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As Rarity made her way towards the blue light she occasionaly looked behind to see if she was being followed, with a occasional glance at her hoofs to see if they have picked up any dirt along the way. She began to squint as she was a few feet away from the blue glow. As she let her eyes adjust she was struck with awe as she saw herself stood in the middle of thousands upon thousands of blue diomands, encrusting the walls around her.

"My, oh my! .... What a place!"

Rarity shook her head trying to regain her focus on her escape. But she simply became lost in the flawless shine of all the colours that surrounded her. She saw a particular diomand which caught her eye, she walked closer towards it watching her reflection.

"Oh my! .... This is simply too good to be true! I'm SO gonna take you home with me!"

Rarity began hopping on the spot, completly forgeting that she was clearly in danger. Rarity began using her magic to pick up every diomand in sight, before putting them in her saddle bag. As she started to hum to herself, Rarity noticed yet another strange light, coming from her left. She tilted her head to peek down the dark passage before a gust of wind stroked her mane, making her squeek. Soon she felt the fear take over once again. Rarity quickly turned around only to see the sharp, chipped teeth of a smile which was spread across the burnt face of the cyan killer.


Rarity wasted no time in running away from the horrific sight, galloping as fast as she could could around the corner and towards a large boulder in the corner. Rarity's heart was pumped full of addrenaline as she dove for cover behind the rock. As she tried to stay quiet, she could hear the light taps of Rainbow Dash's hooves walking around the cave.

"Rrrraaaaarrrrity! .... Oh Rrrrrraaaarrriiittyyyy!! RARITY!! .... Heeheehee!"

Rarity felt sick to her stomach. She tried desperetly to clear her mind of the grotesque sight of her friends face, so horribly mutilated and burnt beyond recognition.

"Come out, come out, whever you are. Hahahahahahahah!!"

A sudden cash rocked the cave, making a ringing noise come from the roof. Rarity looked up to see the sharp spikes of more diomands hanging from the ceiling. Another loud crash shook the cave making them break and fall towards her. Rarity jumped out of the way, barely escaping with her life. But as she made a break for it, she saw the blue pegasus watching her every step. The blue pegasus then pounced, tackling the unicorn to the ground. Rarity soon found herself being held to the ground with the mad mare towering over her, blood and drool pouring from her mouth. Rainbow Dash snarled at the petrified unicorn before locking her jaws onto her horn, slowly pulling harder and harder.


Rarity tries desperetly to push the pegasus away but she couldn't grip onto the and sticky flesh as it began to tear under her hoofs. Rainbow Dash refused to let go and began thrashing her head from side to side, pulling Rarity with her. The white unicorn concentrates before using her magic to blast the pegasus away.
Rarity soon got back onto her hoofs and began to run in the opposite direction. But it wasn't long before she was tackled to the ground again. This time Rainbow Dash straddled her back before once again usin her teeth to grab onto the unicorns horn. Rarity tried desperetly to buck the wild pegasus off of her back but it was no use.


Rarity's screams echoed off the encrusted walls as her horn was slowly getting torn off. In desperation Rarity used all her strength she could muster to use her magic once again. But before it could be casted the horn was ripped clean from her skull, causing an explosive chain reaction. Rarity was thrown against the wall, her head dripping with blood from the fresh cavity in her skull. As she opened her eyes she could see the deamon in the distance, facin away from her, chewing on the horn like a dog chews on it's bone.
Rarity winced as tears began to well up in her eyes, the pain in her skull was clouding her senses, she felt numb, unable to keep her ballance. Rarity was soon dragging herself on the stone floor, the gaping wound in her head spurting blood onto the floor as she desperetly tried to escape. As her vision began to blur, she could no longer hear the pegasus chomping on her horn. Rarity soon started to tire as her mind was starved of its blood. She soon no longer had the strength to drag herself any further.
She turned onto her back, savouring the glourious sight of all the flawless diomands glistening on the ceiling of the dark cave. But just as she began to feel the slightest hint of peace, she was interupted by the grotesque sight of the mutilated face of the pshycotic pegasus looming over her. Rainbow Dash began to laugh as Rarity openly bawed in front of her.

"P-please. .... Please stop. .... It's me. Rarity."




"I. .... I beg. .... I beg of you. Please! Just. Please dont hurt me anymore."

Rainbow Dash walked off towards the walls of the cave, before turning to face Rarity. Rainbow Dash then used her back legs to buck the wall. The farmiliar sound then rang through the cave again. Rarity looked up to see the sharp spines of the hanging diomands start to crack under the stress.

"B-but. .... You said you'd let me go."

"No. I said BEG!! I never said I'd let you go. .... Goodbye Rarity. It's been nice knowing yah. .... HeheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!"

Rainbow Dash kicked the wall one last time, making the diomands fall from the ceiling before hitting their target, shaking the cave with an unearthly crunch sound. As the dust settled Rainbow Dash smirked as she walked past her friend who was still twitching and gurgeling as her blood pooled onto the floor and her eyes slowly glazed over.

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