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Celestia is enjoying her retirement. That is until she unexpectedly awakens to find she has turned into Daybreaker. Can she avoid getting sent on an involuntary thousand-year vacation?

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When Pinkie Pie is charged by Rarity to promote her cloth dyeing competition, she does it in one of the many methods she is familiar with.

She trots around town with a huge sign strapped to her back. However, reactions seem to be mostly panicky... there couldn't be any reason for that, could there?

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It's been four years since Gabby and Gilda had a falling out. They haven't spoken since, and those around them have noticed. Spike sees the pain in his fiancee's eyes whenever Gilda's name comes up. Rainbow Dash could see the masked pain in her friend's letters.

The chance to mend the broken friendship finally comes at a simple Hearth's Warming party. Will Spike and Rainbow Dash be able to help their griffons bury the hatchet?

Hastily written as a gift for Decaf for Jinglemas 2020.

Preread by Semillon and FamousLastWords

I claim responsibility for the mediocre cover art.

Happy Hearth's Warming!

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“But I'm going nowhere, getting there soon,/I might as well just sink down with you.” -Fountains Of Wayne, ‘Sink To The Bottom’

Gallus and Silverstream are finally a serious couple. This, of course, gives Silverstream the idea of having the them visit her parents in Seaquestria. Gallus isn’t sure what he dreads more: meeting the hippogriff’s parents or the water.

Cover art commissioned from TwistedSketch.

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(Collab with Latecomer, takes place after the events of "Student Counsel".)

Although Silverstream was found safe and sound, Terramar is still far from relieved about how things turned out and how they got to where they were. As the two siblings head back to Mount Aris it isn't long before Terramar reveals just how worried he was about Silverstream and how worried everyone else was too.

This causes Silverstream to reflect back to a time when she was worried about Terramar as a child. A time when fear was something she knew all too well, back when she lived in Seaquestria.

As Silverstream reflects on this she'll come to realize something truly important about her little brother. And Terramar may found out that his sister's motivations are deeper than they initially seem.

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Rarity wants to dye.

An entry to the ROB-pocalypse speedfic challenge. Originally conceived and written in an hour. Presented on Fimfiction with a slightly better ending.

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Throughout her life, Vapor Trail has been in the shadow of Sky Stinger, in the best way she could. She didn't want all the attention to herself and wanted to give it to somepony she found special. As the years have gone by, the two have grown close to each other, helping one another accomplish their life long dream: becoming a Wonderbolt. And for once in her life, Vapor Trail didn't want to be in the shadow of Sky Stinger, but in the light beside him.

With both of their dreams accomplished, they can now live the dream... that is, until Vapor Trail had another dream in mind. Because of her closeness with Sky Stinger, the mare developed strong feelings for him and wants to confess her emotions to him.

However, Vapor Trail was unaware of how challenging such a task could be. Vapor Trail has many resources to her disposal, such as teammates and various plots to get the right words out. But will that be enough? Can Vapor Trail get the message across? Or will her chances of being Sky Stinger's special somepony vanish like a vapor of steam?

11/18/17 It happened! Failed Confessions made the featured page!

A special thanks to katseartist for the cover art!
Link to her website: http://www.spiritrappings.com/about/
Link to cover art image: http://katseartist.deviantart.com/art/Vapor-Trail-Commission-666221707

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This story is a sequel to Going Through the Motions

No pony said that pregnancy was easy, still the whole ordeal catches them both by surprise.

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This story is a sequel to YEET!

After the events of YEET!, Pharynx decides to get revenge on his brother. No matter the cost. Even if it costs him his dignity. Wait, what?

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Yona and Sandbar have been going steady for about 3 months now, and all their other friends find it cute. However, maybe they've gone too fast in this relationship when Sandbar tells them they've done... IT!

Thanks to Darth Link 22 and CrackedInkWell for helping edit this.

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