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Rainbow Dash woke up, her mind engulfed with the extremes of both fear and indescribable pain tearing away at her senses. Everything she touched, every time she moved, she triggered the nerves around her exposed flesh, blazing her with wave upon wave of the scolding pain she had suffered for days. The poor pegasus had not slept an hour for weeks. Everytime she closed her eyes all she could see was her victims, laid on the ground before her, covered in blood and gore, staring at her just like they did when they watched their lives flash before eyes.

Rainbow Dash wanted to cry but she had no tears, she couldn't move an inch, she wanted it all to end but she was incapable of doing anything, the pain was just too great. With one ear shattering squeal she used what will she had left to turn her head to look into the puddle of tears on the floor. She saw her horribly disfigured face reflected in the water below. Her mane was scorched black, the once vibrant rainbow colours barely visible under the charred coating. Her wings were burnt to the bone, the tendons and muscles exposed to the whisps of cool air bruising against them. Her eye was also now nothing but a huge cavity in her skull.

A gust of wind then ran across her body, lightly brushing against the open wound in her head. The feeling tipped her over the edge as she then emptied the conteta of her stomach onto the ground. How she was still alive was a miracle in itself, lack of food, water and sleep had caused her body to almost shut down. She could feel herself slowly dying. She lifted her head, she felt no pain. At first she thought she had finally got her wish. Her wish that all the pain and suffering would end, she had longed for peace for so long. But then the voices came back.

"N-n-no." She uttered, barely holding onto consciousness. She spat out the remains of vomit from her mouth before looking around her, searching for something to end her misery while she could still move.

"W-w-why won't you let me die? .... W-what do you want with me?!"

This time the voices started to mumble. Barely able to hear what they were saying, Rainbow breathed deeply before screaming.


Rainbow's attitude had come back. Her rage began to consume the fear that she had suffered with for months. She had had enough and she was willing to fight back. And then it spoke.


Dashie's heart sank as she began to feel the burning pain return in her body. Her anger was still strong in her heart as she gritted her teeth, fighting the urge to scream in agony, not wanting to give the cruel beast any pleasure.

"NNNRRGH!! I-is that all you got?! ..... IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO THREATEN ME WITH?!!"


Rainbow Dash felt her hooves start to move by themselves. There was nothing she could do but hold back her screams as she was forced to walk on to the rocky ground beneath her. Every pebble, every particle of dust was pressed against the burnt flesh on her body, reigniting the fire in her nerves.




"No!! AAAAHHHAH!! ..... STOP!!"

Her tortured body was forced to walk step by step, fear once again replacing her anger as she slowly moved closer and closer towards the large stone wall. She closed her eyes, praying, begging her evil mind for mercy.

Nothing happened.

Just then, she threw herself against the wall in front of her, soon to be followed by a wail of pure agony. Every milisecond was as unbearable as the last, her body completely consumed by the torture only heard in the most gruesome of stories. It didn't stop. She soon found herself being thrown against the wall again, rocks and splinters piercing her flesh and grinding against the frayed surfaces of her muscles and bones.

"Give in."

Before Rainbow Dash could answer, her hoof grabbed her mane and started slamming her head repeatedly against the wall. It was all too much, her mind couldn't cope. Her throat burned as she screamed. All she could do was watch as her flesh and blood was splattered onto the wall, her cheekbones grinding against the solid rock.

"Give in, and the pain will stop!"

Rainbow Dash continued to scream hysterically as she was beaten furiously. Her vision blurred, time seemed to slow down and her body was getting numb. She could feel herself slipping away. All she wanted was to feel peace again like she felt when Applejack held her in her arms. The night before Rainbow Dash killed her. She slowly started to close her eyes, tears welling up in her left and pain throbbing in the right. Slowly and faintly, she whispered to herself as she embraced the inevitable.

"I... I give in."

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