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After numerous sessions of physio therapy, Twilight was wheeled into her ward. As she made it to her bed the nurse walked around to help Twilight onto the soft matress.

"No!" Twilight shouted, fustrated. "I'll do it myself."

The nurse watched as Twilight tried to heave herself onto the tall bed, her legs too weak to help. It wasn't long before Twilight lost her grip and fell onto the ground, right on her cutie mark, now nothing but a black burn on her left flank. Twilight yelped as the nurse imedietly rushed to help her.


Twilight shouted again, the stubborn mare kept trying to move her legs, but she couldn't summon the strength to do it.

"J-just leave me alone. .... I want to be alone."

"I-I cant. I wouldn't be doing my job if I left you here."

Twilight no longer resisted as the nurse picked up the now pasty looking unicorn, helping her onto her feet. Twilight then flopped onto the bed, reliving her weak legs from the strain as the nurse then helped put the blanket over her. The nurse noticed Twilight shaking, her hoofs were twitching and her tail was too.

"Are. .... Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Twilight said with a stern voice. Burying her head in her pillow.

The nurse just left, sighing in pity as she walked away with the stretcher. Twilight turned around and stared at the ceiling of the empty ward. Every time she closed her eyes she could see her friends stood in front of her, smiles gleaming looking at her with their colourful eyes. As alive and as happy as they were when they were all together.
But Twilight had to accept that when she opens her eyes, there is nothing there but the dull concrete roof which loomed over her. She turned to her side rubbing her nose as the infected wound began to throb. After a short time she began to feel the dull sting in her muzzle increase, soon causing her to groan in pain. She began to remember the moment when Rainbow Dash had her soft muzzle in her jaws, yanking at the wound almost as if she was a dogs chew toy. Twilight began to feel strange.
A warm flush of heat swept her body, she was suddenly breathing heavy as the pain grew worse. Twilight reached for the nurse's alarm, being so dissoriantated she knocked it off the table. Her condition began to grow worse, she was now begining to hyperventalate, the heart rate monitor working over time keeping up with her pulse. Twilight's knowlage then started to take over, she could remember wiping blood from her posessed friend off her face. Off her muzzle. Her now infected muzzle.
Twilight suddenly realised what was going on. She layed down on her bed, trying to scream but her body wouldn't allow her to. She could feel her blood rushing through her body as she heard a deathly silent whisper in the distance, the voice all to farmiliar to her ears.

"Kill them."


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