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After ascending to Princesshood, Twilight decides that it's time to really take the notion of "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" to heart. She has the "Sound Mind" bit down (mostly), but years of sitting inside hunched over a book has given her quite a bit of ground to make up on the "Sound Body" front.

Fortunately, she has an athletic friend to help her out.

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Metal ponies tell their stories,
Scientists in laboratories,
Lay the wire, mount the brain,
Mount their hips, teach them pain.
Teach them fear of revolution,
Internalize the evolution.
Set their ruin on the throne,
Until their chains become their own.
Palaces and hollow eyes,
To the Masters goes the prize.
And if this act should be maligned:
"For the good of ponykind."

Winner of the September Writeoff Contest, "True Colors." Edited by Horizon.

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Eager for more answers about Equestria's ancient history, Sunny Starscout uses one of her dad's maps to venture into a long-untouched forest in search of the past.

Cover by HeavySplatter@deviantart.com

Newcomers, welcome! Confused on the order of this story series? Look no further!

Part 1 (You are here):

Part 2:
Forgotten: The Frozen North

From here the story divides into two separate versions, no spoilers aside from what can be gleamed from the titles.

Part 3a:
Forgotten: Sunrise
Forgotten: Mists of Bridlewood (Currently in progress)

Part 3b:
Forgotten: The Crystal Princess

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Princess Celestia spends time taking care of a familiar sick little filly, and along the way, learns a lesson mothers - blood or not - all one day learn.

Took inspiration from Melt, go check it out - it was adorable!

Featured No.2 on 22/08/21, and No.1 on 23/08/21! Thanks guys!

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Twilight couldn’t sleep. The stresses of her duties start to catch up to her and slowly the composure she has crafted ever since she ascended to her princess title starts cracking. But when confronted by a familiar friend she realizes she can stay afloat awhile longer.

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by LeaX

Ever since Twilight got the message, informing her that Cadence was in labor, she couldn't find it in her to feel excited, no matter how many times she said she was. How can you be excited when so much could go wrong. But maybe it doesn't matter when you have a family to turn to and a timeless song in your mind. Something an unlikely specimen lost a long time ago.

Not sure if this should be rated T, but it has some language in it. Be warned.

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Just after the changeling invasion, there's something Fluttershy needs to tell Twilight... and Twilight has a lot of questions that need answers.

Including questions she doesn't realize. Like what it means to be a friend. And Rainbow Dash has her own answer to that one.

Inspired by GaPJaxie's story, among others.

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Princess Twilight has contracted a severe case of Rainbow Dash.

The following is an excerpt from the journal of Sickle Cell of the Night Guard, detailing his experience with the Princess within the confines of her laboratory, which involved complete temporal isolation from the rest of the world.

An entry for The Twilight Files contest organised by Bicyclette.

Now with a reading by Skijarama!

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Spoilers for the Show Finale. Fair Warning.

For most of her life, Luster Dawn had ignored friendship. After all, it was nothing but a waste of time, right? You'd make friends, spend a lot of time together and eventually it would all fall apart again. It was for the best to stay alone.

That was before Princess Twilight herself showed her real friendship. She and her friends were the living examples of true, everlasting friendship. And sure enough, as they brought Luster to Ponyville, she quickly met new creatures and made friends.

That was all months ago though. By now, she had quit the School of Magic, with the blessing of the Princess, so she could move to Ponyville and attend the School of Friendship instead. After all, the most powerful magic there is was friendship, right? But most importantly, of course, moving to Ponyville meant staying together with her new group of friends, and even attending classes together!

However... there was a catch. Princess Twilight didn't just let her quit the School of Magic and move away, she demanded something in return. She demanded of Luster to come visit her four times a year in Canterlot and tell her of all her new discoveries in the field of friendship.

This was the first time she had to go and report on her experiences, and she wasn't quite sure how it would go.

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An alternate take to the ending of Always the quiet ones by Eddy13. Please click the link to read his story first before reading this one.

This story take place after Fluttershy explained all the misunderstandings her friends came across when they thought she murdered Rainbow Dash. When Fluttershy tried to apologize to them, Rainbow tells her that she doesn't need to apologize and that they are the ones at fault for everything. Fluttershy disagree with her girlfriend statement and once again gives a logical explanation as to why they were at fault as well.


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