• Published 27th Mar 2012
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Rocket To Insanity : Fall Of The Apple Family - DontWakeTheNeighbour

Rainbow Dash continues to fight her loosing battle and Applejack begins to see that something is up.

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The screaming continued as Big Macintosh slammed on the wooden doors with his hooves, trying to bash them open.

"Rainbow!! RAINBOW!!"

He backed away before turning around and, using all his might, bucked the sturdy doors, smashing them open. What he saw next almost made him empty his stomach. The cyan mare was lying on the floor, half covered in her own blood, screaming hysterically in agony. Big Macintosh ran to her aid, the trauma of the sight making him forget what Scootaloo had said.

"Oh my Celestia. What happened to you?"

Rainbow Dash threw herself onto Big Macintosh, clutching his neck, tears brimming in her left eye.

"I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry!!"

Big Macintosh was confused by her sudden plea for forgiveness. He shook it off, assuming she wasn't thinking straight.

"You need help. You need a doctor now!" Macintosh said, almost crying himself. The sight of the mare being so weak and helpless was too tragic for even the massive work pony. He placed a hoof on her shoulder, trying to comfort her, but then he heard a menacing growl. Just as he realised it was coming from the mare hugging him he felt the grip on his neck tighten, increasing up to a point where he couldn't breath. The lethal grip increased even further as Big Macintosh started to buck, trying desperately to loosen the crushing force around his neck. He began to feel faint as the grip prevented his blood from reaching his brain, making his whole body weak.

Eventually, with one firm thrash, he threw the crazed mare off his neck and into the wall behind him. He collapsed onto the ground, gasping for air before quickly scrambling onto his feet. All of a sudden he heard the sound of glass breaking, followed by a period of silence and darkness. Big Macintosh was sweating and breathing heavily, trying to focus on his surroundings. As his eyes adjusted to the dark room he heard the disturbing giggle.

"Rainbow!" He shouted. "I know you're out there! I don't want to hurt you! You need help!"

"H-help? .... R-rainbow?! Hahahaha! .... Who's Rainbow?!"

Big Macintosh had nerves of steel, but even this was sending chills down his spine. Just then he heard a bone-freezing whisper from behind, but when he turned around he saw nothing there.

"Didn't Scootaloo tell you?!"

Big Macintosh was looking in all directions, trying desperately to find the disturbed pegasus, knowing that she would be watching his every move. The insane pony was not dumb, she knew that one blow from Big Macintosh could be enough to kill her. But, by the looks of it, Big Mac was in no way prepared to use deadly force against her. Just then the red stallion heard a voice from above.


The blue pegasus leaped into the air and used the bloody splinter to stab Big Macintosh in the back. The jagged splinter tore through his flesh, piercing muscle and shattering nerves, causing the stallion yelled in agony. Big Mac fell to the ground and was soon straddled by the pegasus, who was ready to deliver the final blow. But, once again, before she could act, the smug grin was wiped from her face as she began to shake. Big Macintosh saw his chance and used his back legs to buck the cyan mare off his back. Had it not been for the stallion's toned muscles and thick skin the splinter would have no doubt gone straight through his bone, paralyzing or even killing him. Big Mac cringed at the pain in his back as he quickly ran to the stunned pony and used his hooves to hold her down. The pegasus was flailing with terror, clearly petrified of being pinned down, helpless and at his mercy.

"LET ME GO!! LET ME GO!!" Rainbow Dash shrieked under his immense weight.

Big Mac was struggling to hold the wild pegasus down. She was gnashing her teeth and bucking her legs, trying everything she could to try and free herself. Despite the loss of blood Rainbow Dash was still fighting strong, and fighting dirty. Rainbow Dash leaned foward and tried to bite Big Macintosh on the muzzle, only just missing him with millimeters to spare. The stallion recoiled briefly, giving Rainbow Dash the perfect opportunity to pry herself free. She snarled before bucking him into the air. The heavy stallion flew through the air before crashing through the wooden door leading him into the cellar. Fortunately Big Mac landed on his stomach, the splinter was still churning in his back causing him immense pain. However, the physical pain from the splinter was nothing compared to the physcological pain he was about to feel. Big Macintosh slowly looked up to see the mutilated remains of his little sister, Applejack. At first he couldn't believe his eyes. He shook his head, trying to clear the image from his mind, but every time he opened his eyes he saw Applejack in front of him, hung to the wall like a trophy. Big Mac fell onto his knees, utterly devastated by the horrific sight in front of him.

"S-s-sis? .... P-pippy?"

The massive stallion slowly crawled towards Applejack's body and began to cry. The pain in his back was overpowered by the pain of his loss.

"No! .... No!! NO!! You y-you ca-"

Big Macintosh slammed his hoofs on the ground, before cradling his head with them. His heart felt like it had been ripped into a million pieces. He continued bawing into his arms until his true emotions struck him like lightning. He could feel his blood boil and his muscles burn as he felt his sorrow slowly become overpowered by pure, unadulterated hate. If he wasn't mad before, he sure as hell was now. Big Macintosh stood on his back legs before ramming his front hooves into the ground, causing the whole barn to shake, before he roared into the ceiling. His rage extinguished what little remorse he had left for Rainbow Dash and replaced it with pure anger.

Big Mac was hungry, hungry for Rainbow Dash's blood.

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