• Published 6th Feb 2013
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Don't Take My Mommy! - dragonpony111

Derpy is forced to make a very tough choice to not lose her little muffin Dinky for good.

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Chapter 1: Ignorance is Bliss

It was a bright sunny morning as rays of sunshine filled the Hooves residence. Derpy was attempting to wash the dishes from breakfast while Dinky was getting her saddlebag ready for school; it was a patched up bag from a thrift store but Dinky didn’t care as her mom had bought it for her and that’s all that mattered. There was a knock at the door and Dinky rushed to answer already knowing who it would be. Rainbow Dash had been walking Dinky to and from school ever since filly started because Derpy had to begin her route for delivering mail and also came home late. Dinky flung the door wide open and pestered:

“Hi Rainbow you ready to go, well are you? I can’t wait to see all of my friends and Ms. Cheerilee!”

Dinky was bouncing up and down with excitement; anxious to start the day. Rainbow Dash settled her down and said:

“Hold on there Dinky don’t you wanna say goodbye to your mom first? You know you won’t see her until it is almost dark.”

Dinky then sprinted back to Derpy to give her a quick hug goodbye:

“Bye mommy!”

Derpy returned the goodbye while running one of her fore hooves down Dinky’s mane. This moment always brought a little tear to Derpy’s eye; knowing her daughter was about to go off on another day of growing up normal with other ponies. Only a few seconds pass and Dinky ran off back to Rainbow Dash to start their walk slamming the door behind them. As usual Dinky assaulted Rainbow Dash with a barrage of questions about what school will be like today, but they mostly go unanswered as Dinky hardly waits for a reply. Rainbow Dash interrupted the little gray unicorn this time to tell her:

“Hey Dinky there is a secret I need to tell you, and you can’t tell your mom, I’ll have to tell her myself.”

“Ooh what is it Dash?! Is it about the other mailpony mommy likes?! Oh I just knew they would be perfect very special someponies for each other!”

“No Dinky it’s actually about me, I wanted to tell you that I finally made it into the Wonderbolt academy, and that this Friday I’ll be leaving.”

“Oh wow that’s so cool Rainbow I’m super happy for you, you’re gonna have tons of fun, but you’re coming back by Monday right? I can’t imagine walking to school without you!”

“That’s the thing Dinky, I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I know it will be much longer than a few days, so you’ll have to manage going to and from school without me for awhile.”

Dinky’s almost overly stretched smile quickly transformed into a frown, and her eyes sadden when she heard the news. She had never gone to school without Rainbow Dash before. Dinky remained silent for the rest of the walk regardless of how hard Rainbow Dash tried to cheer her up. When they get to the school house Dinky latched onto one of Rainbow Dash’s legs and refused to let go while sobbing. Ms. Cheerilee noticed and reassured:

“There There Dinky, you’ll get to see Rainbow Dash again today, now let’s go inside, today we are making cards for Hearts and Hooves day.”

Dinky perked up slightly and followed Ms. Cheerilee inside. Rainbow Dash then flew off back to Derpy’s home but finds that Derpy had already left for her mail route. Rainbow Dash knew Derpy visited different places on her route each day so she took to the sky and began searching for Derpy. After about an hour of searching a tired Rainbow Dash finds her delivering some mail to sweet apple acres and quickly flew over to talk to Derpy.

“H-Hiya R-Rainbow Dash, what br-brings ya way out here? Derpy cheerfully asked.

“I have some possibly bad news to tell you. I just got my acceptance letter to the Wonderbolt academy and I’m leaving this weekend to go.

“Oh th-that’s great news Rainbow D-Dash, how c-could that possibly be bad n-news?”

“Well you see Derpy, I consider you as one of my greatest friends, and I think of Dinky as a sister, and you do love your daughter don’t you?”

“Oh of c-course Rainbow Dash, D-Dinky is my greatest p-pride and joy.” Derpy stated as a worried look grew on her face.

“Ok then, to make things short my time away affects our arrangement, you know what I mean.”

Derpy’s expression immediately turned from worried to full on fear and confusion. She aimlessly stood there for a minute thinking of what to do next and resorted to asking Rainbow Dash:

“S-So what does this m-mean Rainbow?”

“Well Derpy to be honest with you it means if you want to stay in your daughter’s life, then you need to be at the courthouse this Friday at 9 am for a hearing.”

“Okay Rainbow, I p-promise I’ll b-be there.”

“Thank you so much for understanding, I know this is really hard on you right now, but making the right choice isn’t always fair for everypony. Goodbye, I’ll see you in two days”

Rainbow Dash then took off into the clouds without looking back; slightly hating herself as she disliked being the bearer of bad news. For the rest of her mail route Derpy carried on with an unenergetic pace while trying to wrap her head around the idea of losing her precious little muffin Dinky.

When school let out for the day Rainbow Dash was already there waiting to meet Dinky who seemed oddly cheerful now. Dinky bragged to Rainbow Dash:

“I made mommy a really great card; I can’t wait to give it to her on Hearts and Hooves day tomorrow. Hey Rainbow Can we stop by Sugar Cube Corner? I wanna get my mom a special muffin.”

“Sure thing kiddo, that sounds great!”

When the two ponies arrived at Sugar Cube Corner they are greeted by your everyday overly enthusiastic Pinkie Pie.

“Hiya Dinky and Rainbow, want to help me bake some super delicious cupcakes? I use a super awesome secret ingredient.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened and a nervous look cascaded across her face while Dinky answered:

“No time for that Pinkie. I just came to pick up that muffin I wanted you to make for my mommy.”

“Oh of course how silly of me, here you go Dinky, that’ll be two bits, please!”

Dinky scrounged around in her saddlebag for a minute and tossed two bits up onto the counter, and then used her magic to take the small muffin sized box from Pinkie.

“Thank you Pinkie, I’m sure mommy will really love this so much.”

Rainbow Dash let out a sigh of relief as they walk out of the store but was startled when she heard Pinkie yell:

“I’ll see you soon Rainbow, I have a bunch of special cupcakes to make!”

“Come on Dinky let’s get you home!”

Rainbow Dash scooped up Dinky and flies her back home. On the way back Dinky was coveting the muffin she bought and couldn’t wait to give it to Derpy the next day. When they get back to the house Rainbow Dash told Dinky she will stay with her until Derpy came home from work.

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