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    Created by Nemesis01
    - October, 2014

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  • Pony 411 126 stories Stories featured on the Pony 411 Podcast!


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This story is a sequel to A Twilight Sparkle Story

The story of Twilight Sparkle and her harrowing journey to Fluttershy's cottage, as narrated by the extraordinarily clever and handsome Discord.

Chapters (1)

When Celestia comes to Ponyville for a visit on some royal business, she bumps into an excited and adorable little unicorn looking for a Princess to be at her tea party. Celestia, always working all the time, decides to relax and play along, letting old memories from her past be reborn.


Special thanks to CogWing and Dont Look At My Name Bro for editing it.

Now with more chapters!

Chapters (5)

Hearts and Hooves Day is here! You know what that means—scam artists looking to exploit love and romance for a quick bit!

Flim and Flam have a new scam with their S.H.I.P.P.I.N.G. Machine, promising to bring couples together. Of course, just because it's a scam doesn't mean it won't occasionally bring a couple together. A little help from Pinkie never hurts, either.

Chapters (2)

After an accident, Rarity and Twilight are thrown in a race against time to stop their transformation into changelings before they become part of Chrysalis' swarm forever.

Chapters (10)

Twilight isn't having a very good day. An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking Canterlot, and she just died. Yet somehow, it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from here.

Given the chance to correct what's gone wrong, Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her. Which it will. Frequently.

Cover art by Pixel Prism
Spanish translation.
Series TV Tropes page

Chapters (6)

The depths of Luna's loneliness drive her to create a creature that never should have been. But the nature of her companion, and the dark methods used to create it, may lead Celestia to commit an unforgivable deed of her own...

Written for World-Building Alliance's January Writing Contest. Credit, as always, to NorsePony, for his wonderful editing work.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle returns to Ponyville only to see that it has been entirely wiped off the map.
Armed with a few magic artifacts courtesy of Princess Celestia, it's up to Twilight to remake the town and recall its former inhabitants. Sounds easy, right?

AN: I wrote this after playing Gameloft's glitchy My Little Pony game.

Chapters (2)

Waking up in an alternate universe in which you are a supervillain can be hard.

Finding out your friends are rebels trying to kill or overthrow you isn't very easy to deal with either.

But trying to solve the situation? That's a real horn cracker.

Chapters (7)

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and 350 years ago, Sweetie Belle and I vanished without a trace.
Now here we are, in the future.
Equestria has become a utopia, with everypony living in peace and harmony.
Everything is perfect. All a pony could ever want, and more.
My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I want to go home.

Editing provided by Stereo_Sub and JustAnotherTimeLord.

Cover art courtesy of Geomancing.

As seen on Equestria Daily.

Chapters (14)

Twilight is invited to become a member of the Minds, an elite intellectual organisation. But when Trixie crashes the ceremony with an army of changelings, Twilight is forced to take drastic action. Will she succeed and live free? Or will she have to... twi harder?

- Written for the League Of Extraordinary Gentlecolts MYSTERY ficswap, and originally posted by AestheticB for MYSTERIOUS reasons. Of MYSTERY.

Winner of the Storybook Vision Looks Fine Award

Chapters (1)
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