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Every story has it's fans. Mine just happen to be nonexistent. But that's okay because I still love to write❤️

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Gwendoline Tennyson was an ordinary girl who lived in a place called Bellwood... and has the power to cast magic spells. And lives alongside aliens, and magical mythic creatures.

(Crossover mashup for both Classic Ben 10, Ben 10 Omniverse, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Spyro the Dragon)

Takes place before Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max head out on a summer road trip vacation.

Before going on a trip with her cousin and grandfather, discover a school that Gwen goes to one filled with magical creatures. Especially one of her best friends -- a unicorn.

Another Sequel Underway.

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Warning: This story contains Yandere Luna/ Nightmare Moon, so if you don't like gore and see a character or Luna and Nightmare Moon acts like a Yandere, don't read and not dislike this story.

Luna always knew that Twilight was special. And how could she not be? After all, Twilight helped her reunite with Celestia and helped her with Nightmare Night.

And now well after the end of Nightmare Night, Twilight and Luna have become great friends and even began to spend time together, until Luna started to develop loving feelings for the purple unicorn.

But there are five mares and a princess who are much closer to Twilight than she is, and it causes her a feeling she would never have imagined she would feel again: jealousy.

So, determined to have Twilight for her, and only for her, she decides that she will eliminate them. But the jealousy she feels is only the beginning, because as the jealousy grows, somepony who was defeated a one year ago, will return, and will make sure to have Twilight just for her.

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Fluttershy has been summoned by Twilight Sparkle to join her on an expedition into the depths of the insoluble wasteland that is the mythical Empire of Labyrinths. The Princess s hoping to establish an ambassadorial commute once they find the rumored civilization, but they are unexpectedly roped into investigating mass disappearances at the behest of the mighty Caesar. Entire villages have vanished, leaving ruins and carnage behind, and all who have pursued investigation never return. The lone survivor speaks of a monster that moves with the shadows, and is born from the evil in your heart. With allies new and old, the ponies set out to solve the riddle of the Black Beast.

In doing so, they’ll find themselves on an adventure without precedent, and they’ll be encountering nightmares beyond imagination.

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