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A Guest FanFic by my friend, AwesomelyMe0728. Fic belongs to him, but we agreed to publish it here. Edited (Slightly) and published with his permission.

Fluttershy has never been the greatest flier. In fact, she's never really enjoyed it either. But when Rainbow Dash finds out, she decides immediately to help her "really use those wings". What could go wrong?

Cover art by yours truly.

Chapters (3)

DitzyBulgarianBrony is Nicos, and the main writer. Zack is a co-writer to this story. Another link is available on Nicos' FanFiction page, where the chapters will be updated first.

After an unexplained event leaves Ponyville mysteriously abandoned and unleashes a horde of unnatural creatures upon the desolate town, several young ponies are forced to band together and fight for their very lives, whilst trying to find answers to the unexplained question that circulate their minds. But what are the horrible creatures that lurk in their streets, and why have they been left behind? Teen for eventual fighting and gore for having zombies. Reviews or Criticism appreciated.

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