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The day had been saved, the Villainous Trio defeated and safely placed in the garden of the School of Friendship. Everycreature was happily celebrating the win and enjoying themselves... everycreature except Ocellus. No, she had someone she needed to talk too now that she had the chance, even if that person couldn't listen anymore.

Cover art drawn by FountainStranger, go check them out on DeviantArt

Chapters (1)

Series finale spoilers.

Many years following the War of the Bell, Equestria is at rest, the land is filled with creatures living in peace, and friendship and the elements of harmony rein supreme. Princess Twilight Sparkle has grown in both maturity and wisdom as well as power, and, as royal advisor, Spike could not be happier with his life.

If only there wasn't the once-a-year event which seems to hurt his princess and friend so badly...

Why does she keep putting herself through this?

Cover art is property of Hasbro, Allspark Studios, and DHX Media.

Chapters (1)

Following a review of her Royal Guards, Celestia decides that some changes are in order.

Afterall, the castle could always use more cleaning staff...

Inspired by the series of images by Skitterpone.

Chapters (5)

It is a tale well known to all: Twilight Sparkle, immortal alicorn, forced to face the world without her friends. Time having separated them, never to meet again, leaving only one Princess all alone, the last to remember those happy times. Alone in her castle, mourning all she has lost.

...too bad certain ponies have no sense of the dramatic and are too inconsiderate to actually be dead.

Chapters (1)

After the events of The Friendship Games, Principal Abacus Cinch returns to her office at Crystal Prep, only to find Twilight Velvet waiting for her, and she is not happy.

Chapters (1)

Two old friends have lunch and discuss their children. Nothing strange about that, is there?


A short little scene inspired by the works of Aragon, and Day 2 of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb.

Chapters (1)

Nurse Diane didn't expect the unconscious pink-haired woman to affect her so much. Now, she sees herself becoming more like the woman as time goes on, whether she wants to change or not.

Meanwhile, Officer Lozano is noticing that the townspeople are happier in the unconscious woman's presence. Yet, there is something very off about the aura she exudes. Discovering the truth may lead to more danger than they all expected...

written for EQD's Pinkie Pie Day (Oct 7th, 2016)
A special thanks to Doctor Disco for proofreading! *hugs*

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Chapters (1)

Celestia is sick and tired of having mediocre cups of coffee in Canterlot. The coffee chains they have in the city are a bust, and none of the ponies seem to know how to make anything other than basic, plain old coffee! Maybe she needs to scout out a better franchise and better hired help in order to get a decent cup of joe for a change. Maybe she even needs to search outside of the pony realm to do it.

WARNING: Contains human to pony transformation, stressful situations, brainwashing, and overly complicated sweet girly coffee abominations.

Written as a commission for Foal Star, who brewed this idea from scratch. :)

Chapters (1)

IRS Scammers. We all hate them, and in Equestria, it's no different. Once technology advanced to the point of phones and computers, scamming came with it.

Unfortunately, not everypony is as gullible as some other nasty people would like.

Find this story and more in a print copy! Just click these words here!

Featured on EQD 11/26/18!

Chapters (29)

After an unfortunate accident, Spoiled Rich wakes up thinking she's her old self before her marriage to Filthy, and boy isn't she different. The whole town is shaken up in the process, and Diamond is about to uncover some long lost family secrets...

Featured Nov 16th-18th 2017

Chapters (11)
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