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Crossover with Yugioh (Only the cards are in this fic, none of the Yugioh Characters)

Discord, over the last few years, introduced the game of Duel Monsters to the Pony populace and it became a huge hit. It introduced new businesses, got ponies to play and make new friends and let off some steam once and a while...

...and, of course, it introduced a new threat to Equestria as well!

Other Characters: Button Mash, Featherweight, Rumble, Silver Spoon, Big Mac, Discord, Snips, Snails and Cheerilee.

Light Shippings:

Chapters (4)
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Despite not really being a fan of Yugioh, I still loved this first chapter. And If you're okay with it, I think this would be a fun challenge to try and animate.

Also, are these cards in the actual game, or did you create them specifically for the story?

6687253 All of these ones are real. If you want, I can try my best to add links to a picture for all the real ones I use. (I'm genuinely trying not to make up my own cards, otherwise I'd be following the anime's "Plot Device card!"(that's a card that will only be used once to let them win then never be seen again!:rainbowlaugh:))

And thanks for the kind words, I hope I can keep it up for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

6687253 Oh, did you mean you want to animate this? Because it would be awesome if you did! :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, I thought it would be fun to try and make an animated version of this, but mind you, I'm still a kind of beginner drawer, so don't except pro quality...
But I think I can find the cards myself

Oh god, I just saved all of the cards to my phone's camera... That's a lot of cards...and that's not counting all of the bug multiples...

6687819 Yeah. I counted 27 different ones! :twilightblush: Probably not helped by the next chapter coming up. It should be ready by next week.


Trust me, you want to post new chapters... If you post chapters after I make the animations, you could be waiting multiple months...

oh god the warriors... :fluttercry:
and I thought the fairies from last chapter were going to be hard to draw... :ajbemused:

6721736 Yeah...Um you don't want to know what's coming up in chapter 7...ehehe. :twilightblush:

6727077 Hell for most artists in general. Unless you're alright with feathers.

Didn't expect Scootaloo to have a Galaxy/Photon deck there.

Only error I see is Photon Thrasher can't attack if its controller has another monster out.
But a pretty fun duel anyway.

Really surprised Spike is actually using a Dark Magician deck(Yugi's deck) pretty much. Wonder what other decks/cards he might use and how more powerful he will get?
Hoping this fic would continue.

Really glad Spike actually got to duel and didn't lose pretty much(though didn't like that he only won due to the Stranger not using Axe Of Despair..)
How often will Spike get to duel actually?

Also, if that was King Sombra those ponies are trying bring back, do they recognized that its ultimately due to Spike that King Sombra got blown to bits like that?

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