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Sunburst and Coco are each bound for an event in Ponyville. However, when they learn that the train has broken down, the pair of ponies are stuck in Canterlot for the evening. It seems to be a stroke of bad luck but, with a little help, the two find a way to make the most of it.

🥇 1st Place in the Original Pairings group's May Pairing Contest

Featured on May 28th, 2019

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We walk down our long roads of life, but what of the roads not taken? Twilight and Applejack are carried along a different path, where their fates were bound in new ways. Fresh sorrows and avoided crisis gives friendship's flower a new shape.

This story will make an alternative universe, but will start grounded in the world we know. Have you read my other works? I love canon. I will respect canon, but we are also changing a core fact, and its effects will ripple outward. Our beloved ponies will be changed, as they must. The stream of fate carries them on tides we never witnessed before.

Twilight, Applejack, I hope you're both ready. Come, the water's fine, and I invite you to swim with me. Let us see what would happen if Applejack's mother survived where fate had once demanded her end.

Done for a patron, will update 1/month with 4k chapters.

Cover art by Jowybean!

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Tempest Shadow is a pony trying to learn how to be part of pony society. To her, Equestria is a foreign land, and she's just a stranger in it. The natives are friendly, but her days are empty. What she needs is something to ground her. Something that can make her part of daily Ponyville life.

She needs a job.

Content Warning: Radical Freedom

This story was written over an embarrassingly long time as a commission for a friend. I have to admit I really like writing Tempest Shadow. She's a great horse.

Thanks to all my patrons and followers!

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Some might think Twilight Velvet is the luckiest mother in the world. Yet she hasn't seen her daughter since her little girl was crowned princess. Velvet isn't even royalty herself. How can she be a mother to someone so radically different? So far away? So unreal?

Worse, it's now Mare's Day - a day for celebrating motherhood - and the situation is so bizarre that Velvet is in the odd position of having to go visit her little princess in Ponyville, by appointment, to bring the flowers that Twilight will then give back to her as a Mare's Day gift.

Twilight Sparkle's mother, they call her. Always and always. Princess this and princess that. Wouldn't it just be nice if someone looked at her life from any angle other than "Twilight Sparkle's mother"? For a day, at least. A few hours. Anything.

So who should she stumble across in Ponyville but the oddest and most extraordinary mother of all: Derpy, a mail mare capable of looking from all kinds of angles indeed. Sometimes in ways other ponies can scarcely imagine...

Written for the May 2020 Pairing Contest. Full details can also be found here.

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During a magic experiment involving the Crystal Heart, an accident caused Sunburst to enter a parallel universe. In this reality, Sunburst is recently engaged to Princess Sparkle. As he works to return home, the situation causes the stallion to consider some of his choices and what he truly values in life.

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Featured on July 18, 2019

Throughout her time at Crystal Prep, Twilight Sparkle had been ignored or scorned by her jealous and well-to-do classmates. She could only rely on her pet dog Spike for companionship.

The Friendship Games, once a way to bring the two schools together, devolved into a cutthroat competition for glory. A competition Principal Abacus Cinch sought to win, even if it meant blackmailing her top student.

Seeking to distract herself from her loneliness, Sparkle sought to study the magic of Canterlot High School. Her experiments, however, wreaked havoc on the games, and brought her the scorn of Sunset Shimmer, who saw the human Twilight as a dangerous nuisance.

In a last-ditch effort at victory, Cinch and the Shadowbolts pushed Twilight into unleashing the magical energies she had collected.

But in their attempt to abuse a force they did not understand, the Shadowbolts unwittingly caused tragedy. But through this tragedy, will the Shadowbolts and others come to understand the value of a single human being? And will Sunset overcome her grief and try to prevent another one?

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Rainbow Dash has been sent to the principal's office, yet nobody knows why. As theories emerge and gossip spreads throughout the halls, the students of Canterlot High spiral into chaos as they work toward a common goal: finding the truth.

A story told through texts and emails.

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This story is a sequel to Quantum Leap Forward

Silver Spoon never expected her life to go this way as a filly, but she was happy with how it turned out. She had a good career, a loving wife, and good friends. Teaching at Ponyville Elementary was a job she loved, and like all good teachers, she cared deeply for the needs of all her students. But sometimes that attachment can grow to something more, and for one student she is willing to do whatever it takes to see he has a loving home, even if that means bringing him into hers.

Cover is currently a placeholder until a new cover is available.

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This story is a sequel to Diplomacy through schooling

Fourth in the Diplomacy-verse, and a part of the greater "Powers-That-Be" multiverse. Twilight Sparkle's had an interesting year and a half since meeting Swift-Pad, the diplomat from the Packlands. She's made new friends, she's traveled the world as a diplomat and learned a great deal about the other societies in the process, and opened a school to teach friendship and world cultures... and she's also seen the permanent downfall of two tyrannical enemies. Now, she's just looking forward to a peaceful time of teaching and enjoying life, while training to get her new powers under control.

But there's more to life that's coming her way. New travels, new dangers, new and exciting surprises. For a diplomat's duties are never done.

Cowritten by Evilhumour and Anon e Mouse Jr.. Tropes page for the Diplomacy-verse here.

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This story is a sequel to I Am Awkward (Yellow)

Manehattan Pride is always a huge event, but none of the creatures travelling from Ponyville suspected it might be as terrifying, electrifying, enraging, or life-changing as it ended up being.

Moon Dancer wants to propose to Fluttershy, Trixie and Starlight want to have fun, Rarity wants to find her soulmate, and Ocellus wants to learn about sexual identity. Will they succeed, or will their combined neuroticism wreck the whole weekend?

This is the final story in the Awkward Windmills trilogy also consisting of I Am Awkward (Yellow) and It Turns Out They're Windmills. You should read them! But if you haven't basically all you need to know is that Moon Dancer moved to Ponyville and is dating Fluttershy, and both Rarity and Starlight have come out as some form of not straight. And Applejack is Fluttershy's ex, but she'll never admit it. .

Part of the Pride and Positivity 2020 event!

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