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There had to be a hundred different worries in Scootaloo's mind when it came to telling her friends about her sexuality. However, going to the pony she knew she could trust most in the world with this information leads to about a hundred different ways for her to break the news.

This was written as a part of the Pride and Positivity Event hosted by SigmasonicX as a way to spread positivity during Pride Month and donate to Black Lives Matter! Here is a link and another link to great places to donate, remember the fight isn't over and we're all in this together to help create a more just and equal world for everyone!

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I have to assume that all the downvotes are just because of the subject. This is a good, happy little story. Kudos.

That's sooooo cute! I love it! Go out the wardrobe is really scary, right? I'm so glad to read this, it gave me good memories. I want a book like this!
Scootaloo, i'm so proud of you! We dont need to be fear about who we really are, friends will love us for what we are!
Thanks for the cute story, i loved reading it!

I helped/told her about the charity thing/will be working on those edits, so take what it is; a story about coming out as a bi-sexual Based on her own (pan Ace was it?) Coming out experience in world where even lgt’s can say bi’s don't exist based. Which is completely ridiculous if you’ve ever had a crush or feelings for more than one person at A time :pinkiehappy:

This was a really cute story! The gecko example from the book made my laugh out loud. It's great seeing everyone be so supportive of Scootaloo, and it's true that it can be hard to come out even when you know the person you're talking to will take it well.

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Sorry you're getting downvote-bombed. You're fighting the good fight. :heart:

This was a great story! It is also semi relatable since I have been (and still am) debating my sexuality for the past month

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Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic and it made you laugh, that honestly means a lot! And thank you for hosting this wonderful and positive event <33

Aaah thank you!! And good luck finding yourself, I know how tricky it can be! No matter what, remember to focus on what makes YOU feel comfortable, and no matter the label you will always be valid and loved <3

Thanks for the advice! I needed it.

Awesome! A story about a fellow bisexual coming out? Take my upvotes and favorite! It seems to me that bisexuality is often overlooked and forgotten, so thanks!!! ❤❤
We're all proud of you, Scoots :D

This was very cute!



Author Interviewer

Gosh, this was super cute. :D

Happy to hear ^^
Helped her proof read, and may one day become a dramatic reading :pinkiehappy:

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