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********* UNEDITED ********

Fluttershy's heart was beating in her chest as the fear clouded her mind and as the adrenalin flooded in her veins. She could feel her pet rabbit tightly clutching her mane.

"It's. .... It's okay Angel. I'm everything is gonna be just fine."

Just then a tiny rock fell right in front of her. Making a loud pop echo through the cave. Fluttershy regained her composure before walking past the pebble.

"See? Nothings gonna hur-"


Fluttershy screeched, she darted for the nearest wall and curled up into a ball. As she slowly opened her eyes she could see the little White bunny in front of her. Angel holds fluttershy to comfert her as she muzzles the white bunny.

"Oh Angel. I don't know what I'd do if you wern't here. .... Angel?"

The normally stubborn white rabbit was looking past her with fear painfully clear in his eyes. Fluttershy knew something was behind her, at slowly tuned only to see a disturbing sight accompanied by an equally horrific smell.
On the wall was large letters written in thick, fresh blood saying the words:

"Where can you run, if there's nowhere to hide."

Fluttershy gasped in horror, she gegan to breath heavily as she slowly backed away from the gory text.


Fluttershy winced before opening here eyes again. She couldn't see where the noise had come from. As she tried to walk away though, one of her hoofs was stuck on something. She turned around to see the sharp, metallic teeth of a steel bear trap clamped around her leg. She just stared at the steel apparatus as blood began to pour from the mangled limb.
Poor Fluttershy had never experienced pain any worse then a bee sting. She didn't know how to react. At first she started to breath heavily, then her breaths became loud gasps for air as she could feel her heart, pounding against her chest. And then she began to scream hysterically, as the pain finally registered in her mind.

She began yanking at her leg, trying desperetly to loosen the painful grip that trapped her. The pain was indescribable. She began to feel physiicaly sick at the sharp teeth started grinding against her bones. The pain was only made worse as she pulled harder and harder.


Fluttershy stopped struggeling, tears flowing from her eyes as she tried to focus on where the somewhat chirpy voice came from. Grinding her teeth through her stifled screams she saw a shadow in the distance walking towards her.


Gasping for air, trying not to move she soon saw that what was walking towards her was not Twilight or Rarity.

"R-Rainbow Dash?"

It was her, Fluttershy could see the mutilated Pegasus limping towards her with a mad grin on her face, her body covered head to toe in 3rd degree burns, blisters and molted fur. She'd be completly unrecognisable if it wasn't for that one magneta eye that was staring at her like a lion stares at it's prey. Fluttershy gasped as she stared into the cavity in her skull where the other eye was suposed to be. Instead there was nothing but twisted flesh and broken tendons. The sight was all too much for her to bare. She went back to using all the strength and will she could muster to try and pry her leg free.

"PEEK!! .... Aboo! ..... Heeheehee! .... I-I seeeeeee youuuuuuu! HAHAHAHA!!"

As the crazed pegasus got closer Fluttershy could see that her mad grin was the rotting fleash around her mouth, which had been ripped off, giving her the truly disturbing smile. Fluttershy started to hyperventalate, feeling her fear begin to drive her mind into a frenzy. She pulled, with all her might, screaming openly into the ceiling until the inevitable happned.


The cave was shook with a deathly silence before Fluttershy whimpered, knowing that she just broke her leg. The dull throbbing pain was soon mixed with the burning sensation that overwelmed her. Rainbow Dash was only meters away before Angel stood between her and Fluttershy, baring his teeth. But instead of intimidating the cyan serial killer, Rainbow Dash just started to laugh maniaclly. Fluttershy couldn't belive it was her best friend laughing at her suffering with an almost deamon like growl in her voice.

Rainbow Dash kept on walking towards Fluttershy, enjoying every second of her torture before angel lept foward and jumped onto her burnt back. Rainbow Dash didn't scream, she just let out a deep grunt, maintaining her desturbing grin before she threw her head back and brabbed the little rabbit by the neck. Fluttershy watched, completly horrorfied as she watched angel getting thrown around like a ragdoll.

"N-nuh! NO!! N-NO!! .... STOP IT!! STOP IT PLEASE!! .... ANGEL!!"

Rainbow Dash then threw the rabbit to the ground with one firm swing, before placing a hoof over his head. Rainbow Dash stared into Fluttershy's as she pleaded her to stop.


"Rainbow! Puh! PLEASE!! .... D-dont hurt him!!"

"I'm. .... Not! .... RAINBOW!! .... SHE'S DEAD!!!!"

Fluttershy looked into Angel's eyes, seeing the little white rabbit reach out for her. Fluttershy lifted a hoof, doing the same and ignoring the agony in her leg before closing her eyes.

"I'm sorry. .... I'm so so s-"



Rainbow Dash threw Angel to one side, as if he was just a peice of dirt before walking up to Fluttershy, still holding her smile.

"W-w-why?! .... WHY ANGEL?!! .... You monster! YOU MONSTER!! .... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH RAINBOW DASH!! WHO ARE YOU?!!"

Rainbow Dash then spread her wings as she stood on her back legs. Fluttershy could only watch as she saw the pegasus tower above her. Light shining through her burnt wings as she brough her hoofs down on Fluttershy's skull. Rainbow Dash showed no mercy as she repeatedly beated the helpless Pegasus across the head. Blood dripping onto the ground as Fluttershy's screams soon turned into faint whines. When Rainbow Dash finally stopped beating the helpless pegasus she flew off into the distance.

Fluttershy could see the mutilated pegasus in the distance staring at her. She didn't understand why she all of a sudden stopped. But then a harsh reality hit her as she heard a menacing growl coming from behind her. Unable to speak, Fluttershy uses what's left of her energy to tilt her head to see a pack of feral wolves behind her. They could smell her blood and we're probably threatned by the screams and noises they heard. Fluttershy was right in the middel of their den.

Rainbow Dash's smile gew even larger as she turned away and flew towards the light, listening to the pack behind her, finishing what she started.

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