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North of Canterlot, in the far marches of Equestria near the border with the Griffon tribes, there is a mountain that flies.

West of Canterlot, beyond the Galloping Mountains and a desert painted in the pastel hues of a faded rainbow, a tower sits at the edge of the world.

South of Canterlot, past the Everfree forest and the desolate badlands, a city of gardens waits to be born.

The Lost Cities Challenge! Awesome authors who have taken it upon themselves to explore other abandoned places:

- The Land of Glass and Stone, by RazgrizS57
- The City that Breathes, by Pearple Prose
- Aletheia, by Foehn
- Far Kobresia, by Baal Bunny
- Keskiyönnon, by Bradel
- Unknown Architecture, by Not_A_Hat
- The Gentle People, by Bad Horse
- The Seal of Wax and Glass, by DuncanR

Dramatic Reading by Illya Leonov: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.

Royal Canterlot Library interview for Lost Cities.

Chapters (7)

In a world of extraordinary mares, Lady Rarity hunts for her next victim: a scientist by the name of Twilight Sparkle.

Inspired by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Edited by garatheauthor.

Chapters (1)

Dear Princess Celestia [Celestia@solmail.gov],

Attached are the individual reports by myself and my friends regarding the events around the Blackout. As you suggested, I allowed them to speak for themselves and haven’t altered their words (except for Pinkie Pie’s, whose report was sent in a font that brought to mind screaming graphic design students - I altered her stylistic choices but not the message).

I did read over them, with their permission, to give myself a greater understanding of the events of that tragic day. My thoughts are appended as footnotes to each of the reports, where I attempted to correct them where they were mistaken and explain terms of slang and technical detail which a casual reader may be unaware of.

Of course, I’m not sure a casual reader will ever be allowed to view this archive, so in the end, the contents will almost certainly remain state secrets.

Twilight Sparkle
Personal Student of Princess Celestia
“Veritas nomine est equuis.”

A cyberpunk story in the vein of Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, or Shadowrun.

Thanks to all my Patreons, Subscribers, and Fans!

Contains mild violence, thinking machines, unthinking ponies, old grudges, new forgiveness, and ponies too caught up in the middle of things to find the truth.

Chapters (6)

You'd think that being trapped in stone would mean that, if nothing else, I could get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it seems that Celestia has other ideas.

She has appointed these ponies... these 'Keepers', as she calls them, to keep me entertained during my incarceration.

Honestly? I'd prefer the boredom.

Cover art by matrosha123

Chapters (3)

  In a world where the stars shine through both day and night, a savage attack upon the Phoenix Tower of Canterlot Castle leaves the city in chaos, a princess abducted and the stars fading from the sky.
  Now, Princess Sunset Shimmer dons the legendary Solstice Raiment and the Flareblades of the Sunmother in a desperate quest to save the glittering heavens and the love of her life.
  Because if the stars die... her world will soon follow.

Entry for FanOfMostEverything’s Imposing Sovereigns Contest
Prompt: Princess Sunset Shimmer - Warrior

Featured on Equestria Daily on April 9, 2017!
Featured on FimFiction on March 19-20, 2017! :yay:

Historian's Note: Set in the distant reaches of the multiverse, this tale is loosely connected with the events of SunLight Sliders, yet requires no knowledge of that story.

Cast: Princess Sunset Shimmer & Princess Twilight Sparkle with Philomena & introducing Faerana

Cover & Section Break Design by Novel Idea
Princess Sunset Shimmer & Princess Twilight Sparkle designs by Overlord Neon
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark By Millennial Dan

Beta Reader & Editor Credits
Ebon Quill - Audio Director & Quest Designer on The Manehattan Project
Tchernobog - AppleDash Fanatic, Special Guest Beta Reader
Little Tinker - Master of Systems at Poniverse & Scripting Engineer on The Manehattan Project
Beltorn - Commenter-at-Large on FimFiction
Painted Heart - Wife of the Author :yay:

Special Thanks
Fahrenheit - For his invaluable assistance in creating an epic Elevator Pitch and Synopsis to fit the scope of this story!

Word Count: 15,000
Version: 5.2

Chapters (6)

The hive is in celebration. The invasion goes well, and soon all Equestria will surely fall. The victorious changeling soldiers will be covered in wealth and glory, and poor young Thorax fears the war will end before he can enlist.

It does not.

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle regrets botching her romantic confession to Rarity. As a joke, Rarity proposes a simple and elegant solution: break up and try it again.

She just wasn't prepared for Twilight to agree to it.

Set after “Practice Makes Perfect”. It is not necessary in any way to have read that story to get this one.

Includes a recording of a LIVE-READING of the story by the author herself, which is the recommended way of experiencing the story. I promise you. I do a fantastic Rarity voice.

Cover art by the wonderfully wonderful Jykinturah. Audio credits go to lilfunkman and Swan Song.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Every action has consequences, no matter the intent. To clear her slate, Twilight Sparkle will go to any lengths to settle the score with Celestia, even if it means a fool's errand to a land ravaged by chaos.

The Lost Continent of Panthalassa beckons. Monsters, immortals, and creatures whose names are whispered with reverence and fear stand between Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Thieves, and the path home.

Based on the worldbuilding and expansion of the original oneshot, In the Hall of the Mountain Queen. Serving as a continuation.

Artwork by lilfunkman.

Special thanks to Alto, Timaeus, Cynewulf, Vdrake77, CouchCrusader, Beltorn, and all my friends for their ongoing support in writing this.

Chapters (14)

After four harrowing years of civil war brought about by Nightmare Moon's return, Canterlot has finally fallen. Princess Celestia has been banished to the moon, and now a new alicorn rules over Equestria. For the supporters of Nightmare Moon, the new eternal night is a time for celebration. For the ponies who fought for Celestia, it means something else entirely. For when the war is lost and the victor demands fealty, the vanquished are given only two choices: bow low and kiss the ground beneath her hooves, or die.

Not everpony who bows does so out of love for the conqueror, of course. Some do it to bide their time. Some do it out of a sense of opportunity. Most bow merely to survive. All of them are liars. But how long can a pony tell the same lie before it becomes the truth?

And what happens to that pony when their lies are lies no more?

Edited by SolidFire. Inspired by the Nightmare Moon timeline in the season 5 finale, a particular scene from a particular show, and an entertaining game of Equestria at War.

Chapters (1)

Stepping into new ground can be hard, especially when it comes to writing. Ambris Knot, respected archaeology non-fiction writer and head librarian, knows this well, so when she tries to write fiction for the first time, she turns to a certain daring friend.

Belated Secret Santa present for the wonderful Oroboro.

Chapters (9)
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