• Published 27th Mar 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Fall Of The Apple Family - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash continues to fight her loosing battle and Applejack begins to see that something is up.

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The final struggle

After the funeral all the ponies went their separate ways, still mourning the loss of their irreplaceable friend, as the night slowly passed on. Rainbow Dash slowly walked back into her house in Cloudsdale, closing the door behind her with an audible bang. She stared blankly into her room, looking at all the pictures around her walls, joyful memories that she would never be able to experience again. She looked at all the souvenirs from her adventures, thinking back to all the happy times she had had with her friends. On the table in front of her she saw the small party hat from Gummy's first birthday party. She picked it up and looked at it. The very item itself seemed to be mocking her, forcing out the happines she had felt when she was with AppleJack and replacing it with unbearable guilt. That was it.
Overwhelmed by pure anger she ripped the frilly hat in two, before turning to face her dining room. She began destroying her house, throwing pictures one by one off the wall, smashing up anything in sight. Her trophies, her record player and even her cherished, signed Wonderbolts poster, nothing was spared from her uncontrollable rage. Her rage carried her towards her bedroom, where she started bucking any breakable object she could find;

"Kill. Kill! Kill!! KILL!!"

"Just leave me alone!! Go away!! GO AWAY!!"

After flipping her large wooden bed across the room, she continued towards the large mirror that was adjacent to her window. She felt numb. She saw herself covered from head to hoof in splinters, bruises, cuts and rashes. Her mane was tangled with shards of glass. Just then, something caught her eye, a slight tingle in her right hoof confirming her thoughts. She lifted her hoof to see blood flowing freely from an open wound. There wasn't much, but it was enough to catch her attention, as a drop slowly trickled out and dropped onto the cloud floor, staining it bright red. She couldn't stop staring at it, mesmerized by the dark red contrast with the normally pure white floor. Then, a harsh epiphany finally dawned on her.

"Y-you!" She pointed at herself in the mirror as if she was talking to a different pony. "No!! NO!! I won't let you do this to me anymore!!"

Rainbow jumped back and quickly grabbed a large piece of glass that had fallen from one of the broken picture frames. Tears started streaming from her eyes and sweat started to form on her brow, as she slowly edged the knife towards her stomach. She quietly whimpered, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Y-y-you can't *hic* hurt anyone if you're dead. ..., I-If I'm *hic* dead."

"DO IT!!"

Rainbow Dash jumped at the sudden command.

"DO IT!!"

She grasped the blade tightly, slowly pressing it harder and harder against her stomach. She openly sobbed as she tried everything to force the shard into her, but she just couldn't will herself to do it.

"Do it! And everypony will know!"

It was true. The blade just pierced her hide, before she dropped it and stared at the floor, watching the blood drip from the tiny wound. She started to gently giggle at the sight in front of her.

"Think of all you friends. Think of Scootaloo."

"S-shut *hic* up."

"Think of what it would do to her tiny filly mind!"

"Shut up!"

"No pony will be there to bury you! You'll be alone!! ALL ALONE!!"

Rainbow Dash let out a blood curdling scream, shaking the house in it's foundations. She began throwing herself against the walls, only to come crashing down again against the floor. She felt so helpless, so alone. She fell to the floor, bawing into her rug. The tears slowed further and further as her sanity continually deteriorated.

"P-please. *hic* Leave me alone." She whimpered. All her energy was sapped from her body. She could barely move. "Just leave *hic* me alone. .... I. .... I don't wanna *hic* die."

Rainbow Dash used what energy she had left to look up and into her mirror. Quivering in fear she could just about force herself to look in the mirror. She looked just like she had at the lake, her body covered in cuts and bruises and her eyes so bloodshot that they looked like red orbs. She couldn't fight anymore. She slowly crawled to the nearest corner of the room and curled into a cyan ball. She then started to sing to herself, as she once again started to laugh hysterically. The combination of guilt, anger, hate, helplessness and sorrow was too much for her mind to cope.
She soon found herself grinning, as her mind surrendered to the madness that consumed her. Slowly, minute by minute, she began to slip away, until, eventually, she was gone.

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