• Published 27th Mar 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Fall Of The Apple Family - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash continues to fight her loosing battle and Applejack begins to see that something is up.

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With his mind blinded with rage, Big Macintosh sprinted up the stairs of the dark cellar and ran into the dark barn. The large workpony was so overcome by his rage that he lost all sense of pain, despite the fact the large splinter was still sticking out of his back. At the top of the stairs he saw the blue pegasus waiting, smiling and laughing. The stallion growled at the giggling pegasus, who was clearly enjoying every second of it.

"Y-you're gonna pay for what you did to her!" Big Macintosh shouted.

"I'm right here." Said the cocky pony.

Both stood either side of the barn, waiting for somepony to make the first move. Rainbow Dash stretched her wings as Big Macintosh dug at the ground with his hoof. Seconds passed, the growing tension between the two bringing the battle to an abrupt start as Rainbow charged towards the colt. Big Macintosh stood his ground, biding his time. As soon as Rainbow Dash was just a few feet away Big Macintosh jumped on his hind legs, taking the pegasus by suprise. He then preceeded to kick the attacking pony on the forehead, knocking her out of the air and into the wall behind him.
As soon as Big Macintosh could see the blue pegasus again he leapt into the air. However, this time, Rainbow Dash was prepared and quickly jumped out of the way before grabbing Big Macintosh by the shoulders and sinking her teeth into his muzzle. The stallions muffled screams of pain were soon screams of rage before he ripped his head from the clamped jaws, hitting Rainbow Dash on her mangled eye. Screams of agony echoed through the barn. Big Macintosh, realizing he had the upper hand, continued the struggle by tackling Rainbow Dash to the ground. However, no matter how fast his attacks were, the blue pegasus always seemed to be one step ahead of the heart-broken colt.
Using her wings, she poked Big Macintosh in his eyes, making him stumble to the ground, wincing in pain. The stallion tried to focus on his surroundings but was having difficulties due to his blurred vision. As soon as he managed to regain his sight properly, Rainbow Dash jumped behind the blinded stalion and grabbed the splinter still lodged in his back. Big Macintosh tried to buck the pegasus off of his back as she began to stomp on the wooden shard, making it sink deeper into his back. With a powerful roar of pain and anguish, Big Macintosh threw his head back, knocking the crazed pegasus off his beaten back, however, he had not escaped unscathed as the pain from earlier came flooding back to him, much worse than it had been previously. The wounded colt looked over his shoulder, and was horrified by what he saw. There, right behind him, was the pegasus, who was licking the floor clean of the blood that had spilled from the stallion's wounds.
Big Macintosh was growing faint, but he refused to give in. He started to charge towards the pegasus who, at the last second, jumped out of the way, making him crash into the wall behind her. The force made the sturdy building rock from side to side, the sudden movement making the roof start to crumble above them. Big Macintosh shook off the pain from the impact before charging for Rainbow Dash again, this time successfully striking her. Rainbow Dash was thrown against the wall, as Big Macintosh prepared for his final charge.
But, before he could finally exact revenge for the death of his sister, the roof started the collapse around him. He tried to dodge the falling debris but was knocked down by several large planks of wood. Rainbow Dash just looked on, laughing at the poor stallion who was getting pummeled by the collapsing building. When the dust finally settled, Big Macintosh found himself trapped inside the rubble, unable to move. His eyes darted around quickly, scanning the barn for the mad mare. After a few seconds he finally located her, and what he saw made his hide tremble. She was standing in front of him, staring at him, wielding the most horrific and twisted grin Big Macintosh had ever seen in his life. He used all his strength in one last attempt to try to pry himself free from the rubble, but it was no use. He could only look on in fear as the pegasus walked towards him, before picking up a piece of wood and knocking over a large barrel of cider.
The red stallion flinched as he felt the cold liquid touch his hoofs and seep into his wounds. Rainbow Dash then leaned foward, until her face was inches from his, before saying.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you die. As I will enjoy watching all of them die!"

The blue pegasus then zoomed off. Big Macintosh was unable to turn his head, only managing to tilt it up and down. He looked as far right as he could and saw a flickering orange light behind him. The blue pegasus then walked around and stood in front of Big Macintosh, carrying a lit torch in her right hoof. She laughed maniacally as she dropped the torch into the pool of cider, making the ground erupt in a huge fireball. The stallion let out a blood curdling scream as his body was set alight, every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire. The pegasus stood back, almost in awe at the carnage she had created. She savoured the next few seconds before she flapped her wings and headed for the roof.
Suddenly, a tug on her tail stopped her mid flight. The horrified pony looked back and saw Big Mac, his face burnt to the bone and his flesh a smouldering black mess, holding onto her tail with his teeth. Rainbow Dash panicked, beating wildly at the relentless colt trying, desperately trying to loosen his grip, but her efforts were to no avail. A loud rip was heard and Rainbow Dash shrieked in pain, her tail slowly getting burned by the inferno. She used her legs and kicked at the stallions face, but it was no use. Rainbow Dash turned to the roof summoning all her strength she had left in her wings to try and fly away. Suddenly;
Her tail had been torn off completely, the pain was indescribable. She completely lost focus from her agony, and fell into a pool of fire. The stallion, barely alive, watched the blue pegasus in front of him curse, scream and squirm, as the flames engulfed her body. Grasping on his last few seconds of his life, he began replaying old memories of his life with his sister. When they used to play, when they worked together, and when they used to fight whilst making their signature apple pies. Only seconds from death he looked up, and, to his horror, the last thing he saw was the crazed pegasus staggering out of the barn door, her coat still ablaze.

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