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Don't Take My Mommy! - dragonpony111

Derpy is forced to make a very tough choice to not lose her little muffin Dinky for good.

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Chapter 3: Derpy's Last Hope

The months to come were the best of Derpy’s life before her filly arrived, as Ponet was there for her for every moment. He went with her to every doctor visit, and he even partially moved into to Derpy’s house so he could be with her as often as possible. The engaged ponies had planned the wedding date just after Ponet’s art show and about a month before the filly was due to ensure it was born was born into a proper family. Derpy had told Rainbow Dash that she was getting married but made Rainbow Dash promise to keep it a secret from everypony else, although the large belly that formed on Derpy had all the other ponies gossiping. As the wedding day approached with only one month to go, Rainbow Dash had stopped by to check on Derpy and asks her:

“Hey Derpy I just stopped by to see how everything is, and to see how the wedding planning was going, do you have a dress yet?”

“He-Hello Rainbow Dash, the we-wedding planning is going a-along fine, but n-no I don’t have a d-dress yet, I can’t af-afford one.”

“That’s no problem Derpy, my friend Rarity makes the best dresses in all of Equestria, and I’m sure she will love to make you a wedding dress for free, as she simply is addicted to stuff like this.”

“Why th-thank you Rainbow D-Dash, I don’t kn-know what to say.”

“Don’t mention it Derpy. Now come on, let’s get you to Rarity’s store so she can start on it as soon as possible.”

The two ponies then head off to the Carousel Boutique. As they enter the store Rarity is there at her sewing machine diligently working on a dress, but she hears the two ponies entering and stops to look up noticing who they are.

“Why hello there Rainbow Dash and Derpy, what brings you into my store today?”

“First off Rarity I have some great news; Derpy is getting married and the wedding is only a…”

Before Rainbow Dash can complete her sentence Rarity runs up to Derpy knocking Rainbow Dash aside and nearly goes crazy with the barrage of questions she begins asking her:

“Oh how marvelous Derpy! When is it happening? Where is it happening? Are other well know ponies attending? What’s the theme? Who’s the groom? Are you mmmph…”

Rainbow Dash grabs Rarity by her snout to shut her up so she can finally finish her sentence.

“Pay attention Rarity, the wedding is only a month away and Derpy doesn’t have a dress yet as she can’t afford one, which is why I brought her here to you, hoping you would be generous enough to make her one, as for all the details you’ll have to let Derpy tell you as I promised her I wouldn't say.”

Rainbow Dash lets go of Rarity’s snout and leaves the store telling Derpy she will see her later. Derpy is now finally able to get a word in and begins talking to Rarity:

“Hey th-there Rarity, and yes I’m ge-getting married, to Ponet as a m-matter of fact. I’m em-embarrassed to say this b-but like Rainbow Dash s-said I can’t afford a we-wedding dress.”

“Why that’s just horrible my poor Derpy, no friend of mine will go to her wedding without a proper gorgeous dress made by yours truly, and I’ll be glad to do it for free, consider it my wedding gift to you.”

“R-Really? Thanks a whole b-bunch Rarity”

“Don’t mention it; now let’s take your measurements.”

Using her magic Rairty floats measuring tape over to Derpy and takes all the measurements she needs to make a dress.

“I’m going to need extra fabric since I’m making a dress for two, no offense Derpy, and was there a certain look you had in mind darling?”

“N-No offense taken at all R-Rarity, and as for the dr-dress, I really like mu-muffins!”

“Muffins you say? Sounds unusual but I’ll see what I can do, now if you would be so kind as to let me get to work; as I’ll need all the time possible to make this dress just absolutely perrrrfect for your wedding.”

Derpy obliges and leaves the store; she begins walking home but makes a stop at Sugar Cube Corner. Derpy loves the muffins that Pinkie Pie bakes and never misses a chance to get some. After buying a bag of freshly baked muffins from Pinkie Pie, Derpy begins her walk home again, excited that she is going to have a real wedding dress for her wedding. Three weeks later Rarity makes a special visit to Derpy’s house to drop off her wedding dress she had just finished. When Derpy answers the door Rarity says:

“Why hello there my darling Derpy, I have wonderful news, I finished your wedding dress and I brought it with me to give to you; why don’t we go inside and try it on.”

Derpy and Rarity walk inside and with her magic Rarity floats the dress over to Derpy and puts it on her. The dress itself is the same color as Derpy with the accents the same color as Derpy’s mane, and the entire dress is covered in muffin designs. Rarity then floats a mirror in front of Derpy and exclaims:

“Oh you look just astonishing in your dress Derpy, I think I have really outdone myself this time, I never cease to amaze me.”

Derpy takes a good look at herself in the mirror and tears of joy begin to form up in her eyes. Wearing this dress made her feel like the most beautiful pony in Equestria right now and that the wedding was a sure thing. Derpy begins turning around to get a better look at her dress, but with the dress being slightly too long combined with Derpy’s clumsiness, she trips and falls to the floor. Rarity helps her up and says:

“Here Derpy I can’t have you falling all over the place at your wedding, let me adjust the hem for you.”

With her magic and skill in dress making, Rarity is able to quickly adjust the hem of the dress a few inches higher.

“There that’s much better my darling. Now I have other dresses I need to get back to working on so I’ll see you later Derpy, at your wedding I hope.”

“Yeah R-Rarity, I’ll see you at m-my wedding, and thanks a-again for the pretty dress.”

Almost four weeks later and Derpy is at Ponet’s house ready to go with him to his art show. This show was very important for Ponet as it could make or break his career as an artist and there was even news that Princess Celestia would be in attendance, to hire a new royal artist for Canterlot Castle. Derpy and Ponet head out and walk over to Ponyville’s town square where the show was being held. When they get there Ponet sets up the four paintings he brought with him to show off. One painting was of the sun setting behind Canterlot Castle, another one was of Ponyville on a snowy day, and the other two paintings were portraits of the two princesses. The area was filled with high class ponies from Canterlot which made Derpy nervous as she even felt out of place in Ponyville, which is a big step down from the royal town of Canterlot. As the other ponies walk by Ponet’s work they notice Derpy and most of them either quietly laugh to themselves or make comments about her eyes, which makes Derpy feel like an even bigger disappointment than usual. Eventually Princess Celestia herself makes her way over to Ponet’s paintings. After studying them for a few minutes she asks Ponet:

“What is the name of the artist who painted these lovely images?”

“My name is Ponet, and thank you for your kind words Princess.”

Celestia notices Derpy who had been standing next to Ponet and asks:

“Who might you be my fair lady?”

Ponet takes the liberty of introducing Derpy:

“She is my fiancée and we are getting married tomorrow.”

And then Derpy begins to speak:

“My n-name is Derpy, pleased to meet you p-princess.”

Surprised by Derpy’s stutter, Princess Celestia asks her:

“Are you okay, are you feeling sick? I just happened to notice your stutter and your, uh, unique eyes.”

“I’m j-just fine Princess, I was b-born this way, but I can ma-manage my life just fine, I de-deliver all the mail here in Ponyville.”

“Oh what a shame, I’m very sorry Ponet, I would have been honored to invite you to live and work at Canterlot Castle as our royal artist, but for reasons I am not proud of I can’t have a pony like Derpy living in Canterlot, and it would be unfair of me to separate a married couple. I do however wish you the best of luck in selling your paintings; you are still a very talented artist.”

As Princess Celestia moves on Derpy can see the look of utter disappointment on Ponet’s face and asks him:

“It’ll be ok-okay Ponet, I’m sure th-there are plenty of other p-ponies that would l-love your work as m-much as I…”

Ponet cuts her off and yells:

“Oh would you just silence yourself for once Derpy, I don’t see how you can screw up not speaking!”

Ponet then runs off, leaving Derpy in tears. No one had ever yelled at her like that before, and she certainly didn’t expect it to come from her very special somepony. Derpy didn’t even feel like walking all the way back home, so she found a bench and laid down on it. Derpy buried her head into her forelegs and cried heavily until she ran out of tears. She then kept on sobbing until she fell asleep. When Derpy was woken up by the sunrise, the art show and everypony else were long gone. Not knowing what else to do Derpy decides just to head home to sort things out. When Derpy makes it home she instantly notices all of Ponet’s stuff is gone, except for the key to her house she had given him and a rolled up parchment were sitting on the table. Derpy unrolls the Parchment and reads it:

Dear Derpy:
If maybe just for once in your life you could act normal you wouldn’t screw up the lives of your friends. Also I’m afraid that if I am to fulfill my lifelong dream of being Canterlot’s royal artist I can’t be associated with you anymore. I already packed up all of my things from your house and I am returning the key you gave me. You can keep the painting I gave you as it would look out of place next to all of my other wonderful works of art. Lastly I would appreciate it if you never try to contact me again or tell others that I am your filly’s father. Whether or not you understand why we must part forever, just know that I will always have a place for you in my heart, but never again in my life. Goodbye Derpy.
------ Ponet

Reading this hurtful letter brings Derpy to her knees as she manages to cry out even more tears. Derpy just remains there for hours on the floor, not wanting to believe what just happened. Later on that Day Rainbow Dash is at the door and is calling for Derpy:

“Hey Derpy are you in there? Come on Derpy you’re supposed to be at your wedding remember? Seriously Derpy all of our friends are waiting at the chapel!”

Rainbow Dash decides to bust in after not hearing anything, only to find Derpy lying on the floor, motionless and depressed, almost lifeless. Rainbow Dash tries to talk to her to see what’s wrong, but all Derpy manages to do is point at the table with the parchment. Rainbow Dash quickly darts over to the table and reads the letter. After reading it she rips it up in anger and promises to Derpy that she will crush Ponet like the little bug that he is. Realizing that what Derpy needs the most right now is a comforting friend Rainbow Dash helps her up and walks Derpy over to her bed. She crawls into bed with her and holds her tightly for almost an hour. Eventually Derpy speaks with a very saddened tone and says:

“Thank y-you Rainbow, you are the on-only good thing in my l-life right now”

“That’s nonsense Derpy, sure you lost your fiancée but you are much better off without that jerk, and besides you have a filly on the way to look forward to.”

When Derpy suddenly realizes she has a baby on the way without a father, she freaks out intensely, and suddenly she starts feeling severe stomach pains which cause her to scream. Rainbow Dash tries to ask Derpy what is wrong but she is in too much pain to think clearly or speak. Rainbow Dash doesn’t know what else to do so she puts all of her effort into carrying Derpy and flies off to the hospital as fast as she can. Rainbow Dash nearly crash lands into the emergency room and hands Derpy over to the hospital staff. After explaining the situation to the receptionist Rainbow Dash heads back to the chapel to tell all of her friends what happened. When she gets back to the chapel the first pony to ask why Rainbow Dash looks worried and out of breath is Rarity:

“What’s the problem Rainbow, and where is Derpy or Ponet? The ceremony should have started an hour ago.”

“No time for a full explanation, just follow me back to the hospital.”

Rainbow Dash takes off back into the sky with Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie following her as best as they can. When the rest of the ponies make it to the hospital, they find Rainbow Dash who was already there waiting and she yells:

“What took you guys so long?”

Rarity responds:

“Well Rainbow we all can’t fly like you can, now would you please tell us what is going on?”

Rainbow Dash explains what happened when she went to find Derpy at her house, and also tells the group about what Ponet had done and the letter he had left. All the other ponies were shocked and they all wanted to know if Derpy is okay. Rainbow Dash tells them:

“I talked to the nurse and she said that Derpy should be fine, but the filly might not be, as the massive amount of stress that Derpy experienced sent her into early labor and that the Filly wasn’t due for a whole month. Now all we can do is wait and hope for the best.”

The ponies sat in the waiting room for only an hour but it seemed like an eternity. Eventually a doctor walks in with a pale look on his face and asks:

“Is there a Rainbow Dash here?”

“Yes yes I’m right here, how’s Derpy?”

“She is still alive for now but her life isn’t guaranteed at the moment, we had to operate to save the filly and unfortunately it may have been too much stress for Derpy’s body to handle. Her daughter is being examined but we won’t know the filly’s condition until later tonight. You and your friends can visit Derpy now; she is recovering in the Maternity ward in room thirty two.”

Rainbow Dash calls for her friends to follow her and races off to go see Derpy. When the ponies enter the room they can see Derpy resting on the hospital bed. Derpy looks almost lifeless and her breathing is weak and labored, with her heart only beating once every eight seconds or so. This sight is sad enough to flatten Pinkie Pie’s hair, as even she can’t manage a smile right now. Rainbow Dash walks over to Derpy and places her hoof on Derpy’s head. Derpy can feel the presence of her closest friend and manages to look up at Rainbow Dash who is at her side crying. Rainbow Dash tells her:

“Everything will be all right now, all of your friends are here to see you, and we just want you to know that we care for you, and that you need to get better. Also the doctor told me they managed to save your filly.”

Derpy looks back down at her stomach and notices that it is flat again, but there is a large scar on it now. A terrified Derpy pulls the last of her strength to ask Rainbow Dash:

“Wh-Where is *gasp* my filly? I want t-to see *gasp* her.”

“The staff is examining her right now to make sure she is ok, which I’m sure she will be, but honestly no one knows yet.”

Hearing these words brings Derpy some comfort, but she has run out of strength and passes out while murmuring I love you Dinky. Rainbow Dash begins crying uncontrollably and all of her friends walk over to comfort her. Rarity is able to reason with Rainbow Dash that there is nothing they can do for Derpy now except to be patient and hope for the best. The other ponies sit down on the chairs in the room but Rainbow Dash refuses to leave Derpy’s side. What feels like another eternity passes by and eventually a nurse walks in carrying a small crying bundle. Rainbow Dash asks:

“Is that, is that Derpy’s filly? How is she?”

“Luckily her filly came out just fine and is a healthy female unicorn, she was born smaller than we would have liked but that’s to be expected with a pre mature birth. Here why don’t you hold her.”

The nurse carefully hands the still crying bundled up filly to Rainbow Dash who cradles it in her arms and says:

“Hey there little Dinky I’m your Aunt Rainbow Dash, you gave us all quite a scare. Now I know you all want to see the filly right now but can you give me and Derpy some time alone?”

The other ponies grudgingly agree and leave the room, but have to drag out Pinkie Pie who desperately wanted to see the baby pony. Rainbow Dash then lowers the filly to Derpy, hoping something would happen, and sure enough something did. The filly went from crying to being silent for a moment, and then started laughing. Derpy could hear the laughs of her newborn filly and this gave her enough energy to wake her from her almost coma like state. She rubs her eyes as she opens them and becomes perfectly still as she gets her first look at her daughter. Derpy has a decent amount of strength now and is able to speak better, she asks Rainbow Dash:

“So th-this is my filly? She’s al-alright?”

“Yup she sure is Derpy! Now here take your daughter, you deserve her after everything you have been through.”

Derpy carefully takes the little bundle from Rainbow Dash and cradles it as gently as she possibly can. Tears of joy run down her face as she sees her precious little filly looking back at her, and smiling and laughing. What really makes Derpy happy is even though her daughter has the same colors as Derpy, her eyes are not weird, they are a bright shiny golden color, but they are normal.

Author's Note:

Wow I wrote much more than I expected and I'm not even done. Please feel free to give feedback and point out any grammar or spelling errors.