• Published 21st Sep 2020
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Gwen 10 - Flameboy

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Chapter 2

After heading to their Math and Language Arts classes, they finally reach their third period class, Physical Education, or, PE for short.

Unlike their other classes, Gwen and Twilight don't hate that class, but have a major dislike to it since they share that class... with Ember and the Dazzlings.
The two gulp whenever they go into the gymnasium.

Like a certain Japanese show, Gwen, Twilight, Ember, the Dazzlings, and a few other girls wear the same type of gym clothes in ways.

One, is when girls wear small red gym shorts, white tank tops with sleeves, red and white tennis shoes with ankle socks.

Two, is when girls wear the same shirts and shorts and shoes, but wear crew socks.

Three, is with the same three clothes, but with kneesocks.

Four, same clothes, but with over knee thigh high socks.

Five, with the same exact clothes, but with super long thigh high socks.

Finally, we have six, which is any color, mixed or matched, with any type of sock.

Ember, Adagio, and Aria, along with a few other girls, were wearing ankle socks.

Few girls were wearing crew socks, like Applejack, while the girls wearing kneesocks were Rainbow Dash, Gilda, Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops, aka, Bonbon.

Gwen, along with Rarity Belle were wearing over knee thigh highs while Trixie Lulamoon wore blue over knee thigh high socks.

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie were wearing super long white thigh socks, while Sonata wore super long pink thigh highs. And the new girl with violet scales and silver wristbands and a silver neckband was wearing super long black thigh highs.

There were also some guys there too with the same uniform, but for boys with ankle socks. One was Flash Sentry, one was Bulk Biceps, and the other was a purple dragon with yellow horns.

Then, at the start of the whistle, everyone started to run laps in a big square.

After that, they were all tuckered out and started to get water.

While it almost neared the end of class, which Gwen and Twilight were so glad. The Gym teacher walked out to get the results.



Twilight got smacked on the left side of her face by a basketball as it knocked her down to the ground. Gwen and the rest of their friends ran over to her to see if she was alright, but also tried to calm her down before she hulked out in gym class.

Gwen looked in the direction where the ball was thrown from, and found out that Ember threw it.

"Whoopsie daisy! My bad!" Ember sarcastically said.

Twilight started to calm down as Applejack and Rainbow Dash helped her up. Applejack on her right and Rainbow on her left.

"That was no accident. You threw that basketball like a dodgeball on purpose!" Rarity yelled as she pointed her left index finger out towards Ember.

"So what?! Everyone knows she's the weakest one alongside Fluttershy, hehe," she said and then she grabbed another basketball off the ground. She placed it into her left hand as she started to get ready to throw. The Dazzlings, who still have their basketballs, pulled theirs up along with Ember as they, too, started to throw their balls.

The girls got ready to defend themselves until the new girl got in front of them and closed her eyes.

"Okay, then, you first, newbie," she said and then threw her basketball super hard and fast as it was about to hit the new girl's face.

As it got more close to her, the basketball stopped with a hard splat into her left hand.

Everyone was shocked, including Ember and her friends.

"That's... that's impossible," Ember said as she kept her hand straight out.

Then, the new girl pushed her razor sharp silver-colored claws into the ball as it started to deflate in a matter of seconds until it was finally flat like a whoopie cushion. The new girl kept her arm straight out, but dropped the deflated ball like she purposely dropped a microphone.

Ember glared in anger at the new girl for mocking her and held her left hand out for Sonata to give her ball to her, which she did. Then, Ember, along with Adagio and Aria, threw their balls at high speed, but they didn't expect what would happen next. As the balls grew closer, the girl's skin turned into a body of black smoke as the balls flew past her.

Everyone was shocked yet again. As the balls hit the wall and bounced back toward the dark violet girl of smoke, she turned back to her normal self and picked the three balls with her tail. Then, she threw them up into the air with said tail and hit them like a baseball bat as she swung it to the right, launching them hard into Ember and Adagio's faces, leaving them with pink faces. The girl appeared in front of Aria with her "shadowy" power. Aria pushed her right hand out in the form of a straight jab, but missed the girl as she performed The Splits, pulled her right hand back, and launched it right over into Aria's private area, Johnny Cage Style, leaving her to fall to her right side, writhing in pain. She looked at Sonata and stared right into her eyes. Scared, Sonata fainted as she fell go the ground.

Using her shadow power, she sunk to the floor and phased in front of the girls.

"You alright?" The new girl asked.

"I'm fine. Thanks," Twilight said as she started to smile at her.

The new girl smiled back. "Your welcome," she replied.

Iron Will returned shortly after and saw the four students on the floor in pain while Sonata looked like she was knocked out cold. He looked at the new girl.

"Hey, what did you to them?" He asked as he then saw pink bruises on Ember and Adagio, Aria holding her private area, and by the looks of it, seeing her friends get hurt caused Sonata to faint.

He raised his left finger up to speak, until he was stopped by Applejack as she stood in front of the new girl.

"Wait! You got it all wrong. She was just stopping those four from hurting Twilight any further," she quickly said.

"Yes, she beat them up. But she did it to stop them," Gwen said as she, Twilight and the others surrounded the new girl.

Iron Will heard the four bullies wake up.

"You four, go get dressed and meet me in my office."

"What?! But she-" Ember said until she was soon interrupted by the teacher.

"Now!" He said.

Ember looked back at the new girl and growled at her like a tiger as the new girl growled back like a tiger as well. Her irises turned red, scaring Ember and causing her to walk faster into the locker room.

After she was gone, the new girl closed her eyes like she had a headache.

"Are you alright, darling?" Rarity asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little headache from the fight. Wait; all of you defended me? Why?" She asked.

"Because you stopped them from hurting us with basketballs. That's why," Fluttershy, who was wearing white over knee thigh highs said.

"Ahem. Since you were just defending Twilight, you get a free pass as well as being the first to leave early after those three come out. Good job...

...Cynder," Iron Will said.

Everyone's eyes were wide-eyed yet again as they heard "Cynder."

Cynder, however, didn't want a lot of eyes on her, and then started walking off towards the locker room in a hurry and walked past Ember and her friends.

"Wait. "Cynder"?" Gwen wondered and was going to ask the new girl, but she sped off into the locker room.