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Everything was a blur as the yellow Pegasus slowly woke up with a dull ringing in her ears. At first she couldn't see a hoof in front of her face but soon as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could see she was surrounded by tall stone walls with a tiny light in the distance.

"T-Twilight?" She whimpered, confused, not knowing if her friends were dead or alive. "Spike?! ..... Rarity?! ..... Angel?"

Something the poked her flank. She screeched before running up against the nearest wall. As she turned she could see that it was Angel, answering her call.

"Oh. .... Oh my. Dont do that. You scared me."

Angel frowned before a silent grown was heard through the walls.

"Twilight? Twilight?! .... Is that you?"

"Urgh. .... Fluttershy? Where are you?"

"I'm in here!"

".... Oh no. This is bad. This is bad."

Just then Rarity's voice echoed through the walls. "Twilight! Your okay!"

"Spike? Where's Spike?!"

Fluttershy looked behind her, nobody was there.

"He's not here!"


".... No. He's not here either."

Fluttershy didn't need to see throught the walls to see if Twilight was loosing it.


"Twilight!" Rarity yelled through the walls. "Calm down! He's probably already awake."

"W-what if he's set off without us?! What if he- *Gasp!* What if Rainbow Dash has him?! Rarity, Fluttershy can you find your way out?!

"I can see a light in the distance." Fluttershy said.

"I can see a white light too!" Rarity shouted.

Twilight paused before saying. "That makes three of us! Alright everypony, that light is probably the exit to this cave. We'll regroup there. And pray that Spike is alright."

"Okay Twi!" Rarity shouted.

"N-no wai-"

Before Fluttershy could finish her sentance she could hear her friends gallop away.

"T-Twilight? .... Rarity? .... Oh no. .... I'm. I'm alone.

Just as tears started welling up in her eyes Angel jumped onto her back and stroked her mane.

"*Sniff* Oh Angel. .... I know you wont leave me. *Sniff* .... Okay. .... Come on. Let's get back with the others.

After taking a deep breath, Fluttershy squinted and slowly put one hoof in front of the other, making her way towards the faint white light in the distance.

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