• Published 29th Jul 2013
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Pinkie's Trio of Tales for Tots - Metool Bard

Only Pinkie Pie and Discord would combine brainstorming with bedtime stories.

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All in the Mind

When Pinkie had concluded her final story, she found that Pound and Pumpkin had fallen asleep. They each had a big smile on their face. Pinkie smiled as well.

"Aww~. I'm glad you two liked my stories," she whispered. She then kissed them both on the forehead. "Sleep tight, little friends. I'll see you in the morning, and we'll have even more fun then."

She then raised the crib wall and did a bit of tidying up before leaving the room. When she did so, Discord reappeared right in front of her with an amused grin on his face.

"Pinkie Pie, that was..."

"Shhh!" Pinkie hissed sternly. She then pointed to the crib, indicating that the twins were asleep.

"Alright, fine. Picky picky," Discord groused. He then twisted his ear a bit, and when he spoke again, his volume was much lower. "As I was saying, Pinkie Pie, that was brilliant! Did you come up with all of that yourself?"

"Sure did," said Pinkie, keeping her voice low. "I took the stories you gave me, added a pinch of real-life experience, and made it all fun!"

"Really now?" said Discord, raising an eyebrow. "Because I sensed some of my influence in there."

"How so?"

"Oh, I don't know. How about when you argued with the characters?"

"Oh, that? No, that was all me. I break the Fourth Wall all the time."

Discord stared blankly at Pinkie. "Refresh my memory, Pinkie Pie. Why didn't you accept me when Princess Celestia first decreed that I was to be reformed?"

"Because you didn't summon any whipped cream for the chocolate rain, remember?"

"Oh, right. I keep forgetting," said Discord. "Anyway, I managed to get all of your stories down on paper, so we have a good script for the next show."

Pinkie tilted her head. "What paper? You were disguised as a stuffed animal. You weren't taking notes."

"No, but you were. And by the way, I'm talking about this paper."

With that, he reached into Pinkie's ear and pulled out an entire script. Pinkie was surprised at first, but then stifled a giggle.

"Oh~. That paper," she said. "Silly me."

"Yes, quite," said Discord, looking over the script. "So, now that we have a script and some firm ideas, we should work on getting a venue and a cast. Do you think your sisters would be interested in this?"

Pinkie struck a thinking attitude. "Well, Key Lime might. But Marble has always been very shy. It'll take some convincing for her to take part. Same thing goes for my dad. He's really not an actor pony."

"I'm sure you'll be able to convince them with your usual charm," said Discord with a smirk. "In the meantime, I'll also help out with the casting. Rover Redvest owes me a couple of favors, anyway."

Pinkie blinked. "Wait, who's Rover Redvest?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"No, I don't. I can't say I've heard of anypony by that name."

"Oh, he's not a pony. He's a Diamond Dog. His pack lives in the mountains just north of the Everfree Forest."

After a pause, Pinkie managed to put two and two together. "Wait, he has a name?!" she exclaimed, still managing to keep her voice low.

"Of course he does. Did you think he didn't?" said Discord.

"Well, no," said Pinkie sheepishly. "It's just that he never said his name. Now that I think about it, that was kinda rude of him."

"Oh, Rover isn't known for his manners," said Discord. "Neither are his associates, Fido and Spot."

"Wait, one of them is named Spot?" said Pinkie. "But, none of the Diamond Dogs have spots."

"Believe me, my dear Pinkie Pie. You weren't the first to notice that," said Discord with a chuckle. "In fact, that's why Spot's my favorite of that trio. His name..."

"Doesn't make sense," said Pinkie, completing Discord's thought. "You're right, Discord. I do know you too well."

Discord snickered. "Perhaps so, but that's what makes the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe such a splendid concept," said he. "So, I'll recruit the Diamond Dogs and find us a venue while you recruit your family. Fair?"

"Yeah, that's fair," said Pinkie. "I'll get a letter out to the rock farm right away. When do you want to touch base?"

Discord shrugged. "I dunno. Whenever it suits me."

Pinkie sighed. "Discord, this isn't gonna run smoothly if you just show up whenever."

"Do I need to draw you that picture about how I don't keep a schedule again?"

"Oh, sorry. Forgot," said Pinkie. "Well, at least give me some warning next time, 'kay? We got lucky this time, but I don't think we can count on this situation solving itself again."

"Heh, no promises," said Discord. "After all, I wouldn't be the Master of Chaos if I gave advanced warning. Besides, you're a smart cookie. I'm sure you'll find some way to work around it."

Pinkie gave Discord a quizzical look. "Smart Cookie? No, you're thinking of Applejack. I played Chancellor Puddinghead in the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant, remember?"

Discord sniggered. "You truly wield the Element of Laughter well, Pinkie Pie."

"I know," said Pinkie with a grin. "So, I'll catch you later then?"

"Of course," said Discord with a bow. "I suppose while I'm in the neighborhood, I might as well pay Fluttershy a visit. Knowing her, she's probably fixing her chickens a midnight snack right about now. After that, perhaps some of the statues in the Canterlot Garden could use some exercise. And from there, who knows? Farewell, Pinkie Pie. I look forward to our next meeting, as well as our next performance."

With that, Discord snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light. As soon as he left, the front door opened.

"Pinkie Pie! We're back!" Mr. Cake called out.

"Talk about good timing," Pinkie said to herself as she made her way downstair. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Cake!"

"How were the twins tonight?" asked Mrs. Cake.

"Oh, just fine," said Pinkie. "I told them a few bedtime stories, and they loved them!"

"Oh really?" said Mr. Cake. "What kind of stories?"

"Well, that is a bit of a long story in and of itself," said Pinkie. "Say, on a related note, you two know about the Fourth Wall Theater Troupe, right?"

"Well, sure," said Mrs. Cake. "What about it, dearie?"

"Well, I've been doing some brainstorming, and I think you two have a part in our next big production."

"We do?" inquired a surprised Mr. Cake. "What is this production, Pinkie?"

"Oh, it's very special," said Pinkie. "Something that's very close to my heart, actually. It's one part reinterpretation, one part real-life experience, and all parts fun! I call it...

"Pinkie's Trio of Tales for Tots."

That's all, folks!

Author's Note:

Once again, I just wish to take this moment to say that if anyone else wishes to make a Fourth Wall Theater Troupe story, they're welcome to it. Just be sure to credit me for the original idea. :twilightsmile:

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I really really liked this! :pinkiehappy: I love the way you wrote Pinkie and how she told the stories, it was cute and very funny to read.

Great job. :pinkiesmile:

3123531 Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:


True...but am I really that great of a mind or just plain lucky.

3150768 To be fair, it could easily be both. :rainbowwild:

Very cute fun, bravo.

This story has been approved by the Sibling Story Stockpile.

5015443 Probably. The story as I heard it involved Lazarus' adventures, first killing 40 (flies) with a single blow and inscribing this on a belt he decided to wear around, then engaging in a contest of strength with a giant by squeezing whey out of cheese (instead of a rock) and throwing a bird (instead of a rock) so high into the air it never came down, tricking a cavefull of dragons into gathering enormous quantities of firewood for him, and finally when the dragons tired of this, evading their nighttime attack by leaving a log in his place in bed for them to whack at and wearing a few small bandages when they saw him next, for effect.

Good times! :pinkiehappy:

5015737 Wow. That's actually a lot more elaborate than the story I remember. Then again, the whole basis of this fic came from an old children's book-on-tape that I remember listening to/reading all the time when I was a kid. :derpytongue2:

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