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Discord lounges around Canterlot Castle without a thing to do. A reformed life has taken every surprise out of life. Until Celestia drops the bomb on him: He has a daughter. And what's more is that Celestia wants him to reunite with her with Twilight's help.

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This will be a short story, around the 2000-3000 word range (edit: I lied, this will hit the 10k word mark and possibly on up to 15k as I didn't expect to do this much writing for the amount of plot I had planned in my head).

Derpy has been deemed an unfit mother, due to her mental condition, and has a real chance of losing custody of her only foal. Before that day comes though Derpy remembers how Dinky came to be, how her only source of pride and joy is tied to such a painful memory, and all of the time spent raising Dinky.

I'm writing this story in honor of a friend of mine who went through a very similar situation.

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Part of the All-American Girl continuity.
For Derpy Hooves, life is never easy. Even as an accomplished scientist and scholar, she still has to contend with a twin sister that hates her, living alone in a tiny town and working a dead-end job, and, of course, her eyes, which causes her to be clumsier in public than she normally is. For her, life sucks.

But now, Derpy has to face a decision that could rock the very foundations of her family, her life and her future. And if that wasn't enough, one of the neighborhood foals, Sparkler, may need her help desperately. And to top it all off, a secret project of hers might just change the world of ponydom forever.

She's got a lot on her hooves. Maybe too much.

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With the whole of Equestria plunged into darkness, the once peacfull world is now tearing itself appart with fear. Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike are now the only hope the world has.
They choose to leave their home to save Rainbow Dash. Despite loosing their friends because of her they are determined to prove she can be saved from her madness, which is slowly consuming her. But will there be anything to save?

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With Pinkie Pie's brutal murder the whole of Equestria is on high alert. With no clues leading to who did it, it begins to look like Pinkie's killer will never be found.
Rainbow Dash begins to find herself loosing control both mentaly and physicaly. As Applejack tries to comfort Rainbow Dash. But she unintentionally becomes her next target.

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