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Three weeks had passed since Twilight, Spike, Rarity and Fluttershy embarked on their mission to save their lost friend. The news broke out quickly, reducing one of the bravest and most loyal ponies in Equestria to a cold-blooded serial killer. The fact that the element of loyalty would kill even her closest friends for her own sick entertainment was a tragedy that noone could possibly comprehend. And yet, despite what they lost, the four crusaders refused to believe in the worst in Dashie and carried on, hoping that they could save her before it was too late.
As the train to Canterlot neared it's destination they all decided to meet in the empty carriage where nopony could hear them. Twilight was first to enter, her fur was now a light sky blue and her mane was white and curly, her cutie mark was a paint brush, signifying that her special talent was painting. Rarity was the next to walk in, her fur was light brown and her mane was straight and jet black. Her cutie mark was now a pair of scissors showing her special talent was hair dressing.

"How on Celestia's earth did I let you do this to me? I look so tacky! And my tail! You ruined my tail!"

"That's exactly why it's the perfect disguise. It's completely out of character."

"How did you change our cutie marks anyway? I remember that you couldn't give Applebloom one when she wanted hers."

"I couldn't, but I found out that the spell only works if a pony already has a cutie mark. It's something I figured out."

Just then Fluttershy walked in behind them. Her fur was pearl white, her mane was a light blond and was tied in a ponytail which hung over her left shoulder. Her cutie mark was now a microphone, signifying that her special talent is singing.

"H-hello." She murmered. "Y-you wanted to see us?"

Spike then walked behind Fluttershy, clearly fustrated, looking the same as when he left. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.

"Hmph. Why dont I get a cool disguise?"

"Because," Twilight said, walking up to Spike. "It's very rare for young dragons to be walking around these days. We'd only bring attention to ourselves. You'll just have to stay at the motel with Fluttershy until we're ready to leave."

"I guess."

"Now listen everyone, we only have one shot at this. Chances are that everypony has heard what we are trying to do, so it's vital we stay composed if we want to have even a modicum of change of walking out of Canterlot."

Spike stepped foward. "This pony your gonna meet, you sure we can trust her?"

"I've known Meeny Moe since magic kindergarden. She's an expert on the pony pshyce and I think she could help us find out how this horrible event started. I dont know for sure. But hopefully she wont hand us to the police."

"Sounds kinda risky." Spike added.

"Of course it's risky, but if there is any chance of helping Rainbow then we cant ignore it. She's out there somewhere, lost and alone, and right now we're the only ones who can help her."

Twilight looked out the window, seeing the mountain landscape rush by as she imagined the blue pegasus flying next to her with a smile she had not seen for months.

"I'd give anything to make it better." Twilight sniffled. "To have things the way they used to be. Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Applejack, we were all so happy." Twilight lifted her head and sniffed back her tears.

"We're almost there. Remember everypony, we are doing this for the Rainbow Dash."

The night carried on as the train charged towards Canterlot. This is where the story begins, but every story has an ending.

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