white dressed mage, with a large blue cape and a cane appeared. (Galaxy Wizard lv.4 ATK: 0 DEF: 1800)

“Scoots, you summoned a monster with zero points?” Rainbow stated, confused, before the monster vanished.

“Yeah, and I can tribute him to get my Galaxy Expedition from my deck, so he didn't stick around long enough for you to do anything about it!” Scootaloo replied, slapping said spell into her plank. “And now I can use Galaxy Expedition to summon a level five or higher Galaxy monster from my deck since I control one, so meet Galaxy Soldier!”

In Wizard's place, a green and white armoured humanoid monster crouched down. (Galaxy Soldier lv.5 ATK: 2000 DEF: 0)

“And his effect lets me grab my Galaxy Knight from my deck, to my hand!” Scootaloo said, causing Rainbow to raise her eyebrow.

“All that effort just to grab a card?”

“Sometimes, one card is all you need to turn a whole duel around, which is why Galaxy-Eyes will take care of the one that's been helping you so much! Go galaxy photon stream!” The dragon fired his beam of light, this time shattering the cat, leaving nothing but a purple crystal in it's wake.

“I'll end up there,” Scoots finished, causing Rainbow to curse under her breath.

“Drat, I thought I could win with that,” She muttered, before picking up her next card and grinned, widely.

(Scootaloo lp.1100 Hand: 3 Deck: 29)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300 Hand: 4 Deck: 25)

“Alright Scoots, you showed me your ace monster, so it's only fair I show ya mine!” Rainbow announced, images of all seven of her Crystal Beast's jewels appearing before her. “Tell me, Squirt, did you notice anything about my Crystal Beasts?”

Scootaloo blinked, before placing a hoof to her chin. Well, there were seven in total, mostly beasts...All turned to different coloured gems...Wait a second!

“Red for Ruby, orange for Amber, yellow for Topaz, green for Emerald, cyan for Sapphire, indigo for Cobalt and violet for Amethyst...They're the colours-”

“Of the rainbow!” Dash announced, grinning as she played a card. “Or, my Rainbow Dragon!”

The seven jewels appeared in the order Scootaloo announced, before a silhouette of a large, snake like dragon before the pure white beast appeared, the gemstones adorning it's side, two large, blue feathered wings at it's side. (Rainbow Dragon lv.10 atk: 4000 def: 0)

Scootaloo stared up at Rainbow's equally great dragon while Galaxy-Eyes growled at it, extending his wing over the orange filly. “Oh man...”

“I now switch both Emerald Turtle and Topaz Tiger to attack mode, and have my Rainbow Dragon attack your Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon! Time to see who's ace is stronger!” Rainbow announced, grinning confidently as her dragon fired a rainbow coloured beam of energy from his mouth.

Galaxy-Eyes roared back, surrounding himself in stardust before diving right into the energy beam...

...and shot right through it, grabbing Rainbow Dragon by the wings near his ears.

Rainbow blink as both dragons vanished in a shower of stardust. “What the-?”

“Like it?” Scootaloo interupted, grinning deviously. “That's Galaxy-Eyes's special effect! Whenever he battles a monster, I can banish both of our monsters until the end of the battle phase!”

Rainbow shook out of it and was about to continue before Scootaloo sent a card from her hand to the graveyard. “And while I'm talking about effects, how about I use another one,” She grinned as a humanoid sprite-spaceman monster appeared behind her.

“This is Dimension Wanderer. And when I use Galaxy-Eyes effect, he can be discarded to deal three thousand points of damage right to your life points!”

“What?!” Rainbow yelled before her voice distorted around her, flinching as the Wanderer himself swiped at her.

(Scootaloo lp.1100 Hand: 2 Deck: 29)
(Rainbow Dash lp.6300-3300 Hand: 3 Deck: 25)

Rainbow grit her teeth and stamped a hoof on the ground. “And just like that, you hit me for almost half my life points! That doesn't strike you as a little OP?”

Scootaloo gave her the stink eye. “This coming from Miss Crystal Abundance over here?”

The two stared each other down for a few seconds before Rainbow sighed. “Point taken. Alright Emerald, destroy Soldier!” Emerald Turtle retreated into his shell and fired off several green energy beams at the white monster, causing it to explode.

“And now Topaz will finish you off with topaz incisor shred!” Rainbow declared as the white tiger extended his claws and jumped after the orange filly.

Before a red boxing glove on the end of a spring punch it between the eyes, causing it's claws to lightly swipe Scootaloo’s shoulder.

(Scootaloo lp.1100-300 Hand: 2 Deck: 29)
(Rainbow Dash lp.3300 Hand: 3 Deck: 25)

Rainbow blinked, before groaning at the trap on Scootaloo’s field. “I hate that card...”

“You're only saying that because it was used against you, but Damage Diet halving your damage really saved my skin!” Scootaloo grinned, depositing the card into her graveyard.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Yeah okay, I use Emerald's effect to switch him to defence mode and end-”

“Well before that, our dragons come back,” Scootaloo grinned as said dragons reappeared in a shower of stardust and Galaxy-Eyes got back into a guarded position in front of Scootaloo.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 3 Deck: 28)
(Rainbow Dash lp.3300 Hand: 3 Deck: 25)

“I'll just set a card down and have Galaxy-Eyes attack Topaz! Galaxy photon stream!” She declared as the dragon fired it's signiture move at the tiger, who was reduced to nothing, indicating that it was sent to the grave.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)
(Rainbow Dash lp.3300-1900 Hand: 3 Deck: 25)

“I'll end there,” Scootaloo finished, motioning for Rainbow to make her move.

“Sorry squirt, but I'm winning this turn! You really should've played a monster!” Rainbow boasted, drawing a card.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)
(Rainbow Dash lp.1900 Hand: 4 Deck: 24)

“First I'll switch Emerald back into attack mode and have Rainbow attack Galaxy-Eyes!” As she said this, both Galaxy-Eyes and Rainbow Dragon vanished in the same shower of stardust as before.

Rainbow grinned as she spied no monsters on Scootaloo’s field. “Now Emerald Turtle will finish you off!” Emerald retracting back into his shell.

“Yeah, too bad Rainbow, but I'm gonna take your advice and summon a monster!” Before Rainbow could inquire as to what the filly meant by that, Scootaloo’s face-down popped up. “Go Call of the Haunted! This card lets me bring back a monster from the graveyard in attack mode, and Galaxy Soldier has a bone to pick with Emerald!”

The white monster returned, it's one eye glaring at the Turtle. (Galaxy Soldier lv.5 ATK: 2000 DEF: 0)

“Fine I-” Rainbow started, about to end her turn, before a sudden realisation came over her. If I end my battle phase, I can't change the battle mode of Turtle since he hasn't attacked and Galaxy-Eyes will wreck him and out the rest of my life points!

Scootaloo tilted her head to the side as Rainbow checked her life point meter and drew imaginary numbers in the air. “Uh, you okay?”

Rainbow shook her head and pointed at Galaxy Soldier. “I'm fine! Go Turtle, continue your attack!”

Scootaloo blinked as Turtle charged forward, only to be punched into pieces by the white monster.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 2 Deck: 28)
(Rainbow Dash lp.1700-500 Hand: 4 Deck: 24)

“Okay...Why did you do that?”

“Don't play dumb, Squirt,” Rainbow said, pointing a hoof at her graveyard.

“If I left Emerald in attack mode, Galaxy-Eyes would take him out and give you the win. I can't change his battle mode if he doesn't attack. I'll end with one face-down,” She explained, laying a card between her four crystals of indigo, cyan, violet and orange.

Jeez, that was actually really smart, Scootaloo thought to herself as their monsters returned.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 3 Deck: 29)
(Rainbow Dash lp.500 Hand: 3 Deck: 24)

“Now to do this!” Rainbow grinned, her face-down popping up. “I use Crystal Rageki! Now I can send a Crystal Beast in my spell and trap card zones to the graveyard and take out a card on your field. So I'll send Cobalt Eagle to the grave to destroy your Galaxy-Eyes!”

As she said this, the cobalt jewel shattered and a streak of lightning burst forth and strike Scootaloo’s dragon, causing it to shatter on impact.

Scootaloo cursed and looked over the card she just drew. Galaxy Queen's Light. Well, I can't really use this now so...

Her eyes suddenly shot wide open as she remembered the card she had added to her hand earlier and smiled, just as widely. “Hey Rainbow, you remember what I said when I used my Galaxy Soldier's ability?”

Rainbow blinked, before putting a hoof on her chin in contemplation.

“And his effect lets me grab my Galaxy Knight from my deck, to my hand!” Scootaloo said, causing Rainbow to raise her eyebrow.

“All that effort just to grab a card?”

“Sometimes, one card is all you need to turn a whole duel around...”

“You...” Rainbow started, before she trailed off, looking up at her Rainbow Dragon. “You can get past four thousand attack points?”

“That's right!” Scootaloo answered, slapping down a monster. “If there's a Galaxy monster on my field, I can summon my Galaxy Knight without a tribute, but his points drop by a thousand.”

As she explained this, a larger and leaner version of Galaxy Soldier appeared, brandishing a large sword. (Galaxy Knight lv.8 atk:2800-1800 def: 2600)

“And when he comes in, he brings back Galaxy-Eyes in defence mode!” Scootaloo explained before Rainbow could ask, said monster returning in a sparkle of stardust, glaring at the cyan mare, menacingly. (Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon lv.8 ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500)

“O-okay,” Rainbow said, slightly unnerved by the dragon's glare. “But you can't get Rainbow Dragon off the board if it's in defence mode-”

“I was just getting to that!” Scootaloo grinned, using her newly drawn spell. “I activate Galaxy Queen's Light! This makes all monsters on my field the same level as one of my level seven or higher ones, like Galaxy-Eyes!”

Galaxy-Eyes roared as Galaxy Soldier grew in size to match Galaxy Knight. (Galaxy Soldier lv.5-8 ATK: 2000 DEF: 0)

“Now I can overlay my three monsters!” Scootaloo announced as the three monsters became a cluster of stardust, much to Rainbow's surprise.

“Now I can summon up one of the most powerful monsters in my deck-”

“Hang on! I thought Galaxy-Eyes was your best card!” Rainbow stated, looking up at Rainbow Dragon again. “He's my best monster and there's no real way of making him better, especially if I'd have to get rid of him.”

“Oh sis, there's a difference between an ace card and a strongest card,” Scootaloo clarified, grinning. “My ace card is Galaxy-Eyes because he's often on the field, taking out my opponents and just being my star player...”

She then spread her hooves out as a large, three headed dragon with heads of red, armour of purple and it stood at, at least, eight times Scootaloo’s height. “But a strongest card is for when my ace just doesn't have enough fire power, so let me introduce you to Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!”

The three heads all howled to the sky as it's glowing red wings shot out to either sides. (Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon RNK:8 atk: 4500 def: 3800 O.U. 3)

“Now when he's summoned, all face-up card effects are negated,” Scootaloo grinned at Rainbow's surprised face. “So I hope Rainbow Dragon didn't have any abilities that could have saved your skin, cause they're useless now.”

Rainbow's eyes turned to pinpricks, looking over her hand to see if she had anything to help her...

...she didn't.

“Now attack! Neo photon stream!” Scootaloo announced as the three heads all fired a blast of red energy, frying poor Rainbow Dragon before he was destroyed, disappearing with the rest of Rainbow's life points.

(Scootaloo lp.300 Hand: 1 Deck: 29)WIN
(Rainbow Dash lp.500-0 Hand: 3 Deck: 24)LOSE

Rainbow stood motionless for a few moments, causing Scootaloo to worry for a bit, before the power suddenly came back on.

Rainbow jumped a bit, now noticing the lights were shining and the TV had switch on to the blue screen, waiting for an input to be switched on too. “Huh? Guess the power's back.”

“Oddly convenient,” Scootaloo added, trotting to Rainbow and nudging her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

“Huh?” Rainbow let out, looking down at her honorary sister, before chuckling dismissively. “Oh yeah, I'm cool. Just...you know, didn't expect to lose and all.”

“To be fair-” Scootaloo grinned, punching Rainbow in the shoulder. “-you didn't make it easy.”

“Nothing worth having ever is, Squirt!” The mare laughed, wrapping a wing around the orange filly.

Before Scootaloo could reply, the phone rang again. Rainbow shot into the kitchen, accidently dragging Scootaloo with her in the process, and grabbed the phone.

“Hello?...Oh hey AJ...Whoa okay! Calm down!...What happened?...Ah jeez is she okay?...Yeah, course, we'll be there in ten seconds flat!...See ya there, bye!” After Rainbow hung up, she flipped Scootaloo onto her back, hurriedly turned all of her electronics off, and rushed out of the door with the filly in tow.

“Where are we going, Dash?” Scootaloo asked, only just now getting her bearings straight.

Rainbow turned back and explained. “We're going to the hospital! Applejack said Applebloom got real sick and passed out, she couldn't get a hold of us since the power was out and the only working phone was only linked to Cloudsdale.”

Scootaloo absorbed the information for a few seconds, before her face soon morphed into pure worry. “Well what are you waiting for, pick up the pace!”