• Published 27th Mar 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Fall Of The Apple Family - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash continues to fight her loosing battle and Applejack begins to see that something is up.

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One must bleed

It was still night-time at Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack was unable to sleep, still grieving over her lost friend. She probably wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks. After brushing her mane, and the tears off her face, she walked out of her cottage, slowly making her way across the fields towards the barn. She took her time, slowly walking through the long grass, letting the long strands gently stroke her fur. At least she could feel something.
By the time Applejack had made it to the barn, the sun had rose to light the colourful fields around her. However, the beautiful sunrise did nothing to lighten up AppleJack's world, which was still covered in a dark and grey hue. Right now, all she wanted was to see Pinkie Pie bouncing towards her, greeting her with a cheerful smile, like she always did.
Applejack shed a tear, before walking into the wooden barn. She slowly walked up to the apple wagon, pulling the heavy contraption to the left. Just then there was a click. It was barely audible, but the sound echoed throughout the empty barn. Applejack's head darted towards the source of the noise to see that the barn door had been closed. She turned to face the large door and started to walk slowly towards it. "Who was it?" she thought. "Could it be? No." She shook her head, thinking she was over reacting.

"Hello? .... Helloooooo. W-who's th-"

She was cut off by a sudden flutter of Pegasus wings coming from the roof.

"Geez! Okay, joke's over. .... Come on! This isn't funny."

Just then she heard a giggle. The sinister sounding laugh sent a shiver down Applejack's spine, but she stayed composed, despite the overwhelming fear that had started to take over her body. Her mind kept trying to promote the possibility that it could be the cold blooded killer coming back to finish the job.

"I-Is that you Applebloom?! .... Scootaloo?!" Her voice started to tremble. She couldn't put a brave face on anymore.

Applejack then heard a loud metallic bang coming from within the shadows. The sudden boom startled the earthpony. She lost her footing and tripped, landing on the ground, knocking the wind out of her. As she gasped for air she looked up and then she saw a dark, shadowed figure, one rose eye glowing through the darkness, staring at her. Applejack froze, holding her breath.

"W-w-who are y-you?" Applejack whimpered.

It didn't respond. It kept laughing, giggling at her. Applejack was terrified, but she frowned and jumped onto her feet, stomping her hoof.

"Who the hay are yah?!! .... Tell me!!"

The laughing ceased. The dark figure started to walk towards her. Applejack backed up against the wall, fear showing strong in her eyes. The shadowed figure then walked past a window, the light shining through and revealing her true identity. Applejack could only gasp as she realized who the mysterious figure was. It was Rainbow Dash. Her mane was ruined, her body was covered head to hoof in cuts and bruises and and her eyes were completely bloodshot.

"R-rainbow? Oh my Celestia. W-what happened to you? .... Rainbow?"

Rainbow snarled, the menacing growl making Applejack's heart skip a beat. Applejack began to back up against the wall again, her legs trembling with fear.

"A-are you okay?"

Rainbow Dash didn't answer, she just giggled as she made her way towards the terrified earth pony. She pulled out a long blade which was hidden beneath her wing. It was bloody and twisted, but it still gleamed with a menacing sharp edge. Applejack instantly panicked and sprinted for the door.
As she reached for the handle Rainbow Dash threw the knife, jamming the lock of the barn door and barely missing Applejack's muzzle. Applejack froze, as she couldn't help but stare at the long, gory knife in front of her.
Applejack turned only to see that the Pegasus pony had disappeared. Tense moments passed, adrenaline was surging through her veins. Applejack heard a whisper coming from the roof and looked up to see the blue pegasus flying towards her. Applejack had no time to react as she was tackled to the ground by the cyan blur.
The Pegasus knelt on both of Applejack's shoulders, holding her down. Applejack tried to buck the grinning Pegasus off of her chest, but Rainbow Dash grabbed the petrified pony by the neck. Applejack choked, gurgled and flailed her arms and legs wildly, as the Pegasus began to sing with a gentle yet content voice, grasping her neck tighter and tighter.

"H-hush now, q-quiet *hic* now, it's t-time to lay your sleepy head. *hic* Hush now, quiet now, it's time to *hic* go to bed."

Applejack was growing faint. She stared into the crazed ponies bloodshot eyes, beating desperately on her arms to try to loosen the deadly grip. But, no matter what she did, the grip just got stronger. Just then, Applejack noticed a large wooden splinter from the corner of her eye, just in reach of her right hoof.
Her face turning purple, Applejack grabbed the piece of timber and winced at the thought of what she was about to do to her friend. Applejack had no choice, she closed her eyes before forcing the splinter into Rainbow Dash's left leg. Rainbow Dash screamed in pain, before Applejack bucked her off of her shoulders.
Applejack gasped for air, desperately trying to get back on her hooves. She turned to see Rainbow wincing in pain, a large pool of blood forming around her, as she slowly pulled the large splinter out of her leg. Rainbow Dash laughed, despite the immense pain now forming in her leg, and gave Applejack a look that made her sick to her stomach.

"What on earth has happened to you Rainbow?! What's wrong with you?!!" Applejack yelled, rubbing the sore rash on her neck.

"Heheheh. *hic* Giggle at the ghostlies." Rainbow Dash then stood up staring at Applejack crouching down, ready to pounce.

"Don't even think about it!" Applejack growled, but the insane pony remained unphased.

Rainbow Dash snarled again, before sprinting towards her prey. Applejack was trapped, with only one option left. With nowhere else to go Applejack charged towards the crazed pony, sweat dripping off her forehead. As Rainbow jumped, Applejack dropped to slide on her stomach, using her back legs to buck the crazed mare into the cellar behind her. Silence finally struck the barn, giving Applejack the opportunity to catch her breath.
Applejack was petrified. She couldn't leave the barn. Her main exit was blocked by the broken lock on the door, caused by the sharp throw of the knife jamming it shut. Her second exit was through the dark, cold cellar, but there was no doubt that the crazed pegasus was still down there, waiting for her to make a move.
Her house was half a mile away, but that didn't stop her from screaming. She screamed as much as she possibly could, screamed for the death of her friend, screamed for the corruption of another, screamed that Big Macintosh, somepony would hear her. "How could she do that? Did she kill Pinkie Pie? Why would she want to kill her? Why would she want to kill me?!" All sorts of thoughts whirled around her mind, shrouded in a cloud of confusion, but she knew there was only one way to save herself.
Big Macintosh could be awake but he never goes near the barn once applebucking season starts, he'd be too busy working. There's a chance he'd check the barn if he thought Applejack was missing but she didn't know if Big Macintosh would find her dead or alive by then. It was useless, she couldn't keep hoping for the best, now was the time to act if she was to survive.
She grabbed a pitchfork, which was propped against the wall, unsure if she could will herself to use it against her friend. She took a deep breath before she poked her head into the dark cellar. She couldn't see anything, the dark walls seemed to dance in the shadows, closing in on her. This made her even more worried that she was being led into a trap. But just in the distance she saw a light coming from the cellar door. She turned the light on to see a long trail of blood on the floor.
The trail seemed to head towards the door, before it dissapeared into the darkness. She tiptoed down the stairs, not knowing if she was alone or not. Still disorientated from the savage attack earlier on, she found it hard to focus on her path. She headed towards the exit, her eyes constantly switching between the blood trail and the door in front of her. She couldn't take it anymore. Applejack closed her eyes and bolted for the exit.
Her mind tried everything to memorise her path, she didn't want to open her eyes to see the evil Pegasus staring back at her. Those eyes, that laugh and that..... that horrendous smile. In no time she was halfway up the stairs. She felt relieved to feel the fresh air brushing against her fur, drying her sweat soaked mane. But then;
She choked as she felt a rope wrap around her neck, the shock and impact of the force causing her to drop her pitchfork. Applejack was stuck, hanging in the air, desperately trying to wriggle herself free, but the rope was fastened too tightly. Just then, in the blink of an eye, she saw Rainbow Dash swing from the doors of the cellar. The pegasus kicked her in the chest, causing the rope to snap. The force threw Applejack back into the cold cellar, where she hit the ground with a loud thud. Her heart sank as she saw her only escape close before her. She began to cry hysterically before she heard a soul shattering scream coming from behnd her. She turned round to see Rainbow Dash in mid flight, wielding a pitchfork in her hooves.

Applejack rolled to her left, barely missing the sharp instrument, as the pegasus flew over her. As Applejack jumped onto her feet Rainbow Dash threw the heavy tool towards her. But, once again, Applejack was quick enough to dodge the weapon, causing it to stick into the wall behind her. Using what breath she had left she screamed to pegasus.

"Rainbow!! Stop!!"

She didn't stop, instead she slowly circled Applejack, watching her every step. Just as Applejack was able to finally get her breath back, the crazed mare lunged for her. Applejack locked hooves with Rainbow Dash, trying desperately to push her away.
Despite Applejack being a prized rodeo pony, she couldn't possibly match the crazed Peagsus's strength. Applejack used all her might, her muscles burning under the strain, and yet it wasn't enough. Rainbow Dash was snapping her jaws, drool pouring from her mouth like a rabid dog. The horrific sight would be something that the poor earth pony would never forget.
Applejack used the last of her strength to lean back and, once again, throw Rainbow Dash over her. She wasted no time in running for the exit, her legs were on the verge of collapse as she threw herself towards freedom. But fate had decided to be cruel to her on that day, as, just seconds from freedom, she was bucked by the pegasus. The force threw the earth pony to the left, across the cellar, passed her tools and into the dull handle of the pitchfork sticking out of the wall.
A painful crunch resounded across the room as the blunt instrument tore through her flesh, muscles and her bones. Applejack couldnt breath, and there was a warm flooding feeling spreading throughout her chest. She looked down to see the blunt handle of the pitchfork sticking out of her chest, completely covered in blood.
She was pinned against the wall, she couldn't move and she could feel her blood pouring out of her wound, onto her hooves and, finally, onto the floor. She began to cry in pain as she looked in front of her to see Rainbow Dash walking towards her, grinning and laughing, holding the large splinter from before.

"W-huh. .... W-why?" Applejack choked, coughing up blood with each syllable. The pegasus didn't answer, she just started to sing as she advanced with the splinter in her hoof. She used her wings to match her friend's height, using her free hoof to hold Applejack by the neck. The Pegasus just stared at Applejack, watching her fear build, as she brought the wooden blade back for the fatal blow.

"Hush now, quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now
It's time to go to bed."

"Drifting off to sleep
Exciting day behind you
Drifting off to sleep
Let the joy of dreamland find you"

"Hush now, quiet now
Lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now
It's time to go to bed."

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