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When little filly Sunset Shimmer dresses as a Royal Guard for Nightmare Night, Princess Celestia gets the great idea to make Sunset her little guard for the night. Ain't nothing getting past this little filly!

I was given the inspiration for this story from a line from this story by TheNewYorkBrony.

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Just over a decade ago, two budding entrepreneurs made a major discovery: changelings convert love into power. And that power could be extracted.

Spurred on by the sudden infusion of energy, Equestria has rapidly industrialized and modernized. Transformed, technology and society has advanced by leaps and bounds - all thanks to Flim/Flam Corp and their changeling batteries.

Not every pony is accepting, however. Not every pony is okay with mass-produced changelings kept in tanks to turn Equestria's ambient love into electricity.

After years of leading her rebel organization on a campaign against the changes, the former Princess Cadance has finally made a breakthrough. Though it has cost her dearly, she's found the key to bringing down Flim/Flam, freeing the changelings and returning Equestria to its normal state.

Unfortunately, Shining Armor - her personal Javert - is blocking the only exit.

Written for Imposing Sovereigns III.

Have a helping of Princess Cadance and Integrity.

Or alternately, Shining Armor and Justice.

Featured 10/19/2021 - 10/22/2021!

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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, one a student of Celestia, the other just getting started, are yanked from their homes by a mysterious magical mirror. Now trapped on Earth, their lives forever altered, they do their best to cope. To learn. To join Starfleet, and, someday, to return to the home they lost.

Temporarily on hiatus, see here as to why. Preread and editing work performed by Blue Horizon, Grand_Moff_Pony, and witegrlninja. Thank you all very much. :twilightsmile:

Featured as of April 5th, 2021! Thanks all.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of August 7th, 2021! Thank you again so much! :pinkiehappy:

Season 2 Cast List.

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It's been almost twenty years since Sunburst last spent the night at Starlight's home. Much has changed since then. If it weren't for her other friends finding a way for them to reconnect, Starlight might have truly lost her first friend. While she looks back fondly on their friendship as foals, Sunburst doesn't even seem to like talking about that time in their lives, much less revisiting it.

When Starlight approaches Sunburst the night before he returns to the Crystal Empire, she inadvertently discovers something about her old friend that might explain it all.

Inspired by a scene from Uncommon Bond. Story takes place towards the end of the episode.

Thanks to Ice Star for proofreading.

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Sunset Shimmer and Abacus Cinch have a conversation at the end of the world.


Set more than ten years after the Point of Divergence, which takes place during Friendship Games, which makes this an AU of both Equestria Girls and my own fic Long-Distance.


An entry into Abacus Cinch x Sunset Shimmer Contest (September 1, 2021 to September 29, 2021.)

A humble addition to the genre of Rooftop Conversation Between Depressed Sunset Shimmer And A Current/Former School Administrator, which has its origins in chris the cynic's Indifference.

Thanks to Dewdrops on the Grass and The Sleepless Beholder for prereading the first draft!

Thanks todaOtterGuy for the suggestions on the flowers!

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The most wanted mare in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle is the greatest thief in the world. As she follows in the hoofsteps of her grandmother, Twilight Twinkle, she's joined by friends and chased by family, all while trying to make a few bits!

An alternate universe fiction where Twilight Sparkle never entered Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. At least, not without a set of lockpicks. Gilda is her closest ally and friend, and a skilled marksman with her crossbow. And of course there's Rarity Belle, who can wrap Twilight around her hoof with a wink and a smile - and usually picks her pockets in the process. With friends like these, Twilight keeps one step ahead of Shining Armor and tries to get her hooves on all the bits she can carry.


Special shoutout to Ampris for the cover image. Check her out on twitter at @AmpDragoness - careful, some of her art is NSFW.

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Princess Skystar wasn't sure what to expect when she went to look at a disturbance on Mount Aris. Certainly not an unconscious lavender alicorn.


Twilight Sparkle is a pony without a past. Her memories are gone and all that remains of her previous life is her name.

The only life she knows now is what happened after she woke up in Queen Novo's throne room. A life she loves.

But what happens when her past comes calling?

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Pinkie Pie is trapped in her own soul, and it wants to torture her for eternity. Apparently, she betrayed her friends, and is suffering the consequences. But that doesn't sound like Pinkie Pie. This must be a misunderstanding. Surely, she'd never do something so terrible.

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Home is strength, and safety, and love, and comfort. And Sunset wouldn't trade that for the world.
Sunset and Twilight, on a cold, rainy night, curled up in Sunny's apartment.

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It is Heartswarming Eve, and filly Twilight Sparkle wants to stay at the empty castle with Princess Celestia, refusing to go home with her parents even after the monarch has sent all the staff back to their families. But why?

Twilight's answer leaves Celestia contemplating all the ways that make the lavender unicorn so special.

Thank you to the wonderful readings by Lonely Fanboy48 over here and one by Agent0Fluffy over here

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