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Just a guy who likes MLP, and certain characters from the show. I also like having Steve Blum as the voice of King Sombra. I don’t know why; I just do.

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This story is a sequel to Two are Better then One

Cheerilee has set up a new school project for her students to experience different aspects of being back in diapers for a week. The cutie mark crusaders are quite excited about it seeing they get to hang out with their sisters (while Scootaloo gets to hang out with Rainbow Dash). However, Discord is also involved helping Cheerilee set up the challenges the students will have to endure and has started to make things interesting among the cutie mark crusaders and their caretakers.

Co-author: Zubric

Cover artist for Sweetie Belle: Kurikia

Cover artist for Apple Bloom in the barn: Kurikia

Cover artist Padded Pegasi Evilfrenzy

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This story takes place after the events of the episode Lesson Zero

After taking the Smartypants doll that made everypony go crazy. Big Macintosh woke up the following morning to find out he was regressed to a baby. Not only that it seems that nopony has noticed that he was regressed in age and act as if he was always a baby. But he does have an idea that the Smartypants doll might be involved.

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In a last act of defiance, King Sombra not only dragged the Crystal Empire with him to his thousand-year imprisonment, but the Elements of Harmony as well. And so, with the rise of Nightmare Moon, the course of history was forever altered.

A thousand years later, on the Eve of Hearth's Warming, a certain young dragon is tasked with overseeing some of the preparations for the upcoming celebration, with a strange addition to the list; make a few friends. He can't imagine why; it's not as though the fate of Equestria depends on it.

But neither could he imagine the return of the dark king on that very night, and never would it cross his mind that he would soon embark on a journey to the north to stop him, with a group of strangers by his side.

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This story is a sequel to Apple Bloom and the Timberwolf

One of the flaws of the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe is that one of its founding members, Discord, doesn't keep a schedule (he's the Master of Chaos; why would he?). As such, it's very possible for him to drop in for a brainstorming session at the most inappropriate of times. Like when Pinkie Pie is supposed to be foal-sitting Pound and Pumpkin, for instance.

But perhaps it is possible to eat two cakes with one spork. After all, inspiration can strike when you least expect it, and it's almost time for the twins to go to bed, anyway. Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

If you're not familiar with the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe, it is recommended that you check out their debut performance, which can be found in the prequel tag above.

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This story is a sequel to Celestia and Luna's first trip to the Chaos Doctor

It has been two weeks since the chaos meteor hit Equestria. Twilight Sparkle is having trouble accepting she needs a diaper while she sleeps. One night the mare tries taking her's off one night only to have foal booties magically appear on her hooves. Soon the enchanted diaper is creating foal like obstacles to appear making it hard for her to get Spike to have him remove the cursed diaper.

Cover art: Skitter

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This is the Foal Resort where Twilight and her friends have come thinking it's a trial given to them by princess Celestia, when in actuality its a place where Twilight and her friends have their minds warped so they can romp and play like fillies (as long as they follow the rules). But if they break the rules they get demerits, and the more demerits they receive the more they will regress. If they break too many rules and enter the phase one program, they could be trapped in the resort for a very long time.

Editor: SuperPinkBrony12

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This story is a sequel to Cadance Hunts Down Ponies With A Love Shotgun

Long story short...

Keep weapons out of the hooves of children.

Popular on 6/30/20

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Shining Armor is about to understand what it really takes to be a member of the Royal Guard. His Military Bearing will now face the ultimate challenge.

A Short Little One shot based of the cover art.

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It's Flurry Heart's seventh birthday, and her parents have told her she can have anything she asks for (so long as she eats all of her crystal veggies, which she did). They expected something extravagant, but obvious - a fancy dress, a room full of candy, maybe even her own little throne between theirs. What they did not expect was the one thing she wants more than anything for her special day. Princess Flurry Heart... wants a pony of her very own.

[EDIT]: Wow, on the front page in less than a day! This is amazing!

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This story is a sequel to Electra Complex

Shining Armor is awoken by his daughter bearing a surprise for him.

Shining Armor is wary of surprises from his daughter.

Edited by ChappedPenguinLips (added because I didn’t realize he was joking when he said he didn’t want his name on “a filthy fic of this nature”. Sorry bro.)

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