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Every story has it's fans. Mine just happen to be nonexistent. But that's okay because I still love to write❤️

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It was a normal day. As normal as Celestia shuffling her off to some backwater town in the middle of the morning could be. Spike was yammering, ponies were getting on her nerves, the coming celebration that night was weighing on her mind. And then she'd gone to the town hall to meet with Rarity. They were greeted by somepony's daughter and Spike hadn't said a word since. Not when the filly talked to him for over an hour. Not when the pegasi with the birds was asking all sorts of questions on his health. What on earth had gotten into him?

Current Cover Art by Xx Sk3tchiix3 xX, https://mobile.twitter.com/SKETCHIIX3

Reader Reviews;
"Aimless mess," by Fanreader999999

AU starting at S1E1. Stories set in this continuity;
Alewhine's Gun (After Schoolmates)
The Brothers

Chapters (20)

Similar to Icarus, Sunset tried to reach the skies only for the sun itself to bring her back down with force. Now she waits in a dark cell for the day of her execution.
But in what would be her last day outside of Tartarus, an intervention from a mysterious individual grants her a chance at redemption.

However, this redemption won’t be earned without labors, and they’ll only increase in difficulty as she completes them.

Inspired by No Time For a Sunset written by Thought Prism which you should go read if you haven't.

If you have, and you're wondering how did I go from Lancer to greek mythology... I've no idea.

Pre-read by the wonderful Dewdrops on the Grass and daOtterGuy

Chapters are being edited by the ever helpful EileenSaysHi! All chapters have been updated! I'm forever thankful for all their help.

Cover Art done by me.

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"Mom, can you pass the cereal?"

When Twilight Sparkle heard the m-word, she must find out what it means. Meanwhile, Spike consults Starlight

This story happens after Father Knows Best

P.S this is my first story

Chapters (2)

Twilight is trapped inside a laboratory with no idea how she got there. All she could remember was that she had a message from Sunset saying it was an emergency. What’s going on? How did she get here?

And what does an insane duplicate of herself have to do with it?

Partially inspired by this song and by Pages of Harmony.

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This story is a sequel to That's what Friends are For

Following their rather unusual bonding experience under the school, the Young Six are stronger than ever. Join these six unlikely friends on their wild and wacky adventures, as they discover friendship, magic, and love.

An Alternate Universe take on the end of Season 8 and most of Season 9, as well as some stuff afterwards. Requested by SuperSonicHeroes, and written to mark the 10th anniversary of MLP.


The cover art was drawn by AlexBlueBird over on DeviantArt. Check them out!


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Gwendoline Tennyson was an ordinary girl who lived in a place called Bellwood... and has the power to cast magic spells. And lives alongside aliens, and magical mythic creatures.

(Crossover mashup for both Classic Ben 10, Ben 10 Omniverse, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Spyro the Dragon)

Takes place before Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max head out on a summer road trip vacation.

Before going on a trip with her cousin and grandfather, discover a school that Gwen goes to one filled with magical creatures. Especially one of her best friends -- a unicorn.

Another Sequel Underway.

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Rainbow and Twilight have been a thing for a while now. But when Twi becomes an alicorn Rainbow realizes she won’t live as long as Twilight. But could she? And if so at what cost?

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After a successful day of work, Rarity has a celebratory potion. Immediately after, her friends all start awkwardly hitting on her. Surely this is unrelated.

Rated T for innuendo.

Made with a lot of help from Monochromatic's Discord server.

Cover art is an edit of a shot from the Pony Life opening, changing two gems to be orange and green for a full rainbow.

Written for the Pride and Positivity event. You can help out too by donating to a charity at one of these links.
Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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There had to be a hundred different worries in Scootaloo's mind when it came to telling her friends about her sexuality. However, going to the pony she knew she could trust most in the world with this information leads to about a hundred different ways for her to break the news.

This was written as a part of the Pride and Positivity Event hosted by SigmasonicX as a way to spread positivity during Pride Month and donate to Black Lives Matter! Here is a link and another link to great places to donate, remember the fight isn't over and we're all in this together to help create a more just and equal world for everyone!

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One day, Twilight finds out something awful and upsetting, which makes her fall into deep depression. Her friends never like to see her upset, and so they try to cheer her up. Yet, one friend in particular, believes they should not do that.

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