• Published 27th Mar 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Fall Of The Apple Family - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash continues to fight her loosing battle and Applejack begins to see that something is up.

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The land of Equestria was utterly devastated by the sudden loss of it's number one party pony, Pinkie Pie.
Her laughter, her smile and her loveable personality were just...... Gone. Just like that. An empty void that could never be filled. The very notion that anypony could take the life of such a loving and happy pony was sickening for everybody.
Her funeral wasn't a traditional send off. Everypony was dressed in bright clothes, the rooms were a forest of brightly coloured balloons bouncing off the ceiling and the band played mostly lively jazz music to match. It wasn't subtle, it didn't look anything like a funeral. But it's what Pinkie would have wanted.

When it was time to bury Pinkie Pie, her friends were stood by the large, yet colourful, coffin. Twilight was stood next to Spike, both were crying into each others shoulders. Applejack was staring into the coffin, barely able to believe the tragedy that had befallen her pink friend. Fluttershy stood, her mind in a devastating mix of sadness and anger, freely letting her tears flow down her face. Rarity was resting her head on the coffin, openly mourning, tears soaking up her mascara and dripping onto her coat. And there stood, at the far end of the coffin looking at Pinkie Pie's face, was the Pegasus who did it.
Nopony had found out who killed Pinkie Pie, with no evidence at the scene leading to anypony it was almost impossible to pinpoint a culprit. The word "murder" hadn't been mentioned in Equestria for hundreds of years. Nobody was prepared for such a coldblooded attack, due to Equestria's peacefull nature, and the pain shook the hearts of everypony in the country.

Applejack walked towards the coffin and placed her hooves down on it. The image of her usually happy friend so lifeless completely broke the earth pony, causing tears to stream down her face. Applejack put her head in her hoofs and sobbed out loud, the truth of what had happened had finally sunk in. Twilight slowly walked away from Spike and up towards AppleJack.

"S-s-she's gone." Applejack croaked, lifting her head from her hooves and looking at Twilight, tears still flowing from her eyes. "I-I can't b-believe s-she's gone. I can't believe she's gone!"

Twilight rested a hoof on Applejack's shoulder and brought her head onto her chest, trying her best to comfort the distraught pony. Rainbow Dash could feel the walls closing in on her. A drop of sweat fell off her brow and landed on her hoof, making her jump. All she could feel was the panic she experienced on that fateful day, the day she killed her best friend. Then, the voices started;

"They're watching you!"

Rainbow Dash jolted back. Her eyes widened and her pupils dilated. She could feel her whole body shiver as the pain crept slowly back into her already fragile mind.

"You can do it you know! You can kill them all."

"S-s-shut up." Rainbow Dash tried to keep her voice down, not knowing how the other ponies would react if they heard the blue Pegasus talking to herself. Rainbow Dash began to twitch her legs, looking for somewhere to run.

"Kill them! Or they'll kill you!!"

"Shut. .... Shut up!" Rainbow Dash said in both anger and fear. A few ponies glanced over their shoulder to look but soon carried on with their conversations. The voices just kept screaming, laughing and mocking. They didn't stop, and neither did the guilt that consumed her grief. Rainbow Dash was starting to feel light-headed, she could feel anger and unadulterated hate fill the blood that was coursing through her veins.

"Kill them! .... Kill them!! KILL THEM A-"

Rainbow Dash couldn't take it, not now. She started to beat her head with her hoof. The voices didn't stop, they just kept shouting, screaming and laughing. The bruises from her previous endeavours were pounded, as she tried desperately to force the sick monster out of her mind. She continued to hit herself over the head, breathing heavily, until she finally collapsed onto the floor, exhausted.
There was dead silence. As she started to regain consciousness a dull ringing started to pinch her ears. The voices continued to swirl around in her mind. She started to cry tears of despair as she once again found herself slipping away into the darkness. Just then she sees an orange blur walking towards her.

"Rainbow?" Said the distorted voice. Rainbow could only just tell that it was Applejack.

Her vision cleared as she looked at the blooming green eyes staring at her, highlighted with fresh tears. Rainbow Dash shook her head, trying to regain her composure, before slowly standing up.

"Y-you okay honey?"

Rainbow Dash looked around. Nopony else was watching. She sighed in relief. The last thing she needed now was to make a scene.

"You're hurt, are you okay?" Applejack said, her voice brimming with concern. It wasn't always odd to see Rainbow Dash with a few cuts and bruises, being the daredevil she was, but this time was different. Applejack had never seen Rainbow Dash this roughed up outside of a hospital.

"I-I'm fine." Rainbow muttered. "J-just. Leave me alone." She could only stare at the floor, unable to look her friend in the eyes after the atrocity she had committed. Suddenly, she felt the voices start to sweep back into her mind, trying to manipulate her into paining the one's she loved further.

"Oh no. Oh no!" Rainbow Dash began to panic, she could feel her muscles burning under her skin. Suddenly, she felt a strange sensation, and looked up to see AppleJack grabbing her in a tight embrace. Rainbow gasped as she felt another ponies warmth for the first time in weeks, but she was scared, not knowing what the voices in her head were going to make her do. Just then;

"SHE KNOWS!!" The voice barked at her like a wild dog. Rainbow Dash threw the earth pony off and began to look around the room for somewhere to run.

The loud thump that echoed through the room caught everyone's attention. Rainbow Dash was now frantically trying to find a way out of the mess she could created, feeling the gaze of everypony in the room cut into her like daggers. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before her inner demons forced her to do something she'd regret again. She let out an ear shattering shriek, before running out of the reception, leaving Applejack on the floor by herself.

"W-what did ah do?." She sniffed. "Was it something ah said?"

Before she could run after Rainbow Dash, the room fell silent. AppleJack looked up to see the princess of Equestria had entered the reception area. Despite what had happened, Princess Celestia still stood proud, as she looked out across the room.

"Ponies of Equestria. We are gathered here today to pay our respects to our beloved Pinkie Pie. Our element of laughter. She was always a mare who could brighten the darkest of our days. She would bring happiness into our hearts and she would always put everypony else first."

The Princess was begining to crack. Nopony had ever seen her this upset. A tear rolled down her cheek, landing on the floor with an audible splash, sending a chill down everypony's spine. The princess frowned and then spoke with a stern tone;

"Hear me when I say that I will never tire till this heartless killer is brought to justice! Till Pinkie Pie can rest in peace! Till the land of Equestria can live in harmony once again!"

Princess Celestia gently wiped the itching tear from her cheek, before turning back to her audience, speaking once again with a delicate and soft voice;

"I thank you everypony for attending this ceremony, but I'm afraid I must go. Thank you."

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