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Twilight has a secret crush. Finally finding the courage to express her feelings in the form of a very simple gift, she stands ready, at his door, waiting to pour her heart out.

Now, if only she could grow a backbone and actually enter his room, that would be great.


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In 2185, during his campaign against the Collectors, Commander Shepard discovered a previously unknown species whose origins predated any other race in the modern galaxy. Following a daring rescue from their ancient sanctuary, the Equestrian Herd was brought back into the galaxy where, for the first time in eons, they must walk their own path.

Knowing full well the terrible threat that lingers on the edge of the galaxy, the leader of this newly freed race fights to secure her people’s future while attempting to prepare for the storm on the horizon.

This is her story.

The long awaited Sequel to Mass Effect 2: The Equestrian Equation This is a reader directed story. Your choices will shape events.
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Also, this series has its own TVTropes page now! (Special thanks to user CrowMagnon for setting it up).

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Brought to you by Loyal2Luna, this new Downloadable Content for Mass Effect 2 brings the fight to Equestria.

Just about ready to embark on their mission to stop the Collectors from further abducting human colonies, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy SR-2 are given a new priority, when the Illusive Man tasks them with investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Cerberus science team.

Soon, what begins as a simple search-and-rescue unveils a mystery millions of years in the making, and the Commander finds himself thrust into a situation he couldn't possibly have prepared himself for.

Join the Hero of the Citadel as he uncovers the secrets, combats the demons, and ultimately decides the fate of the impossible world known as "Equestria."

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After the defeat of the Chrysalis, Celestia wonders if things could be different between the races of Changeling and Pony. Perhaps the Changelings could be taught to live in harmony with ponies, and Changelings could finally have a land to call their home.

But what if it's too late? What if there are no Changelings left?

What if they had all been sent to their deaths?

Rated teen for slightly dark themes.
Proofread by the fabulous bobdat!

Really quick short inspired by the song of the same name from the musical Wicked. No knowledge of the musical is necessary to understand this fic, it's just a regular ol' pony universe fic.
And wouldn't you know it, the story has 2003 words, the same year Wicked came out! (Don't trust the word count on-site, it doesn't know what's up. Trust me.)

Oh, and, whoever says descriptions are easy to write is a downright liar.

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Update: The story is edited into a proper read without many of the horrors I originally put into it. Enjoy the ride!

Deciding he could be given another chance, Luna and Celestia come to an agreement to release the Chaotic God from his rocky imprisonment, locking his powers with a powerful spell. Magicless and with a chance at redemption, Discord's ways seem less chaotic than ever.

He does cause a lot of chaos though, to the faithful student of Celestia, who had eagerly taken over the task of watching over and teaching Discord by giving him a home under her own roof, in the process hoping to learn more about his species, powers and motives but surprisingly learning much more about both himself and her head... Which puts her in pretty amusing situations most of the time.

An adventure of a silly one sided (???) love and a look into the heart of Twilight Sparkle.

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Discord won't leave Twilight alone - and she's annoyed by it.

Somehow, they end up snuggling while watching a classic movie together.


Wrote this as cute pointless fluff 'cause I was bored.

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"He truly loved her and knew she loved him just as much. The dragon gulped deeply as a fluttering sensation occupied his stomach. He didn't just love Twilight as a friend."

After finally giving up on Rarity, Spike realizes that the true mare of his dreams has been in his company for a lifetime, but is unsure if Twilight would ever consider him as more than a great friend and assistant. The only way he can find out is ask.

*Featured 2/20/2014, Thank you all so much!*

Cover Art: Hey,.. real' quick, before the intro starts.. by Frist44

Special thanks to all the readers who pointed out grammar and spelling errors. You're great proofreaders!

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Twilight Sparkle didn't planned this. While spending a day with the spirit of chaos never goes according to plan ( or even has one ), getting trapped in an alternate universe with him is something else entirely. On their quest to find a way home , she may find solutions to more than one problem.
"You know, I bet one of this key-like things fits in to your mysterious box."
"Shut up, Discord."

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This story is a sequel to Learning ABCs - Adorable, Bothersome, Chaotic

Ever since Discord did NOT tell Twilight just who planted the seeds that nearly threw entire Equestria in disarray, Twilight has been giving this secretive relationship-y thingy some serious thought. But it is hard to hold Discord down from doing what he wants and getting what he wishes. It is going to be hard to juggle his chaotic persona with the harmonic balance of the kingdom she was chosen to rule.

It is also probably going to be quite funny.

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