• Published 17th Jul 2019
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Hearts and Hooves, Claws, and Paws Day - Sir_RedFox

The Young Student Six take on Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville

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Chapter 4

The School of Friendship was decorated with all the color streams and cut out hearts that represented the holiday that is Hearts and Hooves day. The teachers' lounge was no exception. The room was decorated wall to wall with red and pink streamers and cut out hearts taped to the windows and walls.

Spike, the purple and green scale dragon, organizing everything for the start of the day. Just the way Twilight likes it to be. He was, after all, Assistant Vice Principal to Head Mare Twilight. Not to mention being Twilight's assistant during her royal duties as a princess. But for the School of Friendship, everything was ready.

Pipping hot tea was made in a pot which set next to a pitcher of chilled cream. The itineraries were laid out for each pony to have. Twilight's plans, which describes in great detail all of today's events.

The double arch wide doors to the lounge burst open. The two ponies to enter were Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash. They seemed less interested in where they were going and more interested in butting heads with each other. The two ponies were so into their feud, AJ's hat pushed to the back of her yellow blond mane. While Rainbow Dash flapped her wings hard, creating a small gust of wind. It seemed the two were fighting over Heart and Hooves Day cards that they were receiving from their students and comparing who's was better.

"Look at this," Rainbow Dash said in a harsh tone. "I've already received five Hearts and Hooves Day cards from my students, and the day hasn't even started yet." Rainbow Dash holds up five small Hearts and Hooves cards. Four of the cards looked store-bought, and one looked as though it had was thrown together my a preschooler that ran out of time.

"You might have more cards, Rainbowdash," AJ said in her country accent and pointing a hoof at Rainbowdash and the five cards she held in her hand. "But it's obvious that my students put thought and care into the cards they give me." AJ holds up three large well hoof crafted Hearts and Hooves Day cards. All three appeared to be personally made and well-designed cards, compared to the cards Rainbow Dash held. "Because my students know that putting hard work and effort into anything comes out greater than just buying some fang-dang," AJ says. She flicks the back of Rainbowdash's cards as if they were nothing but some pesky flys. "I bet your students got you cards because they felt obligated to do so."

"Obligated?!," said Rainbow Dash. She felt insulted by AJ's comment. As if being a Wonderbolt and a teacher at one of the greatest and only school of friendship, while helping save Equestria on multiple occasions didn't mean anything. "Then it is on!" Rainbow Dash projects. "At the end of the school day, we see who has the most, or best, Hearts and Hooves Day cards from our students." Rainbow Dash turns to Spike and points at him with her hooves. "Spike!" she said, startling Spike. "You'll be the judge and decide who the winner is."

Spike felt nervous and uneasy by all this. He was not one to be forced into the spotlight. "Oh, I don't-"

"Then it's settled," said AJ, cutting off Spike before he could finish speaking. "we tally up our cards, and Spike picks the winner. Even though he can already tell, it's going to be me, while the looser flaps her wings with regret."

"It's funny you say that," said Rainbow Dash. "Considering you don't have any wings." Rainbow Dash laughs and crosses her arms.

Rainbow Dash flew to her classroom. Along the way there, she couldn't help but mumble in an aggressive tone about AppleJack. By Celestia's sake, she was going win this contest, by the end of the day.

Making a quick turn, she enters her classroom. The first thing she notices is her students sitting in a group on the padded floor. They must all be thinking that today would be a freebie, and not have hard work and training ahead of them. But what she noticed was her students focusing on something else in the classroom.

To Rainbowdashes right was a huge gift box, with all of the Hearts and Hove's day colors. RainbowDash's eyes popped open with excitement and joy. If this was a student's Hearts and Hoves Day gift, then she was sure to win the challenge against Apple Jack. Rainbow Dash flew circles around the gift box while squealing in excitement with several "Oh My Gosh" quotes. She stopped flying circles after seeing a hefty ribbon tag at the top of the box. Flying up and grabbing the tag, she read it out loud for all to hear.

"To Rainbow Dash, the greatest flyer there ever was," said Rainbow Dash quoting the scripture. "From the only other pony to grace the skies with a great style." That second part was a little bit odd and unsettling for a student to write. And if the gift wasn't from a student, then it couldn't count as one of her Hearts and Hooves Day gifts against Apple Jack. Then again, there was no reason for Apple Jack to know that. Such a thought gave Rainbow Dash a grin.

At the very bottom of the tag were the words printed 'Pull to Open.' Without giving it a second thought, she pulled the tag. The top of the giant gift box flipped open like the lid on one of those particular trash cans that open after pressing down on a hoof pedal. Then all four sides of the gift box fell open, making a loud 'whoopf' sound when hitting the mat. Rainbow Dash landed to see just what her gift was inside the box. She took a good hard look at the item.

"Oh, no," said Rainbow Dash, looking at the gift she has received. The contents contained inside the gift box was a chocolate sculpture of Zephyr Breeze. The pegasus, known as Zephyr Breeze, otherwise known as Fluttershy's little brother, was the most egotistical and flying pony that Rainbow Dash has ever known, other than herself. And the fact Zephyr was really into her, despite so many times she's had to explain that she shows no interest, only makes things worse.

The sculpture authentically captured all of what Zephyr would describe as his overpowering dynamic style. The statue showed Zephyr as if he was boosting out his chest and having one hoof off the ground as if about to make a glorious great step forward. The chocolate statue captured Zephyr's wings expanding upward. There was also the likeness of Zephyr's stallion mane bun on top his head. The sculpture was even able to capture the proud smug look that Zephyr always had on his face. Rainbow Dash banged her hoof against her forehead and shook her head with great embarrassment.

A mumbling noise came from the head part of the chocolate statue. Drifting over to the head, Rainbow Dash could see small cracks start forming in the chocolate and quickly grow bigger. The mumbling sound becomes louder and is coming from inside the chocolate head. It looked as though the chocolate figure was coming to life. With a quick turn of the head, the sculpted head figure shatters, raining down chunks of chocolate on to the floor. There in place of the chocolate is Zephyr Breeze himself, or at least his head. Zephyr Breeze made a whining moan as he spits bits of chocolate out of his mouth. He looks around at his surroundings and lays eyes on Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbowz" said Zepfer with excitement and a smile to go with it. There are many nicknames Rainbow Dash has helped in great achievement like a trophy: Awesome, Extreme, Crash. But Rainbowz was her least favorite. Especially since he says it with a 'z,' or so he claims. "I"m so glad you opened the box before the chocolate on my head broke off," Zepher said. "Now, I know you've always found me to be sweet and desirable, but I decided to make myself sweet and desirable to the extreme. And I did it all, just for you Rainbowz"

Every time Rainbow Dash would try to speak, Zepher would butt in to gloat about himself. Zepfer even went the link of speaking for her, claiming that she just loved the gift, and how amazing it is, leaving her speechless.

"Well, Zeph" Rainbow Dash said. "It is something. And 'A' for effort." Rainbow had to admit that Zephyr went all out on this little project gift. Zephyr was always known to be pony to start something then give up the second he loses interest. "But, unfortunately, you can't be here. You know, seeing how I'm trying to start my class and all that friendship stuff."

"Oh, I understand, Rainbowz" Zephyr said. "You have to look professional in front of your students, and how can you do that if you keep pausing to google and make sweet remakes at me?"

Rainbow Dash let out a deep sigh of annoyance. "Sure, Zeph," Rainbow said. "Let's go with that. Your words, not mine." Rainbow Dash took flight behind Zephry Breeze and started pushing his chocolate encased body towards the window.

"No no, I get it. Though..." said Zephyr, giving a very nervous laugh at the direction he was heading towards the open window. "I can't help but notice that you're pushing me towards that open window. And that's cool and all. But when I did this, I paid for the double coating of chocolate and has become more difficult to break out of then I thought. So, if you could help break off this chocolate coating first, that would be very appreciated because right now I can't seem to use my wings when you push me out of that window."

"Don't worry Zeph" Said Rainbow. "I'm sure a clever pony like you will think of something as you're falling."

Before Zephyr had the chance to scream out 'What!' in a state of panic, Rainbow Dash gave one hard push. The push sent Zeffer Breeze flying out the window, and bellowing out a fearful scream. Rainbow Dash knew he'd be okay. The fall is only ten feet high out the window. Besides, the first thing they teach all pegeaus is how to fall and not get hurt. Rainbow Dash heard Zephyr Breeze shout up at the window, claiming to be okay which was good enough for her.

Rainbow Dash turns back to her students who had all seen what just happened. "Okay," Rainbow said, wanting everyone to get back to classroom business. "We're going to do some light practice drills today. Are there any questions?" The entire class raised there hooves or claws. Rainbow could tell what they wanted to ask. "A question that does not involve me pushing a certain pony out the window?" Every single student dropped there hoof or claw.

End of the school day, Apple Jack rushes into the teachers' lounge. She had a large pile of Hearts and Hooves Day cards that she wrapped her arms around. As AJ was huffing and puffing, being out of breath from running, she drops the large pile in the center of the room.

"Well, there you are," Apple Jack said. Spike, who was already in the room, with a cup of tea in his hands slowly stirring in the milk can only give an odd look at Apple Jack. Spike had hoped by the end of the school day the two ponies would forget about such a petty competition. "That there are the best pile of Hearts and Hooves Day cards hands down," said Apple Jack.

"Wait!" shouted Rainbow Dash from outside in the hallway. She swoops right in and just like Apple Jack, had a massive pile of Hearts and Hooves Day cards in her hand. Rainbow Dash drops her collection next to Apple Jack's pile but wanting to make sure that the two piles stayed separate.

"There," Rainbow Dash said. "Now you can properly point at my pile, Apple Jack, and say that it's the best" The two ponies were already buddying heads with one another. After bickering over a minute or two, they finally turn to Spike to declare who is the rightful winner. Spike gets up and goes to stand by the window. He takes long, and loud, sips of tea as he stares out the window.

"Okay," said Spike, finally. "You want me to pick the proper winner?" Spike continues to sip and stare out the window. "Well, I'm afraid both of you have lost. Because I believe Fluttershy is the clear winner."

Spike points to something outside the window. With confused looks on their faces, Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash scurry to one of the windows. They wanted to see just what exactly Spike was talking about. Staring outside, they see just what Spike meant. Outside were more than half of the school students presenting Fluttershy with a float of herself. Amazed at such a wondrous gift, she flew circles around the massive float to her likeness. The students crafted the model with great care, from Fluttershy's hair, wings, and cutie mark. The idol was so big that it was placed on a large trailer to move the object.

Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash both look at each other with great disappointment. Both were letting out a great sigh of sadness, they slump down in defeat. Because just like with the Teacher of the Month award, Fluttershy was the actual winner.