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Rainbow lunged foward for Twilight baring her teeth as she snarled, once again grabbing Twilight's head with her hooves. The mad pegasus then leaned foward before biting Twilight's mussle. Twilight's stiffled screams shot through the cave as Rainbow's teeth sunk into her flesh, the pegasus then began to tug wildely, as if she was trying to rip her head off her shoulders.
Twilight tried desperetly to loosen the deadly grip but it just got stronger and stronger. Twilight couldn't summon the strength to throw the pegasus off her chest, she couldn't summon the anger which made her stronger. She felt sorry for Rainbow Dash not angry and that''s exactly what the pegasus wanted.


With one firm tug Twilight felt her muzzle fracture, her eyes widened as she flailed her arms wildly, beating at the pegasi's arms, doing everything in her ability to loosen the deadly grip. The pain was begining to destort her senses, her horn spluttered like an old generator as it began to glow. Only seconds away from loosing consciousness, Twilight's magic exploded through the room, shockwaves throwing both ponies in opposite directions.
Twilight was thrown against the wall as she heard and earth shattering wail come from above. Rainbow Dash was flying towards her ready to deliver the final blow.


Twilight, stricken with horror could do nothing but close her eyes and pray for a quick departure, but as Rainbow was only meters away, Twilight bowed her head, covering her head with her hoofs and exposing her still scolding hot horn. There was nothing Rainbow Dash could do to stop as her head made contact with Twilight's, causing the horn to stab Rainbow Dash's left eye.
The completly blind pegasus was now sceaming at a volume that words couldn't possibly hope to describe. Rainbow Dash ripped herself from the excrutiating heat as her voice no longer sounded like the monster that possesed Rainbow. Twilight saw her chance. She wiped the blood from her eyes as she thew herself towards the pegasus, who was now smashing her head against the sharp rocks, trying everything to distract herself from the indescribable pain. Twilight tackled the cyan pegasus to the ground as her horn glowed. The pain in her muzzle made it almost impossibe to talk.

"Rainbow!! Stay still!!"


Twilight could hear Rainbow's evil tone start to come back in her voice, in no time she gently touched the pegasi's forhead with her horn. The breif moment of silence was the best noise Twilight had heard in weeks. Rainbow's screams soon died down as she slumped onto the ground. Her breathing was now starting to slow as she could feel the releif she had been longing for months.
Twilight lost all her strength and dropped onto the ground, feeling numb as it finally dawned that it was finally over. All the destruction and murder was finally brought to a stop. Equestria could feel peace once more.
Twilight pulled herself towards her friend who was no longer screaming, just breathing. Wether she was conscious or not could no longer be determined by her eyes as they were now both completly blind.

"R-Rainbow?" Twilight said faintly, barely holding onto consciousness.

"T. ..... Twi?"

That was all the confromation she needed. Her only friend was now alive. And talking. Twilight was overcome with releif. She did it, she saved her only friend.

"W. ..... Wa." Rainbow Dash could barely speak she was so weak.

"What? What is it?"

"Wwaaaatter. .... Need. .... Wadr."

Twilight moved as quickly as her body would allow to her saddle bag. She picked up a bottle of spring water and crawled weakly back to her friend. Rainbow Dash weekly opened her jaw as Twilight helped the cool liquid pour her throat.
Rainbow Dash glugged the water down as fast as she could, despite most of it pouring from the open burn wounds in her cheeks. Despite the gruesome injuries, Rainbow Dash's pain and suffering seemed to just vanish. And with 3rd degree burns so deep there was no way Rainbow Dash would be able to feel physical pain again. After all the pain she had gone though, she could finally feel peace in her heart.
After two more bottles of water, Rainbow Dash could finally whisper to her friend.


Her purple unicorn friend stood over Rainbow Dash before bleading a tear from her eye, looking down at her crippled friend.

"Yes Rainbow Dash?"

"I'm. .... I'm so sorry. .... i couldn't stop it. .... P-please don't h-

"Shhh shh. .... It's okay. .... It's over. It's all over."

Twilight rested a hoof on Rainbow Dash's head. Not knowing where to go from there, they both sat with eachother and cried into eachothers arms. As the blue glow of the diomands that surrounded them illuminated the cave, bringing the peace that they all dserved for so long.

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