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******* UNEDITED!! ******

Later that night, as the moon was loomed over the darkest depths of the Everfree forest, Twilight, Fluttershy, Ratity and Spike were searching everywhere for the blue Pegasus, not knowing where she is, or if they're already being watched. The long journey through the raging storm had washed off their discuises and soaked their manes. Making it harder to focus on their surroundings. Fluttershy could barely see as she stayed close to her friends Angel not far behind. She kept looking over her shoulder, jumping to every noise she herd.

"T-t-t-twilight." Fluttershy stammered, clearly terrified.

"What is it Fluttershy? Are you okay?"

"N-n-no. I feel like s-something's watching me." Fluttershy scooted closer to Rarity who was using her magic to illuminate their surroundings.

"We have to stop Twilight." Rarity complained. "We've been walking for hours."

"Alright. .... Over there, under the trees. We'll rest there."

Everyone followed Twilight onto the dry patch of grass where there was plenty of trees to shield them from the rain. As they sat down they could see that dawn was only a few hours away.

"We cant rest for too long. We need to move if we're gonna find somewhere to hide."

Rarity looked up at Twilight.

"How can you do it?" She asked.

"Do what?"

"Act so. .... Calm. Like nothing's happened. How can you do it?"




A breif moment of silence was then interupted by a sudden russle in the bushes behind them. The all turned around terror in their eyes as they saw the shaking bush in the darkness.

"Whose there!" Twilight yelled, standing in front of her friends. "Is that you Rainbow?! Come out!"

Just then, Angel jumped out of the darkness eating a small peice of carrot.

"Angel!" Fluttershy gasped as she ran to her pet. "Dont you ever, ever, ever do that again. I was worried sick. As she picked up the frilly bunny Twilight shouted.


Fluttershy frose, not moving a muscle.

"W-w-w-why?" She whimpered.

"Just. Dont move."

Rarity walked up to Twilight and frowned.

"Twilight! What are you doing? Your scaring her."

"Something isn't right."

"It's just a carrot."

"And since when did carrots grow in the forrest freshly chopped?"

Rarity stopped and looked at Angel.

"Dont move Fluttershy!" Rarity yelled.

Fluttershy whimpered. "W-what's going on?"

Twilight slowly started walking towards Fluttershy, closely examining the carrot Angel was nibling on.

"I think it's a trap. .... Fluttershy. Can you see anything weird with that carrot he's eating."

Fluttershy slowely tilted her head down to look at her white pet. She then saw something perculiar.

"T-there's a peice of string tied onto the carrot. oh. What do I do?"

"Dont do anything! Just put him down and come back here."

"I cant! What if he gets hurt.?"

Rarity shouted. "We dont have time for this! You have to put him down! Rainbow Dash could be watching us now!"

"I cant."

"You have to!"

"I CANT!! ..... I CANT MOVE!!"

Fluttershy began to sob, her legs frozen with fear. Twilight crept foward, watching every step she took before she could see the string wraped around the carrot. As she leaned foward to grab it Angel began to frown, knowing what she was going to do.

"Come on Angel. Give it to me."

Before she could snatch the vedgatable from his hands, the frilly bunny lept out of Fluttershy's hands, pulling the string. Suddenly the ground beneath them suddenly swept them both off of their feet. Spike and Rarity were quick to run to help their friends as they were dragged through the trees and bushes of the treterous forrest. Rarity mannaged to grab the net with her teeth before using all her strength to try and slow it down. But nothing happened, even with Spike using all his strength there was nothing they could do to slow it down as they were then pulled into a dark cave.
And then just a quick as it happened, the net just seemed to vanish as they all then fell into a pit, screaming and wailing as they all fell into the darkness.

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