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Just a guy who likes MLP, and certain characters from the show. I also like having Steve Blum as the voice of King Sombra. I don’t know why; I just do.

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Pizza Pie, Pinkie Pie's cousin from Filly-delphia, has just opened her newest location of her pizza shop, Big Momma Pizza Pie's Place in Ponyville. Pizza Pie offers her cousin and her friends a full guided tour of the restaurant, and shows them the secret of her delicious pizza

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When Lord Tirek asks Cozy Glow what seems like a normal question, he has no idea the floodgates that will open... and how his relationship to the little villain might ultimately be changed.


A small bit of villainous sweetness inspired by both the dynamic of the Evil Trio and the cover art by soundwavepie.

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Equestria has been saved once again from an evil villain trying to drain all of its magic. The vile villain has been sentenced to Tartarus, so that she may never again harm other ponies with her evil.

However, Celestia didn't quite expect the villain to be a nine year old filly.

Or that she'd have to actually tell the filly's parents.

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Cozy Glow has been locked away in Tartarus as punishment for her crimes. There she meets her pen pal and new neighbor, Lord Tirek. She then proceeds to drive him completely nuts.

Featured in popular stories on October 15, 2018

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Friendship School needs more than five students to really get off the ground. Twilight has an elegant solution for some definition of "elegant."

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This story is a sequel to A Trip Through the Mirror

For a changeling, love is magic, and magic is love. They are one and the same within the changeling body. To share magic is to share love. And we all know what happens when an unreformed changeling shares love. Unfortunately for Chrysalis, she got caught up in the moment and forgot for just a second. But a second was enough...

A "what if?", alternate ending for "Frenemies".

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Fillies don't usually go to Tartarus.

Celestia didn't want there to be an exception.

But Cozy Glow wouldn't let Celestia be merciful, no matter how hard she tried.


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