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Hearts and Hooves, Claws, and Paws Day - Sir_RedFox

The Young Student Six take on Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville

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Chapter 8

At Ponyville's Bowling Alley, the sounds of loud crashes and screams come from inside. Several ponies flee out the front door. The last two creatures to exit out of the door were Sandbar and Yona. The earth pony and yak throw their backs against the doors behind them, trying to contain whatever madness was inside.

"Well," said Yona. "That could've been worse," she gives a sheepish laugh. Sandbar only rolls his eyes at her.

"If you ask me," said Sandbar. "We should not speak of any of the horrible things that we have come to witness in there and take refuge at the Harmony Club House.

"Sandbar think so?" ask Yona.

A sharp object pierces the bowling alley door, right above Sandbar's head, making small wooden splinters fly outward. Looking up at what it was that had penetrated the door making Sandbar yelp and cover in fear. He recognized the steel arrowhead sticking out the closed door. It was one of Uncle Walter's cross-bow bolts.

"Yeah," said Sandbar. "Think that's the best thing to do in this situation." Hoof in hoof, Sandbar, and Yona run away from the exploding keg bomb that is Ponyville's, Bowling Alley.

Gallus follows Silverstream through the air. To where they were, he was not quite sure? He's never been or even seen this place before.

Silverstream brought Gallus with her to every door in Ponyville, trying to figure who had left the cake shaped stairs. Gallus didn't say anything but instead follows the hippogriff to where ever she was taking him.

Down below, Gallus could see massive rocky cliffs shaping the land to look like a horseshoe, pointing out to sea. The rocky formed "U" created a cove for the vast ocean waves crashing into the cliff sides. At the bottom of the "U" shaped cliffs was a well-sized ledge to walk around on and blooming with fresh green grass. Silverstream descends down to the ridge. Gallus follows right behind her. Landing on the grass-covered ledge, Gallus lets his eagle claws and lion paws sink into the soft green grass, smiling at the comfort it gave. Looking over the edge, Gallus could see that it was still a long drop to the sea surface. Brisk winds that the horseshoe-shaped cliffs caught blew through his fur and feathers. Listening close, Gallus could hear harmonizing tunes that the winds made with the cliff sides.

"Silverstream," said Gallus. "This place is amazing. How did you know about this..." turning around, Gallus sees Silverstream looking sad at the pastry box in her hands. She did take a second glancing up, towards the sea. It would be within an hour for the sun to set on the sea's horizon.

"Silverstream?" ask Gallus. "Everything all right?"

"No," said Silverstream with a sad sigh. "We spent the whole day searching for any clue to tell us the pony, or creature, that delivered this cake to me, only to come up empty-handed."

"You know what? You're thinking too hard on this," said Gallus. "It's clear, that whatever creature left it at your doorstep did it with good intentions and hope you'd see it that way."

"Yeah," said Silverstream with another sad sigh. "I'm sure you're right. Still, not knowing who it is, will only eat away at me."

"This..." Gallus starts to say. His cheeks blush red as cold sweat runs down his forehead. Like a nervous tick, Gallus scratches the back of his neck. "This means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

Silverstream gives a slow nod, still looking down at the pastry box in her hands. Gallus takes in a deep breath to calm himself and takes a seat right next to Silverstream. Gallus could not help but think about how he and his friends took on CozyGlow. Right now, he would feel joyous doing that ten times over, then confess his feelings for Silverstream.

"Silverstream," said Gallus. "I have a confession to make." Gallus closes his eyes and bites on his tongue. "I've been leading you on the whole day. I know who delivered the cake to you."

"Wait, what!?!," said Silverstream. She perks her head up, turning her attention to Gallus. "You do? Wait, you're not saying that to only make me feel better, are you?" Silverstream gives Gallus a suspicious look.

"Believe me, I wish I was lying right now," said Gallus. "The truth is..." Gallus can't help but hesitate to announce the next thing. He closes his eyes before blurting it out. "It was me! I'm the one that left the pastry box at your doorstep." Silverstream does not react but gives Gallus a dead stare.

"I know you must be feeling awful about what I did, and..." a hard push from Silverstream interrupts Gallus's speech. She pushes him so hard that Gallus topples backward.

"This whole time, you could have said something," said Silverstream. "Instead, you make me go on this, this, wild goose chase!?"

"I'm sorry," said Gallus, picking himself off of the ground and dusting himself off. "And you have every right to be mad at me. But, please understand that when it comes to griffons, we're not the best at communicating our emotions. Especially feelings that involve such a delicate matter. You have to believe me, I was afraid if you found out that it was me, you would become embarrassed or uncomfortable and reject me altogether. When I first knocked on your door, I thought I could make such a great leap with you. Instead, I got scared and ran away."

Gallus takes in a deep breath. He couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself. "Part eagle, part lion," said Gallus. "Might as well be part chicken and part sheep based on how much of a coward I've been." Gallus gives a great sigh. "All I was hoping for was that we spend Hearts and Hooves day together. And once you came to me asking for help, I thought it would be the closest thing I would get, to hanging out with you all day."

With a huff, Silverstream turns her attention back out at sea. The sun starts setting on the horizon, painting the sky with streaks of yellow, orange, and purple. Gallus sat next to her, keeping his mouth shut. They sat by each other, letting the long awkward silence draw out.

"So..." said Gallus, finally. "How did you find this place?"

"Oh," said Silverstream. "I come here when I feel like being alone, alone. It reminds me a little of home, with the large rock cliffs, and the sea that me, my family, and whole civilization hid under during the Storm King's reign."

"It must have been awful," said Gallus. "Spending all that time in hiding, afraid that the slightest venture out could endanger you, your family, and the rest of the seaponies."

"Yeah," said Silverstream. "Some of our kind didn't make it in time to take refuge under the sea. Some taken, causing families to split apart." Silverstream's eyes weighing heavy with water as tears start dripping down her cheek.

"I'm, so sorry," said Gallus. "Though it's a better excuse than what I tell other creatures." Gallus looks up at Silverstream. Her face red with tears and a confused look at Gallus, as if he had made an inappropriate comment. "I'm not saying what your civilization went through isn't bad. I'm only saying is, when you're asked 'why you don't have a family?' Telling them, it's because of a crazy power-hungry ruler is, in a way, better. Compared to when I have to tell everyone why I don't have a family."

"What do you mean?" ask Silverstream. Gallus takes in a deep breath and lets out a long sad sigh.

"As you know, growing up in Griffonstone, I never had an actual home or family. And when creatures ask me why? I always have to tell them, it's because no one ever wanted me." Gallus turns his head away from Silverstream, gripping his left arm for comfort. Feeling bad enough, he didn't want to embarrass himself by letting Silverstream see him cry.

"Gallus, that's horrible," said Silverstream. "There must be some griffons that treat you like family, or that you see as a family?"

"Well," said Gallus, wanting to think of an answer. "I suppose Gilda and Gabby are the two closest griffins I'll ever have as sisters. They can be supportive at times. But my main guardian is Grandpa Gruff. And when he gets in one of his moods, he always likes reminding me that I'm lucky that he drew the short straw to take care of me."

"What?!?" Said Silverstream, shocked and confused.

"That's how my guardian was picked," Gallus said. "All the eldest got together and drew straws, and the griffon with the shortest straw would be my primary guardian. So, that's why Grandpa Gruff always tells me 'Gallus! Be lucky that I drew the short straw to take care of your lion hid.'" Gallus tried pretending to sound as close to Grampa Gruff as he could.

Silverstream looks down at the pastry box. Everything that Gallus has done seemed a bit clearer. It's terrible enough when one is rejected by their own kind. But, to hear the rejection of someone you like, if not love, is heart-shattering. So, it must be scary not knowing what their response is going to be.

Silverstream puts the box to the side and stands up. She stretches her hand out to Gallus. "Gallus," said Silverstream. "Take my hand."

"What?" Gallus looks at her hand with a confused look, as if there might be something wrong with it.

"You said you wanted to take a leap for me. Well, here's your chance to make that leap. Now, take my hand." Silverstream smiling down at him. Smiling back up at her, Gallus takes her hand in his.

"Now, do you trust me?" she asks. Gallus nods his head, yes. "Good. So try and keep up with me, don't abandon my side, and most importantly, don't get scared and fly away."

"Okay," said Gallus. He takes in a nervous gulp. His mouth felt dry. Having no idea what it was Silverstream was planning.

"Great. Let's do this!" said Silverstream, screaming with excitement. Without warning, she takes off running. Gallus stumbles to keep up but never letting go of her hand. Looking forward, he can see that they are racing to the end of the ledge. When she asked Gallus to take a leap with her, he didn't think she meant literally. "Remember," she says. "Whatever you do, don't fly off."

Gallus could feel his heart racing as the ledge dropoff neared. He kept repeating what Silverstream said, in his head over and over again. Don't let go of her hand, and don't fly.

Reaching the edge, they both leap outward together. Gallus could feel every bit of his body shift as they torpedo downward. Gallus couldn't help but close his eyes, gripping Silverstream's hand tighter, and giving a high pitch scream as they fell toward the crashing blue waves. Even with his eyes closed, Gallus could just make out the flash of bright pink light, before plunging into the cold ocean water.

"Gallus," said Silverstream. "You can open your eyes now." Gallus had his eyes closed tight. He could tell that he was underwater and cringes as he opens his eyes. To his surprise, everything around him looked crystal clear and not blurred blobs. In front of him was Silverstream in her seapony form. He can hear her giggles so clear underwater.

His body felt weird. It took him a minute to realize that Silverstream had used her magic pearl to turn both her and him into seaponys. Gallus inspects himself in awe, as his hands are now long narrow, flexible fins. His fur and feathers now replaced with blue reflective scales and that of a whales tail. A top his head, where he would have his spiked yellow feathers, was now replaced by spiked yellowfins. But, the weirdest change was how his beak morphed into a horse like muzzle, with streaks of yellow. Gallus has never had his face feel so, soft and squishy.

"Silverstream, this is amazing," said Gallus. Silverstream chuckles at the awe Gallus was giving his new morphed body.

"Thought you'd say that." She swims next to him and points down with a fin. Down where everything appeared to be pitch black. The dark abyss. Silverstream begins her descent down into the dark. Gallus takes in a massive breath of air, or rather water now that he has gills, and follows behind Silverstream.

Gallus swims behind her, till he could no looker see what was in front of him. He stops swimming. Being surrounded by all this darkness and not able to see a thing, made him feel a claustrophobic attack coming on. He calls out to Silverstream, trying to make sure his voice did not sound as if filled with panic. Something wrapped around and grabbed hold of his arm. He couldn't help but make a frightened yelp noise.

"Shhh, it's just me," he heard Silverstream say. Gallus could barely make out her figure in the dark. "Wait and Watch," she said.

"Wait and watch for what?" he asked. Silverstream pointed up at the ocean's surface. At a slow pace, the sun's rays pierce through the ocean surface. The sun's light hits a dark part of the rocky cliffs. Something attached to the cliffside had an effect with the sun's golden rays. The wall lit up, illuminating a shiny purple. Gallus knew what this was. It was a particular type of sea algae that illuminates when absorbing light from the sun.

Soon the shiny purple light from the illuminating algae, shins on a different dark place where it starts to light up orange. And on it went, the orange light reflecting off and illuminating another dark patch algae turning blue. Like mirrors reflecting the suns light off of each other to brighten a room. Before long, the dark pitch-black abyss they descended into was no longer dark and suffocating, but open wide and shining with every color imaginable.

"Can you hear it?" ask Silverstream. Gallus listens carefully to what she was talking about. It took a little while, but Gallus was able to hear it too. Just like up on the ledge, were the harmonizing sounds of the wind jetting through pocket holes in the cliffs. Mixed with the bright algae, it was more than Gallus could have imagined.

"Now I see why you like to come here," said Gallus.

"You know, it feels good to share this with someone," she said.

"Would the lady, care for a dance in the light?" ask Gallus with a silly smug smile. He holds up his fin-shaped hand to Silverstream. Unable to control her giggles at how chivalry Gallus was to her, she takes his hand with hers. They swim more to the center of the illuminating lights.

"You'll have to forgive me," said Gallus giving a sheepish laugh. "Dancing has never been my strong suit. Much less dancing underwater."

"Don't worry," said Silverstream, wrapping her left fin around Gallus's waist and pulls him in close. "I'll be doing the leading."

Gallus chuckles and blushes at her grip around him. They both look into each other's eyes and smile. The waters' current, circles them as they danced toward the seafloor.

"So?" ask Gallus. "What do you prefer? Underwater as a seapony, or in the sky as a hippogriff?"

"Well, I still haven't flown all that long as a hippogriff. I think when I do some more flying, I can make a more definite decision."

"So, it's flying that you want, then flying we can, and will, do," said Gallus. Looking up at the ocean surface far above them. Gallus, looking back down at Silverstream and smiles at her. Grabbing her right fin, they swim fast towards the surface. Faster and faster, they pierce the ocean surface jumping into the air. With a flash of purple and pink light from Silverstream's magic pearl necklace, they turn back into their regular selves.

Gallus grabs Silverstream's hippogriff hand with his griffon hand. He pulls her close and flies upward. Seeing a nervous look on Silverstream's face, Gallus pulls her closer. He gives her a comforting and confident look that all would be alright. They continue upward through the clouds.

"I've never flown this high," Silverstream cried out.

"Good," Gallus shouted back. "Then you're going to love this." He could feel the air thinning, but they keep flying up. After passing through the clouds, there it was. Gallus pulls Silverstream by his side and pointed upward. Silverstream's eyes widen and glow in 'awe' as she looks up at the sky. Above the golden sunset were the curves of the earth and the stars burning bright in the sky.

"See," said Gallus. As Silverstream stared at the magnificent sight to behold, Gallus had all eyes on the hippogriff by his side. "I told you that you'd love it."

He lets her gaze upon the sight for a few seconds longer. Any more, the effects of the thin air would start to affect them. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he brings her slowly down. They fly down till they can see the blue ocean waters.

"You know Gallus," said Silverstream. "You always help me overcome new leaps and bounds to new heights. When tested by the Tree of Harmony, you helped me stand up to my fear of the Storm King."

"And you, Silverstream," said Gallus. "Whenever I feel like I'm in dark enclosed spaces, real or not, you help me find the brightest lights and make everything appear that everything is going to be fine."

"And, somehow," said Silverstream. "I believe we help bring each other in the middle of everything that's great." Gallus and Silverstream lock eyes with each other. Their wings spread out as they glide downward. They come together and embrace each other in a romantic embracing kiss.

Though the sun has gone down under the horizon, a warm orange glow is still seen in the sky. Ocellus and Smolder were making their way to the Harmony Club House. For the two of them, things did not start out the way that they hoped, but the day has ended better. They were only a few steps away from the clubhouse when Ocellus spoke up.

"Hey," she said. Smolder stops and turns around for her. "I know I've said it so many times today, but I'm sorry what I did or treated you earlier today," said Ocellus. "If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, please just tell me."

Smolder smiles at her blue changeling friend. "Ocellus, you have nothing to be sorry about."

"Still. I'm glad you came back and helped me realize what a horrible mistake I made; choosing that awful pony over you."

"You know, there might actually be one thing you can do for me," said Smolder. As she stares at the ground, she rocks back and forth on her feet and scratches the back of her neck nervously.

"For you, anything. What is it?"

"Well... uh." Smolder appeared lost in finding the right words. "You know how you sometimes change into that female dragon form? The one that's lean, taller, and has lighter orange scales than me?"

"You mean this form." With a flash of blue light, Ocellus took the form of the dragon Smolder had described. It was a form Ocellus would use when joking around with her friends.

"Yup," said Smolder. "That's the one." Smolder's rough dragon hands felt wet with sweat. She clinches and unclinches her fist in a rapped motion.

"So what's so important about me changing into a female drag-"

Before Ocellus could utter another word, Smolder leaps into action. Grabbing each side cheek of the dragon form Ocellus created. Smolder pulls her head down toward her. Eyes closed, Smolder gives a hard pressing kiss to the lips of the dragon Ocellus was. Ocellus didn't know what to do or how to react. She stood stunned at Smolders action and thought it best to let smolder finish what she was doing.

Smolder gives a good twenty-second lasting kiss. Smolder draws her lips back from dragon form Ocellus. Smolder opens her eyes and let's go of Ocellus's dragon head. With a flash of blue light, Ocellus resorts back to her changeling self. Not knowing what to say or do, she stands there, surprised, stunned, and a bit shocked. Smolder starts rocking back and forth again with nerves. She tries to laugh at what she had done.

"Well," said Smolder. "I guess that answers a question I've been wondering for a while now." The laughter in her voice sounds so fragile and sheepish. "Best if we head inside. Maybe some of the other gang came to the clubhouse as well." Smolder walks backward, stepping up the stairs to the door. All while finding it hard to look at Ocellus, and turn away from her. Ocellus continues standing there, not sure what to make of the situation. "So," said Smolder. "I learned something new about myself today. That's always good, I suppose."

Smolder turns her back toward Ocellus. She hurries up the steps and enters the Harmony Club House, leaving Ocellus behind.

Ocellus still trying to make sense of what just happened. Ocellus has never thought of Smolder in that way or any female creature. Though Ocellus can applaud Smolder finding herself, forcing a kiss like that on anyone is not the best way to go about it, male or female. But, the kiss didn't feel bad or wrong to Ocellus. If anything, the kiss felt comforting. Now she can't stop wondering if such a kiss from a male pony or creature, like Sandbar, would be more or less comforting. A smile grows on Ocellus, seeing how the world has opened up to new possibilities for her.

"Huh," said Ocellus. "I think I learned something new about myself as well..." She thinks it over in her head. "Maybe." Ocellus shakes the thoughts and feels away and descends up the stairs.

Inside the Harmony Club House, Gallus and Silverstream sat side by side on a wide balcony railing that faced toward Ponyville. The sun has final set, leaving only dark night sky to be seen. The pink pastry box sat on Silverstream's lap with the lid open. Using her eagle talon claw, she slices the cake shaped as stairs into several pieces.

"You know, going around this whole day trying to figure out who sent you that cake, and you never even took a taste," said Gallus, chuckling and smiling at Silverstream as she sliced the cake.

"Well, now seems like the best time," she said.

From behind them, they both hear the large double wide doors to the Harmony Club House open, creaking very loud then swinging shut. Looking behind them, they see Smolder standing in the center of the room. Looking a bit nervous and shaken, It appears she was unaware of their presence.

"Hey Smolder," said Silverstream. "Is everything okay?"

"Oh," she said, looking up at her two friends sitting on the railing. "Yeah, yeah. Everything is-" The loud sound of the double-wide doors opening again made Smolder turn her head. Entering the clubhouse was Ocellus with a smile on her face. She turns toward Smolder with that smile, waves and gives her a quick wink of her eye. What Ocellus was really trying to convey, and which Smolder understood, was that everything was fine with her friend. Nothing has changed, and why would it change? Ocellus's confident smile helped bring back her own confident smile. "Yeah," she said with pride. "Everything is great. If not better."

Ocellus and Smolder join their friends at the railing. Before finding the right spot to hop over and sit on the railing, the double-wide doors burst open again. Every creature turns who has made such commotion. Standing at the doorway, leaning on the heavy crystal doors were Yona and Sandbar. The two of them were huffing and puffing, and wheezing to catch their breath. Drenched in sweat, it appeared that the two had run all the way to the clubhouse from Ponyville.

"Uh, you guys, okay?" ask Gallus.

"Yes. Why? What Yona friend hear?"

"Nothing," said Ocellus. "It looks like the two of you just ran from a war zone."

"A war zone," said Sandbar laughing. In what way could we cause a war zone? Having ponies and Yaks play a round of bowling, to were everyone becomes super competitive and decide to fight each other... allegedly?" Every creature looks at one another, hoping someone might have a clue as to what they were talking about. "Yona and I figured we'd come here to see the firework show," he said, before speaking real fast saying, "and to hide."

"Well, you're all welcome to come and join us. I was about to dig into this cake I got today. But now I get to share it with the whole gang! wow!" Silverstream said, bursting with excitement.

"By the way," said Smolder, "Did you ever find out who sent the cake?" she asks, as she and Ocellus take a seat on the railing.

"Well," Silverstream said, drawing out her "L"s. "Let say that I have a certain creature of interest." She says, looking at Gallus with a smile. Sandbar and Yona join their friends and lean on the railing until they can find their energy. Silverstream passes out sliced pieces of the cake to everyone. Taking a bite, Silverstream takes in every tasteful feeling the cake provided for her papillae.

"So," said Gallus, "What do you think of the cake?"

"It's good. But, I know how it can be better."


That was the magic word Silverstream was hoping Gallus would say. Silverstream takes the half-eaten slice of cake in her hand and mushes it onto the side of Gallus's face. "There," said Silverstream. "Now it's better."

Seeing Gallus with cake on his face causes Smolder to go into a laughing fit. Gallus reaches in the pastry box and grabs a chunk of the cake, then slaps it across Smolder's forehead. Gallus laughs at Smolder's new look, and Ocellus can't help but giggle. Smolder takes the remainder of her cake and plops in down on Ocellus's head. In reaction, Ocellus throws her slice, missing Smolder, Gallus, and Silverstream, but hits Yona on the side of her face. Sandbar bursts out in laughter to which Yona responses by smushing her cake across his forehead. His laughter stopped, and Yona's began. Sandbar, taking horrible aim, throw his cake only to hit Silverstream on the side of the head.

At this point, it was every pony or creature for themselves. Jumping off the railing and grabbing whatever ammunition remains in the pastry box. Targeting the closes creature in their sights. Gallus and Silverstream take to the sky, Sandbar takes refuge behind Yona, and Smolder and Ocellus spread out. All of them laughing and smiling as they bombard each other with cake.

From up in the sky came a loud explosion that filled the sky with bright colors and the sound of crackling embers. All of the student six stop and turn their attention to the sky. More explosions went off with a loud bang and filled the night sky with more bright colors. It was the firework show in Ponyiville. The spectacle of the show was clear to see at the clubhouse. The firework show meant that Hearts and Hooves day is over, putting an end to a perfect day, but not an end for more fabulous days to come for the young student six.

The End

Author's Note:

For those of you sticking around reading this, I thank you. This is the last chapter of the "Hearts and Hooves, Claws, and Paws Day" story. I will be writing a chronicle of stories called: "Chronicles of the Ponyverse." It will consist of singular long stories based on a lot of "What if..." scenarios. Such as: What if served under Nightmare Moon. What if Queen Chrysalis was successful in regaining control of her hive? What if Sunset Simmers actions cause a ripple effect to both her worlds? What if the Student Six entered the human world? What if Nightmare Moon and Day Breaker never became rules, rulers but instead served under King Sombra? You get the point.

If there's a "What if" situation that you would curious about let me know and I might be able to make it happen. Just know that such stories will come out at a slow pace, due to three other stories I'm writing.

I'm always open to good and bad criticism, so please leave a review or comment. To that, I want to thank all that have read this story. Until next time, whenever that might be, this is Sir_RedFox signing off... for now.

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Well, it's over. But all good things must come to an end.

Loved it from the beginning right down to the end, and it felt like an actual episode. Great job having all of the story arcs intertwine with one another. Look forward to seeing more stories from you!

have to agree, but i also feel that there was so much more that could have been done with the concept

I guess. I wouldn't have minded some more.

I love the ending part though, I was thinking of the Three Stooges gag; you know, the one they said: “”You missed me. Eehh!” *splat*

That’ll be hilarious.

I thank you for your comment and input. If you like messed up, out of place comedy? You might enjoy the new story I'm writing: The Princesses' Brother.

I’ll look forward to that.

Love ya from the Philippines!


You know about Spike and Gabby's fast relationship growing?

Thank you so much for all the good comments.

A fellow Three Stooges fan awesome and I love that running gag

Wow this was a really nice story so Sandbar and Yona are having a little complicated with the Lewbosike and the dudes and yonas parents are having a very have a competition so they decided just to go and head to the treehouse meanwhile gallus and silverstream still looking for the secret admirer but turn out to be a dead end but seeing silverstream so sad he admits that he was the secret admirer At first she was upset but then realize that he was just scared that he will get rejected and everything and understandable how his lifestyle is and silverstream forgave him and also taking him to see her secret view points they even go swimming to the ocean transform them into Sea Ponies and then after that they went flying to the clouds and sharing a moment with each other which it was so romantic meanwhile somewhere nearby to the treehouse smolder and Ocellus are talking how much they had fun with each other despite that mean Pony came around and destruct everything they have planned but it came out pretty well and they had a pretty good time with each other even smolder gave a little kiss on Ocellus which again so adorable and they went when inside but it looks like gallus and silverstream beat them to their and shortly yona and sandbar showed up as well and they were sharing a cake with each other but things escalated when silver stream through a cake on Gallus which at escalated to a food fight where it's it was pretty fun and funny and one person mentioned it did remind me of The Three Stooges once I think about it when they did the food fight but then the fireworks begin ending Hearts and Hooves Day this was a really nice story to see how the young six going through and everything it's always nice to see these kids keep up the good work

That was the magic word Silverstream was hoping Gallus would say. Silverstream takes the half-eaten slice of cake in her hand and mushes it onto the side of Gallus's face. "There," said Silverstream. "Now it's better."

Seeing Gallus with cake on his face causes Smolder to go into a laughing fit. Gallus reaches in the pastry box and grabs a chunk of the cake, then slaps it across Smolder's forehead. Gallus laughs at Smolder's new look, and Ocellus can't help but giggle. Smolder takes the remainder of her cake and plops in down on Ocellus's head. In reaction, Ocellus throws her slice, missing Smolder, Gallus, and Silverstream, but hits Yona on the side of her face. Sandbar bursts out in laughter to which Yona responses by smushing her cake across his forehead. His laughter stopped, and Yona's began. Sandbar, taking horrible aim, throw his cake only to hit Silverstream on the side of the head.

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