Hearts and Hooves, Claws, and Paws Day

by Sir_RedFox

Chapter 2

Laying in her bed was Silverstream the hippogriff. Her puffy baby blue covers pulled up to her chin. Her eyes closed, and even with having a beak, it is evident that she had a sweet smile on her face. She gave soft and gentle little snores as she slept.

Outside comes the loud school bell clock chime, signaling the time to be 6:00 am. At the sound of the first hammer strike of the bell chime, Silverstream's eyes pop open with delight. The smile on her beak grows even more prominent. She throws back the covers, revealing her to be in Wonderbolt pajamas and jumps up on the bed.

"Hearts and Hooves day!" shrieks Silverstream, as she continues jumping up and down on her bed with her horse hooves. Her pink eagle wings shoot and stretch way out. Silverstream makes one more giant jump on her bed, and with the help of her wings, performs a backflip and sticks the landing on her dorm room floor.

"Hearts and Hooves Day!" said Silverstream, still shrieking with joy. Silverstream throws open the curtains from her window, blasting her room with the sun's light. She decorated her dorm room to her style. On her walls, she had two large drawn to scale maps of Mount Arise on her walls. One was a sizeable aerial drawing of the great mountain, while the other was more of an etching of the mountain with areas showing under Seaquestria. She had several pictures on her dresser involving family; her brother, mother, father, and her aunt, Queen Novo. On her nightstand, she kept the book titled 'The Travelers Guide to Mount Arise & Seaquestria: Home of the Hippogriffs and Seaponies.' Silverstream liked keeping it around to share facts about her life as a hippogriff and sometimes turning into a sea pony

Silverstream ran to her closet where she takes out three large pastry boxes. Inside, were small little Hearts and Hooves Day pastries that professor Pinkie Pie helped her bake. She wanted to celebrate this fantastic and completely new holiday to her, with every creature. Before she can do any of that, it was best to wash up for the day ahead. Silverstream grabs her towel, mane brush, feather volumizer, and her toothbrush before heading to the girl's dorm showers.

Yona, the Yak, slept heavily in a large bed accommodated for her large size. She gives off loud snores while tossing and turning in her bed. Her room, described as almost being bare. Other than the bed, there was a desk to do her friendship school work and a closet for her clothes. Yona did have a few Yakyakistan tropes hanging on the walls. Items such as a Yakyakistan toboggan and Yakyakistan headdresses. Instead of pictures, Yona had Yakyakistan straw dolls, each shaped like one of her family members.

From outside the school, belltower strikes at 6 am. It was not till the second strike of the bell that Yona became aware of it. Her eyes pop open and jumps straight up. She stretches her front and hind legs, which ruffles her brown fur. Yona leaps off her bed and slams her large Yak hooves. The whole room shakes and rumbles from her landing.

"Hearts and Hooves Day," Yona said. "Yona mother and father yak come to help Yona show Sandbar pony that yak's best at celebrating pony holiday!" Yona declares as she jumps up and down shaking the whole room, if not the building. Yona grabs a towel from her dresser and heads out to get a start on the day.

Sandbar the Earth Pony, slept with his whole body spread out. His room had in an earthy sea blue color. Top his dresser were pictures of his family. Put into perfect sized wooden frames were pictures of his Mother and Father, his baby sister, and an image of his uncle and the bowling team he plays for in ponyville. The mirror in his room is where he liked keeping the pictures of all his friends, notably pictures of him and Yona together.

Above Sandbar's bed hung a surfboard that's painted and waxed with a model of a bale of turtles drifting through the sea currents on the wood, the same image as his cutie mark. Being how Ponyville was far from the sea, Sandbar found he rarely uses the board. However, he will still at times practice surfing, even on dry land or in his on campus. That's how you first learn to surf, on dry land. What paddle strokes to make with his hoofs and how to properly stand up and balance himself on the board.

His dad was a big surfer, even competing in a few competitions and winning a few ribbons or statues. Sandbar can remember the first time his dad brought him out on the waves on his surfboard, even though Sandbar was only a young blank flank colt. A massive tide came, lifting him and his dad and reaching that sweet spot on the giant wave. His dad was helping him stand up in front, taking the balance on the board.

Sandbar can remember the wind whipping through his mane. The sea salt breeze was damping his muzzle. The sun's heat on his face and crisp, clear drops of seawater splashing on his back. All while his dad cruised the board downward through the water cyclone the wave made.

Sandbar would love to share such an experience with his friends, except for Smolder. Smolder claims that she already has a form of surfing in the Dragon Lands called gorge surfing. Only, instead of surfing on cold water blue waves, they surf down rivers of lava on mountainsides, something that Sandbar couldn't see him doing anytime in the future. Yona was another that might not be too keen on learning to surf, since 'yak not swim.'

His ragged mane covers his face. He was not aware of the School Belltower signaling that it was 6 am. It was not until after the third strike of the bell did Sandbar jump awake. Afraid to be late, he runs, grabbing his towel and hair spray for his mane, and a toothbrush before running out of his dorm.

Asleep on his stomach with half his body hanging off the bed was Gallus, the griffon. To his side, laid open a copy of Silverstream's book, 'The Travelers Guide to Mount Aris & Seaquestria: Home of the Hippogriffs & Seaponies.'

The school bell tower outside finished with its melody and struck hard at the large bronze bell inside. With each powerful strike of the bell, Gallus would toss and turn his head to block out the sound. Gallus even buries his head under his pillow in hopes of savoring a few more seconds of sweet sleep. On the 4th strike of the bell, Gallus rolls over and falls out of the bed and onto the floor. He had both his blue eagle and yellow lion parts spread out on the floor. Getting up, Gallus stretches out his blue eagle wings, and he brushes back the blue and yellow tipped feathers on his head.

It was no use trying to have more rest. It was best to wake up and get ready for the day ahead. Seeing the open book on his bed, Gallus snatches and closes the book before shoving it deep under his mattress. If any creature were to see him with the book, he might feel forced to talk of his interest to Silverstream. As a griffon, sharing feelings of attraction were not a thing. Besides, later today Gallus planned on taking a massive leap by asking Silverstream if she would like to celebrate 'Hearts and Hooves Day' with him. The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became of the situation. He did have one secret weapon that might help him if only he can remember where he put it.

Scattered all across Gallus's room were books, school papers, and a few articles of clothing he would sometimes wear. Griffon's were not known for being the tidiest of creatures in the land. The sheets and covers on his bed wrinkled and rolled into a ball. His books and school work scattered around in organized chaos.

Opening his closet, and under a pile of clothes was a single pink pastry box. Inside was a delicious cake just for Silverstream. A cake, in the shape of stairs, that professor Pinkie Pie helped him bake. Gallus remembers how stairs were Silverstream's excitement of seeing something so mundane. It would be best to leave the cake here, where it was cool and can be better preserved. He'll come back for it later in the evening, after classes. For now, the day is only getting started. Gallus grabs his towel, toothbrush, and a pair of tweezers and heads out.

Laying in bed, Ocellus, the changeling, was wide awake. Though, Ocellus dreads the thought of getting up and trying to face the day. She laid in bed, covers over her head, as the school bell tower plays its melody. By the fifth loud stroke of the bell, there was no use avoiding the day any longer.

With a great big sigh, Ocellus throws the covers back and scootches out of bed. Compared to Ocellus's five other friends at the school of Friendship, she had the cleanest room of all. She had her books neatly organized and not scattered on her desk, along with her school work. Ocellus did have a little meditation area thanks to notes given to her by the hives meditation counselor. Ocellus even went to the length of making her bed. She had a zen garden and balanced zen rocks, and windchimes to allow peaceful harmony into her body. Though none of it seems to lift the sad, depressed feeling she had. Ocellus hated that classes only took up half the day. If it were a whole day, then at the very least her school work would keep her distracted, though that was not the case. Ocellus grabs her basket of toiletries and heads to the female creatures showers, and maybe the other girls will be there and only hope they were feeling the same way.

Asleep in her bed, Smolder, the orange scale dragon was sleeping. Though a little ashamed to admit it, but Smolder loved the fact that she gets to sleep on soft mattresses and pillows. Compared to the Dragon lands where the most comfortable thing to sleep on would be a flat mountain rock.

Another thing Smolder like to keep secret was the silly cuties stuff she would engage. Even as she slept, Smolder wore a light blue nightgown to bed, along with a pink eye cover, and cutie stuffed rabbit to snuggle with in her arms.

From outside, the school bell tower struck the bell one last time. Smolder figured it was time to get up. Sitting up straight, Smolder stretches out her arms and wings. As she yawns, a small stream of fire shoots from her mouth.

Taking off her blindfold and blue nightgown, she tosses both of them under the bed with the stuffed rabbit that looked similar to professor Fluttershy's Angel Bunny. Those items didn't clash well with the rest of the items in her room. Like Gallus's room, clothes and books scattered everywhere. The faint smell of burning sulfur carried throughout the room. Sitting atop her dresser were three flat lava stones with images carved in them. Since cameras and other types of technology was scarce in the dragon lands, a skilled dragon carver would sketch, or claw, out images on to the stone close to that of a photograph. One stone had the carved sketch of her and her brother together, and another of her and her parents, though, since her parents were the size of Head Mare Twilight's Castle, the sketching only showed her and the chest of her parents. The final lava stone had the carved stretching of her and Dragon Lord Ember after being chosen to represent all dragons at Twilight's School of Friendship.

Hopping out of bed, Smolder stretches her limbs and her leathery dragon wings. Smolder was aware of what day it was. Some pony holiday called 'Hearts and Hooves Day.' Even though Smolder has come to enjoy cute, silly things, she finds that this particular holiday to be too silly and cutesy even for her. A holiday based around the idea that a special somepony, or creature, will be able to read your mind and make a grand gesture towards you, in hopes that you feel the same way towards them. The only good thing coming out of this holiday was making today's classes last only half the day.

Grabbing her towel, maybe she can get in a quick hot and relaxing bath before classes start. It would be one of the better things to help her through this, 'Hearts and Hooves Day' celebration.