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I like crossover story and student six. Whatever it is the story is, as long as it's a good story and enjoyable i'll be glad to check it out

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Grogar and the Legion of Doom declared WAR on Equestria! To fix the problem of the Royal Air Force going understaffed, Tempest Shadow, the captain of the royal guards intended to enlist pilots. However, Tempest had an unexpected volunteer: a certain blue griffon who wanted to prove himself for his love: Silverstream, and to get over his demon of his horrible past. However, it's never easy to become a pilot, especially for kids at his age, will Gallus make through Tempest's Devil Training? If he can, will Gallus survive this horrible war? Will he ever has the chance to enjoy his life with Silverstream?

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It's been four years since Gabby and Gilda had a falling out. They haven't spoken since, and those around them have noticed. Spike sees the pain in his fiancee's eyes whenever Gilda's name comes up. Rainbow Dash could see the masked pain in her friend's letters.

The chance to mend the broken friendship finally comes at a simple Hearth's Warming party. Will Spike and Rainbow Dash be able to help their griffons bury the hatchet?

Hastily written as a gift for Decaf for Jinglemas 2020.

Preread by Semillon and FamousLastWords

I claim responsibility for the mediocre cover art.

Happy Hearth's Warming!

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It was a typical day in Griffonstone for Gilda and Greta, just trying out some fresh Griffon scones when their other friend Gabby arrives after being away for a few months.

Nothing was out of the usual, at least until the two discovered Gabby was carrying a baby with her. Not just any baby, but a dragon baby, and she says she's its mother.

This just leaves Gilda and Greta with a few uncomfortable questions they feel they cannot avoid.

This story is based on this series set in the Alternate Universe created by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen.

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It's 'Hearts and Hooves Day' at Twilight's School of Friendship and the rest of Ponyville. The Young Student Six decide to try and celebrate this pony holiday with each others. This leads the young six (Silverstream,Yona, Sandbar, Gallus, Ocellus, and Smolder) to different adventures and high-jinxs together. Yona and Sandbar's family meet each other at the bowling alley where things get out of control. Silverstream recruits Gallus to help her solve a mystery. Ocellus and Smolder try their hand at causing some mischief. While Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash are back to challenging each other. Hoping that they can all make it through the day.

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The last night of the year is here and Pinkie Pie is hosting a fun night of dancing for all to enjoy. Vinyl Scratch and her marefriend, Octavia provide the music that leads many couples to the dance floor.

For Twilight, it is a rare opportunity to dance publicly with her marefriend, Luna. Celestia and her plus one, Discord also show up for some fun, chaos and dancing. For others such as Rumble, it is a night with the opportunity to discover that dancing with somepony doesn't have to be uncool.

Includes plenty of cute couples enjoying the night's festive dance as they see the last night of the year out.

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It was just three simple words that Gallus heard her mutter as they lay in bed together. Three words that he had heard many times before, but never did he realize just how beautiful they sounded when it was addressed to him.

(Just a short practice I gave myself that I decided to post)

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“But I'm going nowhere, getting there soon,/I might as well just sink down with you.” -Fountains Of Wayne, ‘Sink To The Bottom’

Gallus and Silverstream are finally a serious couple. This, of course, gives Silverstream the idea of having the them visit her parents in Seaquestria. Gallus isn’t sure what he dreads more: meeting the hippogriff’s parents or the water.

Cover art commissioned from TwistedSketch.

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Smolder has a thing for Ocellus. She has had it for a long time, but each time she is given the opportunity to profess her feelings, she chickens out and swears next time will be the one. Hopefully this one will be the one.

After all, it has been years since they last spoke, and they are not getting any younger.

Cover art by Kerui8d.

Set after the end of the show.

Chapters (1)
by Kkat

After a mirror portal field trip being conducted by Luna goes terribly wrong, Ocellus finds herself trapped in a strange palace far from home. That palace, once abandoned, is now infested with a hive of love-starved changelings intent on using her only way home as a means to invade her world.

Otherwise, Ocellus appears to be alone.

At first.

The story is inspired by, and a homage to, my favorite game of the last decade. However, this story is neither a crossover nor AU. This story is set after "The End of the End" (but before "The Last Problem"), and is purely a My Little Pony story. Warning: rudeness and intolerance are not allowed in the comments, but spoilers are. Exercise discretion. Remain polite and on-topic. And please enjoy the story!

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After an awkward moment with Ocellus and Smolder, innocent nymph Flutterwings has been having a rather... odd question on her mind.

Unfortunately, she goes to poor Pharynx for answers.

Poor unlucky Pharynx.

A “Meet The Change Gang” side story.

Co-written by Mlphero

Featured 5/3/2020 - 5/4/2020!

Fanfic Reading by Skijarama!

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