• Published 17th Jul 2019
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Hearts and Hooves, Claws, and Paws Day - Sir_RedFox

The Young Student Six take on Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville

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Chapter 5

The bell to the School of Friendship rang loud, echoing throughout the hallways. Students poured out of the classrooms. It was the last school bell of the day, meaning the students were free to celebrate Hearts and Hooves day their way.

Yona, barging through the crowd of students. She passes Sandbar and Gallus but did not want to waste another second. Sandbar tried shouting for her attention, but it seems she did not hear. It was Gallus who got her to stop, after grabbing hold of her Yak tail. The sudden grab of her tail made her trip and fumble to the ground, to which everything in here perimeter shakes.

"Yona," said Sandbar. "What's the rush?"

"Yona have no time for small chitychat," said Yona. "Yona must hurry to train station to greet father yak and mother yak."

"If you give me a minute, I'll come and join you," said Sandbar.

"No," said Yona. "If Sandbar pony want to come, then he will meet me at train tracks."

While talking, a small red cupcake, with an actual tiny parachute, parachuted right between the three. Without thinking, Yona bites the whole tasty treat and swallows. She smiles and says, "cupcake have perfect timing." Soon after, Yona goes back to charging through the students and out the door. Sandbar figures he will have to meet with her later at the train station.

Looking around, Gallus and Sandbar notice more of different color cupcakes parachuting down from the sky, looking up to see Silverstream in the air with three pastry boxes raining down the cupcakes, laughing and smiling as she does. Silverstream shouts "Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, every creature!" while dropping tiny cupcakes that parachute downward toward the crowd. Silverstream did not stop. She would not stop till all three pastry boxes were empty.

"Hey," Sandbar said to Gallus. "This is your chance. Get up there and see if Silverstream would love to spend the day with you.

"Wait. Now?!?" Gallus said, a bit shocked. The griffon started to sweat and hyperventilate. "I can't ask her now. I had this whole thing planned. A plan that involves, me ugh, ugh knocking on her door. And with ugh, with cake and other things."

"Well at least go up and see if she's free later on," Sandbar said.

Gallus took in a deep breath and let it out in gradual paces. With two flaps of his wings, Gallus was airborne. Nothing to worry about, Gallus thought. Like Sandbar said, go up there and talk to her. Gallus flys right next to Silverstream, who finished tossing mini cupcakes to students.

"Wow, that was great of you to do," said Gallus. Silverstream turns to face him.

"Gallus," She said, swooping in close and gives Gallus a great big hug. Gallus cherishes every moment of the embrace. The warmth of her body. The softness of her feathers and mane. The sweet lathering scent that came off her body, every bit of the hug. "Do you have any plans for the day?" Silverstream ask.

"Well, maybe. I hope. Not quite sure," Gallus says, stammering on the question. "I was curious if you'd be free later this evening?"

"Maybe. I don't know. Yes. No." Silverstream says with excitement. "But first, I have to go to my dorm room. Hope to see you later?"

"That's it," Gallus says, flying back down next to Sandbar. "That's when I'll ask her. Gives me enough time to go to my room, get the dessert, then meet her at her room before she leaves."

"Okay," said Sandbar. "But, there is one thing that I have that might help you." Sandbar gallops his way outside toward the dorm rooms, while Gallus ran to keep up.

Smolder, flying above most of the students. She spots Ocellus and swoops in, landing next to her. "Feeling any better, since this morning?" asks Smolder.

"What? Oh." Ocellus says. She still looks sad like when they were in the changing rooms. "No," she said. Ocellus lets out a loud and long sigh. "We're good friends, right?" she asks her dragon friend.

"Of course. Best of friends" Smolder says.

"And we can tell each other secrets, right?" she asks. "Like how you told me in confidence that you like cute sil-"

Smolder with quick haste, clamped a dragon hand over Ocellus's mouth. Ocellus was about to out and open up about her, Smolder, liking cute, silly things, wearing cutesy dresses and fancy tea parties.

"What are you doing?" Smolder asks. "Don't say such things out loud."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Ocellus said, quivering with embarrassment. The dragon and the changeling walk outside. Scattered in every which way were the rest of the Students for the School of Friendship to celebrate Hearts and Hooves day.

"It's just..." Ocellus started to say, stopping herself. She was afraid to speak her truth, and how silly and embarrassing it would all sound. "The truth is," Ocellus said. "I always thought Sandbar would ask me to be his special somepony, or whatever."

"Oh," Smolder said. "I see."

"Don't get me wrong," said Ocellus. "I'm happy Sandbar and Yona are together. They make each other happy, and as a friend to both of them, I'm glad for them." Ocellus smiles and takes in a deep breath. Her smile turns to a frown as she breathes out a long sigh. "But," she said. "Sandbar and I had a lot in common. We're both high achievers in class. We're both smart. And we both have similar likes."

Ocellus and Smolder take refuge under one of the large Oak trees in the school courtyard. The large tree is casting a large shadow, creating a cool place to sit. Both Ocellus and Smolder make themselves comfortable in the oak tree's massive shadow.

"So," Ocellus said. "Knowing that Sandbar had feelings for Yona was a bit off-putting. And now this whole Hearts and Hooves day celebration makes it seem like its all thrown into my face, which makes me feel all the more lonely."

Smolder could see on Ocellus's face, how much this bothered her. The light blue changeling curled her legs up and wrapped her insect arms around them, as a way to comfort herself. With a few hefty flaps of her leathery dragon wings, Smolder takes flight. She flys right over Ocellus.

"Ocellus," said Smolder. She points a dragon claw finger down at Ocellus. "Do you know what today is?"

"Hearts and Hooves Day," said Ocellus. Letting out another deep sigh as she said those words.

"Wrong," Smolder said, triumphantly. "Today is Tuesday, just like every other week. But what makes this Tuesday so special is that it's your Tuesday, Ocellus. Forget about Hearts and Hooves Day, make it 'Whatever Ocellus Wants to do, day.' Or, make it 'Ocellus and Smolder's Tuesday.' Make it a day where we do whatever we want."

A smile curved on Ocellus's face. To what Smolder was saying sounded amazing. Take care of herself and do what she wanted to do. Put all this Hearts and Hooves day stuff out of the way. Ocellus is impressed by Smolder, who is only passing Friendship History with a "B-" average, with her forward-thinking. Smolder reached down a hand at the pale blue changeling. Ocellus took the dragon's hand, and picked herself off of the ground, to join Smolder in a day of self-importance.

Gallus stood in the center of Sandbar's room. He watches as Sandbar runs back and worth from dresser drawer to the dresser. Sandbar promised to help Gallus up his game with Silverstream. He only hopes Sandbar would hurry up, feeling nervous that he might miss his chance with Silverstream. Gallus still had to run back to his room and grab the gift for Silverstream.

"Ah-ha!" said Sandbar. "Here we are." Sandbar rushed over to Gallus with a neck-tie in his hoof. Gallus seemed a bit complex with the offering. The neck-tie was blue with bright yellow strips, matching with his fur and feathers. The tie would also be very eye-catching against Gallus's white chest. Now, if only he knew how to tie a neck-tie.

"Here. Take it, take it," Sandbar said. "Girls take notice of the effort you put in to look good for them, no matter how small. It's all about the effort."

What Sandbar said, sounded to be true. He takes the tie from Sandbar, wrapping the tie around his neck. That much he knew when it came to neck-tie. Gallus tried different knot methods, all making him feel like a noose was around his neck. After several attempts and failures, Sandbar came to straighten and tie the neck-tie himself.

Sandbar put on a seaweed green neck-tie himself, along with a plaid blazer. He asked Gallus how he looked for Yona's parents. Gallus didn't have an answer for him. He had only his concerns for Silverstream. He wanted to hurry before he missed Silverstream. First, Gallus had to make a stop at his room. Sandbar followed behind and locked up his bedroom and galloping to the train station.

Going to his room, Gallus needs to retrieve the pastry box he had stored there earlier that morning. Gallus looks himself over several times in the mirror. He wants to look his best when Silverstream opens the door and sees him. Now that he had the box with the pastries, the tie, and a look, he felt confident with; he might be able to pull this off.

Odd, though. After leaving the room and making his way to Silverstream's room, Gallus could feel his feet become much more substantial and more cumbersome with each step. He tried to flap his wings and take flight but found them to be very uncooperative. Did somepony turn up the heat in the girls' dorms? Gallus was finding himself hot, flustered, and sweating. It felt as though Sandbar's tie was tightening and trying to choke him again.

Finally, making it to Silverstream's room reaches out to knock with his eagle claw. Reaching out, Gallus now seems to find himself having the shakes. All his nerves were shaking with fright. Is this a natural occurrence for Hypogriffs that try to show unique emotions to another.

Gallus takes in a deep breath and lets it out in slow paces. Shaking off his nerves, Gallus raps his fist on the door. He hears Silverstream's voice. She calls back out that she'll be a minute. Funny, how long a minute felt now to Gallus. From inside, he could hear her shifting things around and start to head to the door. Any second the door would swing open, and Silverstream would be standing right there.

"I can't do this!" Gallus screams at himself. He drops the pastry box in front of the door and bolts towards the door. Amazing how his feet now felt light as a feather as he ran. Gallus ran till he was clear of the Girls' Dorms. When outside and far away, Gallus stopped to catch his breath. What he did, running away like that, replaying over and over again and again in his head. Never has he felt more stupid or embarrassed before.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid" Gallus said in a harsh tone to himself. He stood there, cursing at himself for being so foolish. He grabs the tie around his neck in a vicious manner, wanting to rip the damn thing off.

"Stupid damn tie." Gallus pulls and tugs at the neck-tie till he can yang it off around his neck and over his head. A large trash can nearby gave him the perfect idea of what to do about the neck-tie. Flapping over to the trash barrel, Gallus tosses the tie in the trash can with a sharp and angry downward spike. Cursing at the tie as it falls right into the barrel.

Right there is where such a stupid tie belongs, he thought. It was when flying away did Gallus realize what he had just done. Turning back around and flying back to the trash can. With a moaning sigh, Gallus reaches in and searches till he feels the tie. Pulling the neck-tie back out of the trash, it had now become wet with some sticky substance. "Damn Sandbar's stupid tie," he said, holding the tie at a reach.

Galloping to the train station, Sandbar could see the station become bigger and bigger. Since leaving the School of Friendship, he never stopped running, hoping to be there before Yona's parents arrive. Sandbar could see Yona standing at the station platform.

"Yona..." Sandbar said to grab her attention. He was finding it hard to speak with the weight of his lungs pressed out of breath.

"Sandbar pony made it," Yona said with hefty glee.

"Yona..." Sandbar said again, trying hard to catch his breath. "Course, I made it..." he says huffing and puffing to catch his breath. "What, special someponies are for" was the last words he was able to speak before collapsing on the station platform. Sandbar rolls onto his back, hoping that it would help him. Yona giggled at Sandbar's display.

"Yona happy that Sandbar pony could make it," said Yona. "Also, Yona like-new look on you, blazer and tie." Extending her hoof out for Sandbar to take, which he did. Yona helps him up and straightens him out. Looking down the railroad tracks was a black speck growing big and more prominent. A broad smile appears on Yona's face. "Just in time, too. It's the train from Yakyakistan" Yona said.

To be correct, It was the train from the crystal empire. There were no trains that go from Ponyville to the village of Yakyakistan. To place tracks that go all the way up the mountain to Yakyakistan would be too freezing in the harsh cold weather, and also cost a lot to make. Any Yak willing to travel this far from their homeland would first have to make the trip to the Crystal Empire.

The train came to a screeching halt at the station platform. A big cloud of smoke, from the train, covered and concealed the entire station.

"Yona can't wait for Sandbar to meet Yak parents," Yona said.

"Neither can I," said Sandbar. Taking a step forward, Sandbar bumps into something large and hard, making him fall on his behind. The smoke made it hard to see what it was he ran into. Once the smoke cleared, Sandbar looks up at what he collided with. Standing wide and tall was a large male Yak wearing traditional Yakyakistan clothing. His yak hair was covering his eyes and large yak horns piercing out his head. He gives a loud snort from his snout to which smoke bellows out. Behind the large yak was a female yak almost as large, with braids like Yona's.

"Father yak, Mother yak!" Yona cried out. Running and embracing the two large yaks in a big hug to which her mother and father return the favor.

"Daughter Yona," Yona's father, said. "Father and Mother yak come to see how daughter yak has made pony town better. But not as best as Yakyakistan." Yona's father raises his front hoofs and slams them down onto the station platform making the whole place shake. Everything trembled with every hoof step the large make made.

"Of course," Yona said. "Nothing as best as Yakyakistan." Yona goes over to Sandbar and with her horn, helps the pony back up on his feet. She nudges Sandbar a little bit forward to her parents. "This pony, Sandbar. Yona's friend and special somepony."

Before Sandbar could extend a hoof to greet properly to Yona's Yak parents, Yona's father slams his forehead down on Sandbar's forehead, as if the two were squaring off. Sandbar gave a nervous laugh and tried taking a step back, only for Yona's father to step forward.

"This pony, you write to us about?" Yona's father asked. "He does not look like yak material. Seem like pony can't stand on own four legs." Yona's father objects.

"You should see me standing on a surfboard when riding waves, that's my specialty," said Sandbar, giving a nervous laugh in hopes of lightening up the intense atmosphere. Yona's mother and father did not look too amused at his little joke. Of course, how could he be so forgetful? Yaks don't have surfboards in Yakyakistan. Even Yona only has a loose grip on the act of surfing.

"Hmmm" Yona's father mumbles under his breath. Sandbar could tell that he was judging him in silence. "Tell me, little pony, what is the best way for smashing?"

"Well..." Sandbar stuttered out. "Well..." it seems to be a trick question to answer. Sandbar had to think on his hooves and fast. "Well, the best way for smashing is yak way; because yak's best at everything. But no more than smashing," said Sandbar.

Yona's father muttered under his breath again, judging. Sandbar tried smiling and standing straight and tall at the large Yak. More than a few seconds pass with no words spoken. Sandbar gave a loud gulp. He was starting to think his answer wasn't the appropriate answer.

"Little pony not as dumb as he looks," Yona's father finally said. He gave Sandbar a hard pat on the head with his hoof, which knocked Sandbar to the ground. A wave of relief washed over Sandbar hearing these words.

"So," said Sandbar, adjust his neck-tie and pale blazer. "May I lead the way, showing you Ponyvillie?"

Gallus sat on a cloud hoovering low over the School of Friendship. With his lion feet hanging over the side and his head hanging low in his eagle claws. Overwhelming emotions flooded his mind: sadness, anger, shame were only a few of those emotions running through his head. Gallus mutters stupid insults to himself while knocking a fist to his head, for feeling so stupid.

Gallus had only but one chance to connect with Silverstream and he blew it. Where he could have been brave and shown great courage, he instead ran away frightened. Now, all that he could do was sigh deeply and sulk in his pity.

"Gallus!" He heard his name shouted out. Lifting his head to see who was calling to him. But, before he could see who it was calling to him, Gallus gets tackled into an enormous hug. The lavender scent from the stranger gave away to who it was, Silverstream.

"Gallus!" Silverstream said, shouting. "I'm so glad I found you. You're not going to believe what I just discovered."

Silverstream holds out a pink pastry box. Lid open and displaying the cake inside. The cake formed the shape of stone steps, or stairs depending on how one was to look at it.

It was the cake Gallus had planned on presenting to Silverstream before running away in fear. He left the cake and the pastry box outside her door. It must have been clear to her, exactly who left the delicious looking dessert for her.

"Do you know what this means?"ask Silverstream.

Gallus let out a long stressful sigh. No use in pretending. Best to come out and admit everything. "Listen, Silverstream," Gallus said. "The cake, it-"

"It means," Silverstream said, cutting Gallus off before he could finish. "That I have a secret admirer somewhere out there," she said with glee.

"Wait, what?" said Gallus, a little surprised by her answer.

"The real question is," said Silverstream. "Who?" She darts her eyes back and forth across the school campus. "Someone at this school likes me. I bet they're charming, but shy" Said Silverstream. No doubt about that second part, Gallus thought. "And they must know me pretty well to know that I find stairs fascinating." Silverstream gives a loud horrifying gasp. "Or what if they're some creep that has an obsession with me?"

"You..." Gallus tried to say, hated saying the words. "You, think that they might be some creep?" he said, nervous and sad.

"Or," Silverstream went on. "What if it's a group of creatures playing a hoax on me?" Silverstream grabs each side of Gallus's head and pushes his head into her chest, between her breast. Silverstream darts her eyes back and forth, believing someone to be watching. "They could be watching me, us, at this very moment from anywhere."

Gallus, who found himself looking directly at Silverstream's breast, was trying hard not to appear awkward. Though he's never really gazed upon the breast of a hippogriff, Silverstream's seems to have gotten her's from the heavens. How soft, but also firm, and round they were. Nervous sweat started forming on his forehead, and his cheeks blushing red through his feathers. "They..." Gallus said, finding it hard to speak. As if his mouth had become dry all a sudden. "They're looking at something alright."

"Gallus," Silverstream said. She finally pulls Gallus's head back, away from her chest. "We have to find out who delivered this cake to my door. You're the only creature I can trust right now."

"Are you sure about that, Silverstream?" ask Gallus. "I might end up slowing you down and..." a realization had popped into his head. "Wait, why are you coming to me for help?"

"Well," Silverstream said, giggling as if Galus had told a silly joke. "Why wouldn't I? Also, you were the only one I could find. And besides, I know you've always been honest with me. So what do you say?" ask Silverstream, holding out her eagle hand. "Will you help me?"

Always honest, he thought. Sure. He could come out and say it was him that left the package. Save the beautiful hippogriff from going on a wild goose chase. But, having her think he was creepy or only pulling a joke on her would be too hard and upsetting to bare. It's not a lie, but rather a well-kept secret for now, and he did have hopes they would spend the whole day together. Gallus grabbed hold of Silverstream's hand and smiled. "You'll always have my help," Gallus said.

"You know what would be funny?" Silverstream says chuckling. "If it was a girl that delivered the package? That would be a story to tell." She laughs.

"Trust me, it's not another girl that sent the package," said Gallus. When Silverstream asked how he could know that, Gallus lies, blaming it on instinct. The griffin and hippogriff spread their wings and took flight. For Gallus, to help the girl he admired. And for Silverstream to solve the mystery of who brought her the cake. A question to which the answer flew beside her.